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Shingen Takeda

Post by TyrAnazazi » 2011-07-01 06:42

Name: Shingen Takeda
Species: Human
Sub-Group: Tenno
>Height: ~2.6 meters
>Weight: 250 pounds
>Eyes: Green
>Hair: Red
>Body type: Powerfully Athletic
>Skin: tan
Attributes: Tenno
Age: 21 years

Shingen was born in the beautiful and picturesque Taurus Region, Parses System. His father and mother were members of the ancient and reputable Takeda clan. His father was one of those responsible for the Takeda forces. His mother was in charge of several research projects. Shingen was their oldest child. He had two younger brothers : Toshiro and Rin. Shingen was named for an ancestor that had perished during the great war period. He was sent to the Takeda academy when he was four.

In the academy he learned like any kid in school. Yet they were also taught the arts and disciplines of their culture. Shingen quickly showed adeptness in his studies. When they began combat training in earnest he crashed through the exercises with brute power. His favorite weapon was a large edged gunbai (large solid war fan). In training he used it to deflect ranged attacks like a shield while closing to melee ranges. Once in range he used it to carve a path of destruction.

Upon graduation, Shingen was already a highly talented and aggressive heavy fighter. He opted to specialize in heavy warframes suited for his combat form. Upon graduation his family gifted him a customized combat gunbai. This weapon was with him always and through multiple deployments in combat against the determined forces of the enemies of the Tenno. He served also as a member of the Takeda Dojo (stations) and conclave station protection forces. His service aboard various conclave stations allowed him to form good relations with other warriors within the empire.

On Shingen's twenty-first birthday he was summoned back to the Takeda's primary or home Dojo. There he was informed he had been recommended for Operation Castor. That in addition to the recommendation he had been accepted for the first phase. Shingen's parents were proud of him. He finished the celebrations for his birthday then left for the form up system.

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Main Character: Kurge
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