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Rei "Sabacc" T'shkali

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Name: Rei "Sabacc" T'shkali

Profession: Adventurer, gunslinger, courier. "Maybe drifter would be a better profession... A drifter stuck on Nar Shaddaa. Fudge my life."

Current Employment Status: Under the employ of the Sable Dawn. - "Just playing the hand life has dealt me until the randomizer kicks in."

Physical Attributes:
  • Species: Nagai
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Skin: Pale, white.
  • Hair: Jet-black, kept short and usually messy.
  • Eyes: Blue-grey (Left eye is a cybernetic eye I replacement designed to look like identical to her real eye.)
  • Build: Slender, lithe.
  • Distinguishing marks: Black patch of skin around her left eye. "Never trust your credits, or face, in the hands of someone who claims to be a doctor you met in some back alley 'borg shop."
  • Other Qualities: Like all Nagai, Rei possesses an enhanced vocal range, allowing her to tailor her speech to be more soothing. Nagai also possess lightning quick reflexes and are very dexterous[1]. Ambidextrous.
HoloCapture wrote:
Langauges Known:
  • Basic - "The language of the galaxy so yeah, I know what 'frack off' means!"
  • Nagaian - Nagaian is a musical and lifting speech filled with slight variations of pitch and tone that blend easily with the already naturally soothing voice of the Nagai[1]. "Il linguaggio della galassia così sì, lo so che cosa 'frack off' significa!"
Battle Weapons:
  • Tehk'la Blade, sheathed on her hip - "I prefer guns to knives, but my folks went through the trouble to teach me how to properly use the bloody thing... Something about heritage."
  • 2 SSK-7 Heavy Blaster Pistols in a shoulder holster - "Compact, easy to handle and even fitted with glow light attachements."
  • Elite Carbine - "I see why they call it elite, thing fires so fast, you blink and you've missed the target. That's what happened to the previous owner of this thing at any rate. Stupid bucket head."
  • LD-1 Target Blaster Rifle - "Never sure why they call it a 'sporting blaster', though I think null-gee polo could benefit greatly by including these things."
  • 3 Stun Grenades - "What, must everything I carry be lethal?"
  • 2 Flash bombs - "I blind, disorient and then shoot them in the face. More fun that way."
  • 2 Concussion grenades - "I think these are self-explanitory. Chuck them, they go boom, people die... or find themselves stunned if I bought the wrong ones. They really should distinguish these things better."
  • 1 Bacta Grenade - "A grenade that heals people on contact? Wouldn't a suicide vest have been more effective?"
Other Possessions:
  • Shadowsuit - "Just about all I ever wear really. I did have to wash it out several times after I killed its previous owner. It stank of New Republic Intel... Still does. Fudge, I need a shower."
  • Utility Belt with:
    1. Extra powerpaks - "Always need extra ammo."
    2. Medpac - "I learned the hard way how important having one of these on me is."
    3. Imagecaster - "A picture is worth a thousand words, just don't expect me to say them all."
    4. 30 meters of fibercord - "Make all the kinky remarks you want, when I'm standing over you, you're going to wish you didn't."
    5. Grappling Spike Launcher - "Until I graft some wings on my back, this remains the best way to reach high places, and I mean that in more ways than one."
    6. Nutrient Paste - "I don't see what people complain about. This stuff doesn't taste awful because it has no taste."
    7. Canteen - "Water... It's in you to live."
  • PAC20 visual wrist comlink - "Comlink, datapad, uplinking capabilities. Give it a pair of arms and legs and it could do my job. Wait a moment..."
  • 300 credits - "Spent most of my life's savings on finding the perfect lurdo to botch up the surgery for my eye."
  • A small jar filled with a clear embalming fluid in which is submersed single eyeball with a blue-grey iris - "Spent the rest of my life's savings on getting this back."
  • A sabacc card, The Evil One - "Like with everything else in life, I'm about seventy-five cards short to having a complete deck."
  • Cybernetic Eye I - "I always carry this with me since depth perception is somewhat important."
Vehciles of Choice: "Speeders, subcaps, if I can't fly it, I'm a fast learner. You do have insurance right?"

Location: Lives aboard the YV-929 armed freighter Grim Destiny with five other individuals also working with the Sable Dawn. - "Usually I can be found somewhere on Nar Shaddaa. Where? Wouldn't telling you defeat the purpose of me making a lame effort to try and be mysterious?"

Grim Desinty:
Grim Destiny wrote:Name/Type: Grim Desitny, Modified YV-929 armed freighter
Designer/Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Combat Role: Light Freighter
Crew: 1 + 3 Gunners
Length: 22 Meters
Speed: 70 MGLT, 650 Kph
Acceleration: 10 MGLT/s
Maneuverability: 55 DPF
Hyperdrive: x2 (x12 Backup)
Shield Rating: 240 SBD
Hull Rating: 38 RU
Weapons: 2 Double Light Turbolasers (Class 5.3), 2 Ion cannons (Fire-linked, partial forward turret, Class 4.3), 2 Triple blaster cannons (Class 4.6), 4 dual assault concussion missile launchers (2 front, 2 rear, 7SU, Class 9, 40 Warheads)
Passengers: 6
Cargo Space: 150 Metric Tons.
Consumables: 3 Months.
Upgrades: Enhanced Engines V, Upgraded Sensors, Improved targeting computer.


"Ugh, I can't wait to strike it out on my own. First thing I'm going to do is buy a better ship... No wait, first thing I'm going to do is make sure I won't get dragged back into the hellhole I just crawled out of, then I'll buy myself a ship! Not that this was the worst ship I ever lived aboard, but I would like to have one of my own someday."


Chapter 1 - "It was a dark and lonely night..."
It's a dark night, as it always is on Nar Shaddaa, the air is thick with the sounds of murderous pleasure, joygirls dotting the alleys of the streets bathed in the shimmering neon glows from various holoboards and lights that mark the entire world as one giant red-light district. Too hot to sleep, the cooling unit in your three credit motel room broken, you get to your feet and curse both your stinginess and desire to stay at a place closest to the spaceport you had just arrived in. Maybe your a courier on delivery or a smuggler getting his or her start or even some hired merc or spy with one of the more major galactic powers on assignment. On Nar Shaddaa, it doesn't matter as, to everyone here, you're one thing and one thing only:

An off-worlder.

Deciding to go for a walk, you exit your run down room, the moldy walls covered with a fine layer of soot that hangs in the air with a thick pall, the polluted and congested city spires that fill the entire world makes it not unlike the much more famous world of Coruscant but the Smuggler's Moon is a far cry in every way from this world, the decaying urban landscape rife with crime. Leaving the building, you cough once as you take a breath of the outside air. Particulates cling to your lungs and you make a mental note to save up your next pay check to buy a breathing mask, or a good bacta treatment.

Around you and even above and below you, more neon lights try to daze your senses, the harsh glare, coupled with the haze makes everything seem indistinct. Walking a few blocks, across the various rusted platforms that connect many of the spires and buildings to each other, you carefully avoid the holes that have rusted out from below. Peering through one, you determine that falling through one would be the last thing you ever do. Ahead, a bright yellow sign reads Overdrive Dive and it appears to be just as good a place as any as you walk past two Twi'liki joygirls who give you flirtatious looks, not caring about your species, gender or sexual disposition, one of them attempting to get your attention. Maybe you're not interested, or perhaps make another mental note for later to take them up on their services, after all, aside from spice and drinking, what else is there to do here?

Stepping inside the Overdrive Dive, you immediately notice the place well lives up to its name. Like the motel by the spaceport, a thick haze fills the air as glowstrips in the ceiling, half of them either burnt or shot out, only enhance the gently wafting fog. Several booths across from the bar are occupied by shady looking individuals and you even spot a Wookiee along with two humans by a pool table. The air is still hot and sticky though a couple overhead fans help move the humid air around, making it feel only mildly intolerable.

At the bar, a lonely figure sits on a stool, hunched over the counter, dressed in a form fitting black bodyglove, a utility belt around her waist, a sporting blaster rifle across her back and two blaster pistols in shoulder holsters beneath both arms. You casually approach her and take a seat on the stool beside her, noticing her jet black hair is kept short and messy yet she doesn't appear nor smell anywhere near as bad as the rank, smoke filled air that surrounds you in the bar. The other patrons don't really pay her any notice as they seem to be more interested in you, if only for a fleeting moment as they assess what sort of person you are and what threat- if any- you pose to whatever quiet stability they seek in the comfort of the seedy, smoke filled bar.

Ordering a drink, you also place another order for the woman beside you. She glances over and immediately you notice the most striking, if strange, feature of her pale, ashen, face. A large, dark circle around her left eye, like she had tried to paint a mask but only got halfway there. Her thin, black eyebrows angle downwards as she regards you with cold, grey-blue eyes that appear to have seen more than most people would have over the course of a lifetime. "You buy everyone you ever sit next to a drink?" she asks dryly as the bartender, a stocky man with a thick build who has seen his share of fights through the scars on his face, arms and hands, set two pints of beer down on the counter.

You make a half-assed attempt to answer her question, perhaps saying that you simply wanted to be friendly. She scoffs at that but smiles just a little bit as she turns back to her glass and picks up the new one that was just set down. Lifting it up, she brings it to her lips and downs a good few gulps of it, hardly caring about appearing ladylike which is just as well, especially on this world. The Smugglers Moon brought out the worst in people, or so you've heard or been directly told.

Turning back to your own drink and wondering whether or not it can be trusted as your eyes notice tiny sediments settling to the bottom of the mug, you ask, rather casually, what brings her to a place like this.

"Cheap booze, cheaper women and talking to inquisitive bastards." she replies in a tone that makes it hard to wonder just how serious she's being. "And I take it you're here to try and see just how cheap I happen to be." She's clearly not without a self-deprecating sense of humour and you quickly try to put away such thoughts. You deny harboring such notions and she laughs, amused at your effort, or your inability to take a joke. In a desperate bid to move away from the subject, you ask for her name.

"Sabacc," she replies casually, sounding as if she had given this answer numerous times before. A strange name to be sure and you ask her if she's ever played it. To your surprise, she shakes her head. "Maybe once though it was a short lived game." As if sensing your desire to know what brought about that sort of name, she adds, "I just play the cards life has dealt me, nothing more, nothing less." Drowning herself in more of the beer, the silence is broken by the Wookiee howling something at the pool table. You stiffen as you know how dangerous those walking shag carpets can be in a fight though no one else seems at all concerned, not even the other humans who seemed to have somehow enraged it.

"Don't mind him. He's harmless, usually." Hearing those words reassure you only slightly as the Wookie looks about ready to smash the pool cue over someone's head. The bartender gives it hardly a passing glance as he returns to cleaning mugs with a dirty rag that looked as if it had just been used to clean an engine from an oil spill. Looking back at Sabacc, you see her start to scratch the black skin around her left eye. You don't realize it, but you're staring, wondering what could have caused such a defect. Genetics? It seemed only ever so slightly raised, like a botched skin graft. You stare for too long as she suddenly stops scratching and glares over, her blue-grey gaze piercing through you as if you had just punched her in the face. "You need your eyes adjusted or something?" she asks, her gaze narrowing.

Quickly turning back to your beer, you state you couldn't help but notice the black mark and ask what manner of alien she was. Her black lips- was that lipstick or were they naturally black?- parted in a wicked smile. "What makes you think I'm not some albino human?" Her voice was almost mocking. Whatever reason you give, it seems to be enough as she finishes off the mug and says, "Buy me another round and I might tell you about it."

Having nothing better to do, and finding the dirty beer rather refreshing, you order another two rounds from the bartender who is only too glad to take your credits, even if he didn't crack a smile. Sabacc, taking a good pull from the fresh mug before setting it down, began to recount her story...
Chapter 2 - "Eye for an eye... and another eye and two antennae."
"Happened probably about five or six years ago now. Let's just say I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnessed something I shouldn't have." Sabacc stared absently at her mug and you almost feel like you've heard this tale in another bar on another planet before. "Long story short, some Rodian thug decided to teach this little girl a lesson in an effort to keep her mouth shut. I think he was looking for an excuse to inflict more suffering since no one gives two-chits what happens on this moon."

Downing more of her beer, Sabacc is already nearly finished the second mug you bought for her. Deciding to keep the story going, you subtly gesture to the bartender to give her another while you work away on your own.
As you do, she reaches into her utility belt and pulls out a small vial from one of the pouches. You notice its full of a clear fluid with something inside of it but it disappears quickly into her hand before you're able to make out exactly what it is. She looks at it longingly for a long moment before setting it down on the counter before you to get a good look at it. "Last thing that eye ever saw was the glint of the rusty blade as it descended down."

Staring into the vial, its a struggle to not spit out the beer you had in your mouth as you find yourself staring at a single eyeball in the vial. More disturbing still was how it stared back at you, it's blue-grey iris and wide black pupil forever trapped in that moment when it was cut out. She notes your expression and reaches to take it back, saying cooly, "Last thing that Rodian ever saw was that eye too, right before I stabbed both of his multifaceted eyes out and cut off both his antennae."

You're still trying to recover from the disgust at the fact that this crazy witch keeps an eye with her to really care much for the Rodian though you suspect that she purposely left him alive to suffer, a form of justice and the only kind that could ever be found on Nar Shaddaa. Feeling queasy, unable to shake the image that would now be forever ingrained in your mind, you quickly down the rest of your beer in hopes the sweet, blissful touch of alcohol can help bleach it out.

Sabacc meanwhile returned to her new mug and her solitude, giving you however much time you needed to recompose yourself. As you do, you look back at her, suddenly realizing that, when she had looked over, both her eyes were present, both of them looking exactly the same. Finding your voice enough to speak up, you dare to ask if she has a cybernetic replacement. She nods slowly. Cybernetics weren't all that uncommon in the galaxy, heck, you could probably just as easily have one what with all the dangers that exist.

"Let me give you some advice," she began, finishing off the third mug with a quick quaff. "It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from or what morals you hold, Nar Shaddaa brings out the worst in everyone, doctors included."

Perhaps you suspect there's more to this story but she remains quiet, a black gloved finger tracing around the lip of the glass as she stares down in remembrance. If she was trying to communicate a subtle hint, you bite and order yet another round, needing something to help remove that mental image from your mind that would surely haunt your dreams for months to come.
Chapter 3 - "You can't trust anyone, not even those you can trust."
Shifting uncomfortably on her stool, Sabacc begins to recount her story with a look in her face that you can't help but sympathize with. "It was a couple years after I lost my eye, I finally got sick and tired of wearing an eyepatch and I managed to put away enough credits to afford myself one of them fancy cyber eyes, you know the kind that don't look all mechanical." A sigh escapes as the bartender sets down yet another mug of beer. You're about to make a passing comment about her vanity when the door to the bar opens in a group of assorted sorts walk in, bounty hunters by the look of them, the rifles and carbines slung over their backs marking them as people here on a mission. The person in the lead looks around the entire bar with careful scrutiny. You avert your gaze and look back at Sabacc hoping that you didn't piss off some random Hutt to send the armed goons after you. Sabacc, sensing your unease, asks mockingly, "Friends of yours?"

Shaking your head, you're about to explain that you're not aware of any bounty on your scalp but no sooner do you open your mouth to respond than the five people exit the dive, not spotting their target in the thin crowd, if one could call the smattering of people in the cloudy confines of the fowl room such. As you down more of your dirty beer, you turn your attention back to Sabacc as she continues with her story. "Now, where was I?" She glances around for a brief moment as if trying to see where she was right now. "Oh right... I'm in this armpit of the galaxy. Fudge I hate this place." Whether she's trying to avoid telling you anything more, or baiting you into changing the subject, you're about to bite when she starts speaking again, her soothing voice getting softer, like fine silk. "With the credits, I thought I just had to find one of the more reputable people on Nar Shaddaa, pay him and get myself a nice new eye. I wasn't having much luck finding the Rodian who stole my previous one at the time and having a lack of depth perception really sucks. You don't realize how important having two eyes are until you nearly fudge up a jump and fall fifty feet into a pool of water that was either chemical effluent or Hutt dung." She shivered at the memory. "I like to think the former for obvious reasons. I'd rather contract some sort of strange mutation than think I've fallen into the latter."

If there was one thing about this character, you note, it's that she has a way of getting herself sidetracked quite easily but you do find her dry sense of humour mildly amusing, a lot more refreshing than all the boisterous and pompous gloating from other people you've encountered, people bragging all sorts from how many drinks they can down to how many people they've screwed- both figuratively and literally- to even the more esoteric things. "I was in the Corellian Sector, plenty of high rises and casinos and it was pretty damn tempting to go gamble those hard earned credits but, thankfully, they have a gun-check policy and I don't trust anyone but my own two hands to handle my toys. I found a doctor, tall guy by the name of Ulixx. He appeared professional: tidy office, clean floors, laundered lab coat, short brown hair..." she trailed off as she leaned an arm on the counter, resting her chin against her fist as she stared off- almost dreamily- at the shelf on the other side of the counter. "He charged a fair price, especially considering I could have spent half the amount and contracted the Rakghoul plague. I could have also spent five times the amount and gotten myself a ticket off this world but then I'd still be saving up for that and you'd be seeing me with an eyepatch... Though, I guess you already are seeing me with a sort of eye patch." She laughed sadly at the irony of that.

"So, the day of the appointment, I give the man his credits- five grand- and he leads me to the operating room. Everything seemed okay at first, he went over the procedure, showed me the eye he was going to give me then gave me a smock to get into. Anyways, after I laid myself down on the operating table, he drugged me up for the procedure and I quickly blacked out." she paused for a long while as she tensed up, the memories of the procedure visibly affecting her as you notice her tremble ever so slightly. Her tone takes on a sound of seething hatred as she hisses. "That's when the fodder hit the fan because I woke up about halfway through, he had put the eye in me but I felt a searing pain on my face. I tried to struggle but found myself strapped to the table... The sithspit had me tied down and some sort of strange robotic instrument was hovering over my face." Scratching the black patch around her left eye, she added, "He tried to explain that he had run out of bacta and didn't have the tools necessary to perform a skin graft so instead he used a black synthskin to help remove the scarring the knife had left. I guess I shouldn't have been too upset, I always wanted a tattoo, though I would have preferred something a little more... interesting and I would have preferred it on my arm."

You risk asking if she could just see another doctor to have them remove the screw up, replacing it with something more natural. Sabacc shakes her head as she straightens herself up. "I could and if you have a few thousand credits to give me, I would though you can't pay me enough to trust anyone who claims to be a doctor here." Finishing off the beer again, she shrugged, appearing to have accepted the cosmetic deformity as if she really didn't mind it all that much any more. "He didn't live long after that though, died in a speeder crash. Seems other people weren't too happy with his work and it was a damn shame because I would have loved to be the person to have made him pay." With such loathing in her voice, you suspect the doctor had taken more from her than just her than just her credits for an imperfect operation. As she broods for a moment, you can't help but wonder what brought her to this world in the first place and while you recall her previous answer, you venture again, trying to word it differently the second time.

She glances at you with one of those are-you-serious looks. "You forgot my answer already? Well, I guess I could start to enjoy talking to you if you're going to forget everything I say five minutes after I say it." You try to elaborate on your meaning and she shrugs indifferently. "What brings anyone anywhere? I don't remember a whole lot, but I do know my parents were running from a group of Tofs. I was too young to remember the story exactly but I do remember seeing their dead bodies in the apartment we called home." Though she doesn't look very sad, you sense just the slightest hint of sorrow in the corners of her melodic voice. As the apology comes out of your mouth, she turns away and says matter-of-factly, "Unless you were somehow involved in their murder, I don't need to hear you apologize." You stop, aware that life on such a rough world, especially at what was probably a young age, would probably have jaded Sabacc to the point that sympathy was viewed as a weakness. Still, maybe you feel sorry for her or simply wish she could have had a better life, or could somehow find the way or the means to improve her future. The galaxy was a vast and ever changing place and you feel confident that she will be just fine. Finishing off your bear, you start to sway a little on your stool and grin sheepishly when she looks over and raises her eyebrow in mock surprise.

"You don't drink very often do you?" she asks. Maybe you don't or maybe you do, right now, you're having a hard time remembering much but you respond nonetheless, your words starting to find themselves slurring. Sabacc cracks a small smile and puts a hand on your shoulder to stop you from falling over backwards. Thanking her, she responds casually, "I promised the bartender that I wouldn't let people who buy me a drink fall off their chairs and split their heads open like the last time it happened." Again, you find it hard to tell if she's joking or not and respond accordingly, calling it quits on the drink regardless as it starts to hit you hard, your head buzzing and your body struggling to stay upright. On the bright side, the noxious smoke, glaring lights and even the stuffy heat no longer seem to be affecting you as your senses have become dulled to the point that you're really only aware of how drunk you feel and Sabacc who still has her hand on your shoulder, probably the only thing stopping you from falling off the barstool. Her touch feels light yet her grip firm and as you stare into her blue-grey eyes, you see the long, miserable history of her life so far etched into them. You raise your hand to order another round when the sudden motion causes you to nearly lose your balance. Thankfully the counter helps catch your fall, as does Sabacc who laughs softly, shaking her head sadly at the off-worlder who can't handle "a little liquor". Fishing around in your pocket, you place a bunch of credits down on the counter which the bartender promptly walks over to pick up. Counting them, he glances back at you and, removing a couple from the pile you gave, hands them back to you as you didn't bother to count how much you had tried to give him.

"Most honest bartender I've ever met in my life," Sabacc glanced at the man with a sly look.

He humphed before saying in a low rumbling voice, "You better get the spacer back to his motel Sabacc least the joygirls outside try to have their way with him."

Moaning her displeasure at having to play escort (again), Sabacc tried to protest but the 'tender was having none of it. You try to explain that your motel isn't far from here as you slur the name of the place so heavily you're amazed either of them understood it at all. "That's not far from here then. I guess I can help you get there..."

"If you don't want to do it, stop letting people buy you drinks. Otherwise, you drink here, you play by my rules." The bartender hands Sabacc something and she takes it, sighing heavily.

"Yeah yeah. I'm going. I'm going..." Turning to you, she helps you to your feet, putting one of your arms over her shoulder before she helps you stagger out of the bar.
Chapter 4 - "NINJAS?!? I fracking hate space ninjas!"
You feel slightly awkward as the woman helps you walk out of the bar into the neon filled night. The acrid air burns your lungs again, and you cough once, nearly stumbling forward if not for her firm hold, obviously having done this before and knowing what to potentially expect from people. "You really should think about working out buddy," she mutters coolly. You're too inebriated to really be offended, instead managing a weak laugh as you slur something about the direction your motel is in. "Yeah, I know where it is. Trust me, I've been here longer than you have... Unfortunately."

You're about to ask how long she's been on this world when you recall her talking about her murdered parents so you're able to narrow the scope of range though it's still hardly anything definitive. For what it's worth though, you do know that she is right, you only come here once in a while while Sabacc seems to be stuck living here. It's an almost sobering thought but it doesn't help you find your balance any.

Walking past the two joygirls standing at the corner, the twi'lek laughs and makes a comment you don't quite make out. Sabacc snorts in reply, still helping you press on but it seems that neither of them seem to be willing to take that for a reply as the yellow skinned alien walks in front of the two of you, her arms folded across her barely clothed chest.

"You want to get your head tails beat again?" Sabacc hisses. The Twi'lek laughs languidly, her attention more focused on you.

"You're not honstly going to let this filth take you anywhere. Whatever she's giving you, I can do sooooo much better, for half the price." She stepped closer to you, bending over to give you a much better look as her hands travel down her thighs seductively.

Sabacc laughed dryly. "We never did agree on a price actually." Her reply comes as a total surprise to you. What is she talking about? What's going on? Unable to formulate any words, you suddenly find yourself being pushed away, falling to the ground as you no longer have any support, Sabacc having released her grip from you as she reaches for both her blasters, drawing them swiftly as both of the other women make their move. Landing on the ground, you don't feel any pain though do have the wind knocked out of you as you try to roll back around to see what's happening.

The sound of a blaster discharging, a scream and a crumpling body hitting the ground followed by the sound of the air being sliced through fills your ears before your eyes are able to see the horrors unfold. In what couldn't have been more than a couple seconds, though you really don't have much of a concept of time right now, one of the joygirls lay dead while Sabacc stood over the other, the yellow head-tail firmly gripped in her hand, the barrel of her blaster pressed against the alien's head. The twi'lek was screaming in pain, her sensitive lekku being crushed in the woman's grip.

"Now look what you made me do..." Sabacc hissed in a low tone, "Killed your friend and now I'm stuck wondering if I should let you live so I can regret that decision later or kill you and have to risk answering to whoever is your master later." The twi'lek started to beg between her screams of pain. You stagger to your feet and mumble something, whether it was to let the joygirl go or to put her out of her misery, you can't tell nor remember. Sabacc glances back at you, her eyes narrow slits as she doesn't take kindly to your comment, whether because it goes against whatever she was deciding to do or because she doesn't appreciate being told what to do, you can't really tell. Turning back to the twi'lek, she hisses something you can't quite make out but, with a sharp yank on the lekku, she releases it and leaves the wounded woman on the ground as she picks up a dropped blaster, holstering both her weapons.

That's when you notice a cut in her black suit, red blood trickling down from her back from a cut. Pointing it out, Sabacc seems unconcerned as she says, "Darn backstabbing ninjas but better me than you as I'm sure you've got more important things to do than be found dead on this hellhole of a world." Asking what she means, she first helps you steady yourself before resuming the walk back to the motel. "People like you don't really make a difference if you turn up dead or worse. That's why its seldom a good idea to be found walking alone and drunk." Asking what could be worse than death, she looks over at you blankly, her jet-black hair having fallen to cover her right eye so all you could see was her left, surrounded by the black patch of skin. It was enough of a hint to tell you some things were better off not knowing.

Crossing the bridge once again, the two of you avoid falling through the widening holes and reach the other side, the blue neon light of your seedy hotel visible not far in the distance. How much further things seem when you suddenly want to return to your safe refuge, you think. Suddenly Sabacc stops, your forward momentum being cut off abruptly but you manage to to maintain your balance. Glancing at her, you see her staring at something in the distance, above you. Her face suddenly takes on a dark and ominous expression. "Fudge... More ninjas... I hate ninjas."
Chapter 5 - "Eh... It happens a lot more often than you might think..."
You look around but fail to spot any more of these so-called 'ninjas' and can't help but wonder if Sabacc hadn't had a little too much to drink too and was starting to see things. You ask where they are but she shushes you, her eyes darting around nervously. "You think you can make it back to your room?" she asks, her voice dropped to a whisper. You're unable to give an honest answer as you have zero idea who's out there or how many of them there are. Still, the edge in her voice makes you feel as though, regardless of the answer you give, she'll be ditching you in favor of trying to work as a distraction. "With any luck, they'll be more interested in me and not necessarily make you guilty by association."

Fear starts to swell within you as you wonder what the hell she's done to get a bunch of people so upset with her. Maybe assaulting and murdering the joygirls back there could have warranted this sort of response but this quickly? You never heard of gangs working quite this quickly, but this was Nar Shaddaa, a moon where the norm was anything but and typical was a quaint concept. Slowly letting go of you, Sabacc once again draws her gun and tells you to go. Moving as fast as your drunken legs allow you, your eyes squarely focused on the neon blue sign, it feels as though you're not moving at all but you feel the ground beneath you pass by with each step. Glancing back, you see Sabacc suddenly turn in the other direction and start running away as if leaving you to your fate.

With a frown, you're about to stop running, feeling almost betrayed when suddenly you see a bunch of shadowy warriors leap down from the air, long vibroswords in their hands as their gravbelts help slow their descent. Blaster fire fills the air as Sabacc wheels around and opens fire, her guns having the range advantage against the masked enemies. To your amazement and horror, you swear you see several shots harmlessly pass through several of the ninjas, flying and disappearing into the haze filled distance. You look back in front of you, the neon sign no longer seeming to be as far as it had been. Fumbling for your hotel keycard, you find it in your pocket and, reaching the door, you cast one final gaze in the distance, seeing Sabacc still working to fend off the attackers, her blasters firing crazily yet many of the shots were hitting nothing but air as though many of them didn't even exist.

Withdrawing inside the safety of the building, you close the door behind you and stagger to your room, the haunting sounds of gunfire still filling your ears. You suddenly don't feel like sticking around here any longer, feeling like your life is in danger for reasons hardly known. Even if you simply hide out in your ship until you sober up, it'll still feel a lot safer than if you try to stay the night in the dirty room.

Reaching your room, you notice the sounds of gunfire were gone. Cautiously approaching the window, you glance out. Seeing nothing in the immediate view, you slide the window open and stick your head out. You see another dead body on the ground in the distance, a long sword in its hand but you fail to find any trace of the woman you knew only as Sabacc. Straining your ears, only the sounds of pleasured moaning from the room directly above fills your mind.

Casually, you pull yourself back inside the room and, closing and locking the window, move to the refresher, splashing some ice cold water on your face to try and regain some of your senses. Staring at your reflection in the cracked mirror, numerous thoughts go through your mind as the adrenaline dies off. Returning to the main room, you lay down on the lumpy mattress and realize something else is in your back pocket. Fishing it out, you realize its a small datachip. You're aware that you didn't have this on you before you left and suddenly you're curiosity perks up as you wonder what it contains, reaching over to your day bag where you keep a datapad which should be able to access whatever the chip contained.

Part of you doesn't want to know what it's about, but part of you is genuinely curious and, against your better judgement, you activate the datapad and access the information contained within...
Chapter 6 - "Fudge, the things I do..."
Triggers were pulled faster than the eye could blink as Rei let loose against the masked attackers. To her horror, many of the shots passed harmlessly through all of her targets. Holograms... she realized as she let one of the holograms slice at her, its non-matieral sword passing clean through without leaving a mark. Of course now she was unable to determine which ones were real and which weren't unless she shot at them constantly as they all jumped and darted about, switching places with each other to further try and confuse her.

Suddenly she felt a stabbing pain in her back again, just on the otherside where the joygirl had treid to shank her earlier. Whipping around, she fired several shots at her real attacker who nimbly avoided the shots and sliced at one of her arms. She twisted out of the way and tried firing again at point-blank range, nicking the man who grinned behind his mask, the fabric pulling slightly. He made a horizontal slash at her midsection and the tip of the sword caught her just enough to draw more blood. "So," he began in a low, hissing voice, "Walking another drunken patron home? I didn't realize you were into helping other people."

"He bought me a few drinks, I'm only making sure he gets back to his room in one piece to retrun the favor." Rei's eyes narrowed into thin slits as she tried to get a measure on the masked man, the illionary holos around her making it difficult for her to focus on the real threat. More and more cuts started to appear as they jumped and darted around. "You know, I really wish you'd stop toying with me one of these days..."

"Just give me what I want and I'll stop." His mocking laughter sounded from all around, once again making it difficult for her to establish the real from the fake. Feeling the sudden rush of wind, she faced the non-illusionary assassin, knowing that holos don't disturb the air. Firing a shot, she was dismayed to see him catch it with his vibrosword, the shot putting a nice burn mark and hole in the back edge.

This was really starting to infuriate her as she hated people who fought with swords in a galaxy so full of blasters. Who brings a sword to a gun party? Thinking boldly, she quickly closed the gap between them and fired several quick shots, several of which finally found a mark. The ninja suddenly kicked her back, causing her to stagger just long enough for him to make an escape as she was just about to thank him for putting some distance between them.

He bounded off in to the air suddenly, the grav belt he wore helping him achieve maximum lift to reach the safety of a ledge high up while several other holograms worked to obscure her sight. "Fudge!" she cursed as a spent powerpak dropped from one of her blasters. Glancing in the direction of the hotel, she was glad the spacer made it back in one piece but she wasn't done yet as she took off again, running back in the direction of the Overdrive Dive, rounding a corner and out of sight to all but the ninja. She was a fast runner, sprinting frequently because there were times being able to flee would be just as important as being able to shoot, or so she liked to think. Another rusty and damaged connecting bridge ahead of her was littered with caution holos but they were the least of her worries.

More pain shot though her back as a trio of blaster shots hit her, knocking her forward and onto the ground. She twisted last moment so she could land on her back and fire a few more parting shots to help maintain the distance. "If you're going to shoot me, use something a little stronger than a hold out!" she called aloud, knowing that the underpowered shots would leave a nasty mark for a while.

Her masked attackers approached still. She glanced beside her and noticed a hole in the bridge. Peering through it for a moment, she saw speeder traffic and realizing she didn't have much choice she let out a long sigh. "I can't believe what I'm about to do." Poining her blaster up again, she pulled the trigger to buy herself a moment to try and consider another possible escape option.




Several large red beams of light splashed against the bridge and connecting walkway just as the many ninjas descended upon her. Explosions filled the air and the force of the blast washed against Rei who tumbled back further. Glancing over, she winced as she saw the form of a large, boxy YV-929 armed freighter hovering in the air, its cargo ramp lowered as several black clad figures stood with carbines raised. The holograms disappeared suddenly as her masked attacker had landed next to her, the force of the blast winding him and giving her a moment to breathe easily. "You think you could have aimed just a little closer?" she yelled sarcastically over the thrumming repulsors of the vessel.

"Probably!" one of the men on the ramp shouted back, much to her disappointment. They probably could have but before any more words could be exchanged, she felt the bridge beneath her shift suddenly. Quickly holstering her blasters, Rei tried to scramble to her feet but the damaged connecting struts were already giving out as the one end started to fall. "FUDGE!" she cursed aloud as she reached for the hole next to her, using it to support her while the ninja next to her, too slow to recover, started to slide down. She tried to reach for him but was forced to worry for her own safety as part of the rusted walkway, brittle and crumbling in her one handed grasp, snapped, forcing her to quickly reach with her free hand to stop herself from meeting the same fate.

Looking down, she watched as, all too late, the man realized what was happening and tried to recover. The bridge continued to swing and when it slammed into the building on the opposite side, she clung for dear life, hoping the thing wouldn't give out and collaspe completely. Staring down for a moment, she could only see the black abyss of the undercity below. Don't want to go there, don't want to go there... Looking over at the hovering ship, she yelled, "A LITTLE HELP HERE WOULD BE NICE!!!"

"Yeah yeah," one of the men on the ramp called back before turning back inside to yell at the pilot. As they worked to figure out a plan of action, Rei felt the bridge shift suddenly again, the straining of the metal piercing through the otherwise fowl night. If she didn't feel the need to have both hands grasping onto the rusted bridge, she might actually try and use her grappling spike and rescue herself. Something suddenly snapped and, looking up, she quickly closed her eyes and looked back down as she had seen several of the imagecasters that were projecting the numerous caution signs fall. One struck her in the head. She cried out in pain and was thankful it didn't knock her out though the pain alone might well have tried.

Plink A holo metal piercing sound next to Rei infromed her what their plan was. Looking at the fine cable, she wined at their plan. "Are you serious?" she thought with disbelief. The instant that bridge finally gave way and fell, they'd be letting go of that wire. Then you best get moving! Reaching out carefully, Rei slowly inched her way to the hovering ship. The groaning metal continued to strain and express its displeasure with an increasing intensity.

As she got closer, one of the two standing there finally got a better look at her and laughed aloud. "By the Force Sabacc, you look like hell."

"Really? I haven't noticed. Get me a mirror so I can make sure." Her reply was sour but she was more interested in getting to the safety of the ship. "Maybe you could have Henri get the ship a little closer so I don't have as far to go?" she added with the same tone, wondering why the ship was remaining stationary.

"Nah, you're doing fine."

"I swear to the Stars that you are going to find yourself in this same situation Ian, and I am going to enjoy watching you squirm..." The groaning metal finally reached a climax and the snapping of support bolts announced it was giving way. Rei, with every last ounce of effort she had despite all the pain she was in, swung herself forward to the waiting ramp just as the destroyed bridge started to fall. Grabbed by the two men, she was pulled aboard and the ship pulled away.

Remaining on the floor for a long moment, Rei panted, feling like dying at this very moment. After a long rest, she got to her feet and limped her way deeper inside the ship. Two more men approached and regarded her with a bemused expression. "You look like hell Sabacc."

Clenching her fists, she spat back,"Next person to tell me that is going to find out what hell really looks like because I'm sure it's a hell of a lot better than how I feel right now..." Walking past them, she walked to the refresher. The ship, much like Smuggler's Moon, was fairly run down and poorly maintained and the refresher was little exception the chipped sink, the broken mirror looking better than Rei's reflection did as she leaned over the sink and stared at herself. Someday... she thought to herself.


Out of Character information:
KYP COME BACK!!!! ;) If this doesn't work, I don't know what will!

[1] - "Star Wars Roleplaying Game, Legacy Era Campaign Guide", R. Thompson, S. Hershey, G. Astleford. 2009

"Yes, I have a reference section! How many bios can claim that?"
"Next person to tell me I look like hell is going to see what hell really looks like, because I'm sure it's a hell of a lot better than how I feel right now..." - Rei

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