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Name: Kittani Tser

Species: Kallidahin

Profession: Medical Doctor/Researcher with Medicine Beyond Orbit

Physical Appearance: 130 cm (4' 2"), gray skin, black eyes, lack of facial features characteristic of race, thin build.

Age: 30

Battle Weapons: Bone Saw, Foley Catheter, Bacta Syringe, MedKit

Preferred Weapon: Bacta Syringe
Secondary Weapons: MedKit, Foley Catheter, Bone Saw, GH-7 Medical Droid, other medical intsruments

Vehicles of choice: N/A

Kittani Tser was born on Polis Massa, daughter of a xenobiologist and an archaeologist. With her parents encouraging her intense curiosity in the world around her, Kitt spent the majority of her childhood around excavation sites exploring the ancient race who had lived on Polis Massa before the Kallidahins arrived. Kitt was also born with the ability to speak, a trait not generally seen in her race. Due to her mutation, she was taught to speak Galactic Basic and used as a translator for her family and other Polis Massans when other races were around. Eventually, Kitt decided to learn the medical trade from some of the physicians in her community. After completing her training, she decided to travel from her planet to learn more about the galaxy and the other races in it. While serving as a medic aboard a passenger ship, she met Beljuurso Ghurab, the CEO of a company called Medicine Beyond Orbit, a private company dedicated to medical research and treatment throughout the galaxy. The Mon Calamari CEO offered her a position with his company, just starting at the time. She accepted.

Out of Character information:
Other Characters: Laila Or

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