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Name: Kayda (IDs, passports and registry papers list full name as being: Kayda Hennis)

Species: Human [Replica Droid]
Gender: Female
Age: 26, appears to be in her early 20’s. (Created: 7 BBY)

Physical Appearance:
Hair: Dark brown.
Eyes: Brown.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks: Olive skin is cool to the touch. Tattoo of an ice blue serpent with blazing pink eyes on her back.
Other Notes:
Kayda possesses artificial organs (lungs that can breathe air, heart that pumps blood, fully functional digestive tract etc.) that consist of the same bio-fibres. Bone structure made of a unique, lightweight, high-strength polymer-coated resin. Thousands of micro-gyros provide a perfect sense of balance and good acrobatic ability. Kayda’s muscle tissue was designed with the emphasis of fooling medical scanners in mind so she has slightly above average strength but medical scanners won’t identify the tissue as foreign but rather as human. Kayda’s body temperature is also only 3% cooler than a baseline human. Possesses 5 kg of internal storage. Advanced eye photoreceptors akin to the Cybernetic Eye III but designed to look like normal human eyes with brown irises.

Currently: Imperial Commerce Raider (which is an over-glorified term for “Pirate” or “Privateer”).
Formerly: Shockboxer, Naval officer for the Galactic Empire / Remnant, Counter-Intelligence Agent for Imperial Intelligence.

Preferred Weapon: Other pirates, preferably armed.
Secondary Weapons: E-11 Blaster carbine, 2x Compact Defender Sporting Blasters, vibroknife, fists. All depends on the situation.

Vehicles of choice: Vibre-Class Assault Carrier Orcrist.

Credits: 1,000 Imperial Credits
Other Possessions: Spukamas named “Amber”. Point Nadir Woman’s Shockboxing Championship belt.

Interviews and notes for the article: ”Human Replica Droids – A Perfect Mimic, Part II”. By: Righs Hyporon. (Work in Progress):

Interview 1: Dr. Massad Thrumble, Admiral, Imperial Scientist, Droid Tech Division.

Interviewer Notes: Dr. Thrumble used to work for the Galactic Empire and contributed heavily to several Human Replica Droid projects including Guri [See article 2052.53 from 12 ABY, "A Perfect Mimic"]. Retired after the Battle of Endor and opened up his own cantina on Hurd's Moon.

"Yes, Simonelle and I worked on several Replica Droids and yes, Kayda was one such droid. It, or should I say, she was the last one the two of us had collaborated and it was shortly before completion that Simonelle left the Empire." Dr. Thrumble speaks as he travels down memory lane, sounding very fond of those memories too.

"Plans for the then disbanded Project Decoy were given to us and we were given the task to use them and turn that plan against the Rebel Alliance. It is perhaps ironic then that the majority of the droids we produced were used for anything but Rebel infiltration work."

A pause before he shakes his head and expresses with a hint of sadness, "Maybe it was fitting that Kayda was the last Human Replica Droid we made then." A sigh escapes before he continues. "During the process of creating Guri, a Falleen approached us, Prince Xizor. He gave us a set of specifications that he wanted applied to Guri, essentially wanting her to serve as an unquestionably loyal second-in-command and assassin. He paid the Empire nine million credits so it was out of our hands to decline. Unfortunately, while we had no problems giving Xizor exactly what he wanted, the droid still lacked the perfection Simonelle and I sought. The muscle tissue that was used failed to register as human so any medical scanner on a crippled ship would see something was amiss. Then there was the body temperature. A normal human wouldn't be alive so anyone with an infrared heat scanner would tell right away." It's easy to see that he wasn't pleased with the restrictions placed upon him and Simonelle, forcing them to sacrifice the perfection they sought to appease Xizor.

"About halfway through, we were given a grant from Imperial Intelligence to commission one more. We wanted to make a final droid that didn't have the glaring flaws Guri did but instead of starting from scratch, we took the basics and concepts that worked in the model and looked for solutions and alternatives. Thankfully, nearly everything did work to start with so it was only a simple matter of trying to overcome the problem with the tissues registering as non-human. We called this new project 'Kayda'. I can't remember why exactly, I think one of the other lab workers of the same name was celebrating a birthday the same day we started. It was so long ago."

A prideful smile appears on Dr. Thrumble's face as he starts to explain more about the project. "I found the solution after a month of experimentation. The only drawback, the new tissues didn't provide the Wookie level of strength from before, but I accepted it since the goal wasn't to make a superhuman assassin. Also, this new tissue solved the problem of core temperature, helping act as a much more effective insulator. With this done, everything else naturally fell into place. Simonelle worked this trade on the AA-1b VerboBrain processor, ensuring it had the proper behavioural algorithms." Dr. Thrumble paused as he thought for a moment. "It was when we assembled everything and placed the droid in the bacta tank to finish the forming process that Simonelle departed. It was a great loss because after that, the Replica Droid project stalled, the lack of experienced programmers a real setback."

With a shrug, Dr. Thrumble finishes the interview. "I finished Kayda up a month or so after his departure and handed her off to the agents who arrived to receive their new toy. Like all the droids before her, save one, I never heard anything from her again though I never expected to and still don't."

Interview #2: Bobby Schimpt, Captain of the Royal Corellian, Rebel Convoy Group #18.

Interviewer Notes: Captain Schimpt was part of a group of rebels who both maintained the logistics, scheduling and main entrance of convoy shipments and movements to help the Rebel cause. Now he is a New Republic Captain of an MC-80 GLorious arDOntS currently off on disability after a recent engagement against the New Imperial Federation.

"There's a name I thought I'd never hear again. Kayda was the new kid on the ship but she possessed an uncanny ability to plan, a mind sharp as a lightsaber with a swiftness and cunning to match. The whole thing screamed Imperial infiltrator so I had decided to give her a few milk runs just to test the waters, prove her loyalty, y'know?" Schimpt chuckled. "I had done it numerous times in the past and a lot of the more gung-ho infiltrators always revealed themselves and those who didn't always took the longest, most secure routes in an effort to conceal their identity. Kayda on the other hand, she was almost reckless in the routes she planned. Asteroid fields, known Imperial patrol routes, even routes that had narrow bottlenecks because of black holes."

With a grin, Schimpt gazes into the distance for a moment. "But because of that recklessness, she actually improved the efficiency of our convoys, even managed to help create a better system of escort that allowed us to free up the few corvettes we had to bolster our fleets. A few people saw her as an Imperial sympathizer who was hoping to thin out our supply fleets to the point they would be picked off. I, on the other hand, saw her as someone who believed so strongly in the cause and wished to help so dearly that she was even willing to travel with the ships just to prove her loyalty.

"Of course, we still lost the odd shipment here and there, but the numbers we lost weren't too bad and we ran a lot of bait-and-switch tactics. I think she was a fairly integral part of our operations and helped keep the Rebellion well supplied and stocked.

"As for the last time I saw her. It was sometime after Endor, we were running more and more convoys as our fleets and operations started to expand. They were all protected nearly entirely by starfighters. We were aboard a Neb-B, forget its name now, Delta-something. Anways, we received an Imperial defector and had to run him back to the Home One. Empire must have been watching or listening because on the way back we were jumped by a Vibre, damn thing took out all our systems with its ion cannons. Then the spacetroopers boarded. We lost a lot of good people that day, the VIP included. Kayda decided to try and be the hero, saying she was going to sneak aboard their ship. I told her not to do it but she told me that the Imperial defector was worth more trying than her life was valued at. I had taken a round to the leg and all our other troops were dead. Who was I to try and stop her?

"She must have succeeded, somehow because about two days later, we found the VIP in an escape pod just on the edge of Imperial space. As for Kayda, I can only speculate what happened but if she managed to get the man into an escape pod alive, she's out there, somewhere."

Interview #3: Zelib Guatar, Sergeant, Spacetrooper Squad Theta, Fifth Commerce Raiding Division.

Interviewer Notes: A trainer at the Federation army academy, provides training with Zero-G (more commonly known as Spacetrooper) armour. Trained as a spacetrooper himself, Zelib has seen numerous warzones but it wasn't until the later two-thirds of his career stationed aboard a Vibre-class assault carrier that he became distinguished and recognized until a botched operation...

"We had been assigned to hunt down a Rebel General... Codenamed: Falcon. Briefing was pretty standard fare, brief, pointless and always failing to get across the information that needs to be told." Zelib shakes his head in disgust. "We had a good two dozen operations before that mission and we no doubt put a good dent in the New Republic's shipping operations so it came as a huge surprise when they changed our mission last minute."

Taking a drag on his cigarra, Zelib continues. "Kayda was skilled, I'll give her that. Not much of a fighter, but she knew how to handle herself but it was her uncanny ability to get our ship right within striking range and disable them before they even realized what was going on that made her interesting. She seemed to know what the standard protocol aboard a reb ship was, almost like she had actually been a rebel herself in some past life.

"Anyways, everything was pretty standard until we realized the ship we were actually boarding wasn't a rebel ship at all... It was filled with Imperial officers. Naturally, we were surprised at first, but our training and discipline told us to carry on and follow orders..." Zelib pauses for a long moment as his cigarra burns shorter and the ashes fall onto his desk. "We still hesitated. It didn't seem right shooting on our fellow comrades.

"But Kayda, she didn't seem to notice. Or she didn't care, either way, she butchered everyone between her and the target. Me and the rest of my squad recovered from our shock and quickly backed her up as best we could. We found our target but by then, he was already jumping into an old Corellian light freighter. I was about to shoot the craft with a proton torpedo when that woman pulled herself aboard moments before its ramp closed and the ship took flight." Another pause and another puff. "I hesitated again and the freighter left and we... we were left holding the bag."

Interview #4: Derren Poe, former Welterweight Shockboxing Champion of the Galaxy and Intragalactic Shockboxing Champion. Current Heavyweight Shockboxing Chamion of The Eastern Fringe, Galaxy Heavyweight Shockboxing Champion, Shockboxing Champion Corporate League. Five time winner of the Mr. Galaxy award.

Interviewer Notes: Currently lives on Nar Shaddaa with a wife and two kids. A career shockboxer, traveled to numerous underground shockboxing arenas and has numerous honours including the longest undefeated streak (26 and counting), most KOs (62), highest number of wins (287) and numerous other accomplishments.

A gruff, ragged voice speaks with an air of recollection. "Sure I remember her. I was in the middle of an extended break on Point Nadir. Rough an' tumble place, you ever been? No? Probably for the best, but you never would think her out of place if you laid eyes on her, save for the outfit she wore but you could tell she had to be ex-military with the way she carried herself." A hearty laugh escapes. "Still, when you're outnumbered eight-to-one, the odds are going to be bad.

"She managed to get herself into a scuffle with one of the local gangs. I watched for a bit to see how she conducted herself. Decent technique, but it was easy to see who the victor was going to be so I stepped in. Probably broke a few faces and jaws that day. I'll tell you this, I'll take a good scrap outside of the ring than one inside anyday. A lot more thrilling." Cracking his knuckles with eager anticipation, the conversation shifts back to the person if interest.

"A good lass. Picked up things remarkably quick and she was actually a lot more observant than you would think with that hood. I guess if you don't have the looks of them blonde bombshells, you have to compensate elsewhere right? Ha-HA! She even helped my own technique a little, pointing out a few problems with my stance." Outside the room the interview is taking place in, the sounds of something falling and smashing onto the floor can be heard. Derren looks past the interviewer and yells, "KEEP IT DOWN OUT THERE! DON'T MAKE DADDY GET HIS SHOCKGLOVES OUT!" Returning his attention back to the interviewer, he sighs once fondly. "Ah kids. Best things in this galaxy y'know? I wouldn't trade them for the Coruscant Championship belt. Where were we? Right! Y'know that feeling you get when you watch your kids take their very first steps? The first day I saw Kayda step into the ring was pretty similar to that. Won the match too though her opponent was a total novice, but I guess I would see just about everyone like that." Another loud, hearty laugh escapes.

"But the interesting thing, after she won, she didn't boast or brag about the victory, even to me. She just had this cool air of confidence, as if the result had been determined long before the bout began. You'd almost think she was some kind of robot!" Derren laughs some more before stopping as the sound of something else crashing somewhere outside the room can be heard. "CUT IT OUT YOU TWO OR MOMMY IS GOING TO GET MAD!" The noise outside suddenly stops and Derren shakes his head. "I can punch my fist through solid durasteel and it's my wife those kids fear more. Kids eh?

"As I was saying, like all good things, my vacation came to an end and I had to leave Point Nadir. I was sorely tempted to leave behind my life and stay with Kayda but, honestly, there's little more I could teach her. Experience is the best teacher really. I haven't been able to go back yet and what happens on Point Nadir pretty much stays on Point Nadir, if you catch my drift."

Interview #5: Eather Platorios. Former Imperial Naval Officer, ex-Captain of the Vibre-class Assault Carrier Shark.

Interviewer Notes: Platorios was encountered aboard Point Nadir in a dockside bar named the “Green Space Slug”. Amendment: Eather was killed before the interview could finish, shot in the back of the head as a bar brawl erupted. It would later be discovered that he was actually being targeted by a specific person because of his relation to Kayda.

Platorios picks up a glass full of some sort of strong liquor and downs half of it before setting it down and answering the posed question. “When did I first meet her? Would have been a while ago, heck, I can’t remember the years, but it was back when the Empire was too busy fighting each other and not the New Republic. We had been under Warlord Teradoc’s command and we had been fairly successful raiding New Republic convoys while the rest of the Empire waxed and waned. I had just been assigned to the Shark, replacing the ship’s former Captain. Apparently his failures were no longer being tolerated but it’s a shame because he deserved better than a bolt to the head.” A chuckle escapes as he shakes his head glumly. “At the time, I was blissfully ignorant of the fighting between the various officers who were vying for the position left empty since the death of the Emperor. Operating for months at a time under total communications silence to increase the chances of success at remaining undetected does that to you. But what troubled me was the crew... They seemed to resent having me as a Captain from the get-go and I suspect that they probably blamed me for their former Captain’s untimely retirement.

“Anyways, we were given an assignment to assist Teradoc’s fleet during an engagement. Little did we suspect we would be fighting our fellow Imperials. We entered the system and we were given the order to attack one of the flagships belonging to Admiral Harrsk. The whole fight was little more than a skirmish, but when we were ordered to take that vessel...” Platorios lets out a heavy sigh, “I realized what the Empire had been reduced to and I no longer wished to serve an Empire that couldn’t put their personal agendas and selfish desires for power aside against a foe that was successfully tearing us apart. I think the rest of the crew realized this too as I’d later discover. They had been part of a similar mission only two years before. So, I did the one thing few Imperial officers ever did and lived to talk about, I went rogue.”

With a smirk, he explains, “It’s surprisingly easy to slip away from a space battle in a ship designed to stealthily approach enemy vessels. So we deserted the Empire, the crew didn’t seem to have any problem with that, quite the opposite actually. I didn’t feel like I would wake up the next morning with a vibroblade in my back. I guess they were growing dissatisfied with the Empire too, but to think the feeling ran that deep. I wish I could say things got easier from there but our problems were just beginning as we had to get out of the Deep Core.”

At this point the interviewer inquires how this story relates to the person in question and Platorios holds up a hand. “I’m getting to that part. Teradoc wasn’t about to let us run away with such a valuable ship and he was chasing us down with everything he had. It was when we were just approaching the edge of the Deep Core, we received a message from an unknown sender. It contained a set of hyperspace coordinates. I was hesitant to acknowledge the message, let alone follow its advice but that’s when my XO recognized the name attached to it. Kayda. He made some sort of comment about her having survived or something, I don’t right remember because that’s when the sensor operator announced that Teradoc’s fleet had arrived and they had interdictors so it was either I jump with a set of incomplete coordinates or I jump with the ones given to me.” A short pause ensues. “I hope you see that the decision was remarkably easy for me. We jumped before the gravity wells could kick in, I couldn’t begin to explain how foreign it felt to be betraying the Empire even if the idiots in power were doing a fine enough job of it.

“I’m sure this is your first time to Point Nadir. You know that feeling when you first arrived, seeing the massive comet and realizing that it was a shadowport? I’m not sure what sort of strings Kayda pulled, I still don’t, but we were given clearance to land.” Platorios laughed, “And there to greet us upon our arrival was Kayda. She looked as if we had arrived late and-“ A commotion in the background cuts the interview short as shouts can be heard followed quickly by blaster fire. Recording ends.

Interview #6: Ruth “Lightning” Qurrel. Former shockboxing champion on Point Nadir, women’s league. Current women’s champion at numerous worlds, shadowports and locales.

Interviewer Notes: Encountered on Point Nadir and insisted on being interviewed upon learning interviewer was making inquiries about Kayda. Confrontational at the best of times, it was impossible to refuse her request as she looked ready to kill if she didn’t get her way and she proved herself capable of killing. She had just shot Eather Platorios in the back of the head for reasons that would become abundantly clear not long ago. Ruby is a shockboxer of some (now tarnished) reputation, is well known around Point Nadir.

Ruth smashes her fists on a table, fuming mad about something as she speaks with a measured rage. “I know the person you’re asking about, I also know that the person you were just talking with was one of her crew. I hope being the last person to talk to him alive doesn’t hurt your reputation as a reporter too badly but whatever he told you about her, whatever pleasant picture he painted about her is a lie.”

Drawing in a deep, calming breath, Ruth settles down enough to tell her story. “I first met Kayda during the final championship match a little over two years ago. A total newcomer to the arena, she was intriguing and I had a measure of respect for her, having survived numerous bouts with other boxers all of whom had years more experience than she did. She’s a tough cookie, I’ll give her that. We fought for ten rounds, I don’t know how she managed to pack so much stamina into that scrawny physique of hers but I had to land enough blows to make a Wookie fall over. Still she fought on until the end of the match but it was clear who the better of us two were and I was given the title.”

Ruth’s expression darkens considerably as she continues at this point. “The following year, at the next championship match, I wasn’t surprised to hear Kayda had once again beaten all the aspiring fighters who wanted to wanted a shot but the day before the match, I had gotten jumped in my home, a bunch of thugs armed with blasters. They destroyed my guard droids before stunning me. I woke up days later, in a hospital where the doctors told me I had overdosed on spice and was lucky to be alive. I then learned that Kayda had become the new champion by default…” A long pause as Ruth’s fists clench even harder to the point her knuckles turn white. “I couldn’t accept that so I hunted her down and found her in one of the bars with a few of her companions. I recognized the voice of one of the people with her, it was a distinctive nasal wheeze, the very same as the one belonging to one of the thugs who had attacked me. She had me incapacitated just so she could claim the victory, knowing full well she would lose to me a second time!”

Smashing her fists down, the table splits in half, flecks of wood splintering in all directions. “She ruined my reputation and nearly my career! Mark my words, I will destroy hers’ in turn. First, I will kill her friends and those working for her. And then, when she’s all alone, I will have that match, but this time the arena we will be in won’t have a ten round limit and she won’t be leaving it alive.”

Out of Character information:
Email: take.a.wild.guess@youshouldknowbynow.com ;)
Other Characters: At the time of this posting: a Grand Admiral who probably has more titles than a bookstore and wrecks his flagship at least two times a day, a Surface Marshal who claims to be the best sniper out there (and is probably right) and has taken out a planetary shield generator with only a sniper rifle (yes, I’m serious), a Director-General who just so happens to also be a Dark Jedi who also heals the odd person though not entirely by choice, a Deputy Flight Director (which sounds a lot more important/pompous than it really ought to be) who has a lot of friends but is too afraid to realize it, a Senator with a smoking and skirt chasing habit, an Entrepreneur who’s also six parts cyborg and blood related to the third person, a Mechanic with an attitude problem on an extragalactic voyage, an Intel Commando working on the wrong side of the current galactic struggle and could be eaten by a vegetarian and a Freelancer who doesn’t have a care in the galaxy unless credits are involved, then it’s a whole other ball game.

Sounds like the makings of a really good book now that I think about it!
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Black Nebula Pirates

Official Federation Documenation: The Black Nebula Pirates are a small time outfit lead by a woman who idenfities herself as Kayda. Little else is known about this group but it is suspected that they are in possession of a Vibre-class assault carrier and thus, possibly made up of ex-Imperials, possibly from the Old Empire or Remnant eras.

No information is known about their base of operations or where their vessel(s) are anchored. Speculation points to any one of the numerous shadowports that exist in the galaxy.




Name/Type: Vibre-class Assault Cruiser
Designer/Manufacturer: Silviut Corporation
Designation: Corvette
Crew: 30 + 15 Gunners
Length: 100 Meters
Speed: 70 MGLT, 640 km/h
Hyperdrive: x1 (x15 Backup*)
Shield Rating: 622 SBD
Hull Rating: 257 RU
Weapons: 4 Laser Cannons Turrets, 4 Ion Cannons, 2 Tractor Beam Projectors.
Fighter Complement: None.
Troops: 60 Zero-G Assault Troopers.
Support Craft: None.
Special: Stealth Armour, Stealth Engine System (92.5% Total Stealth Rating).
Cargo Capacity: 500 Metric Tons*
Consumables: 5 Months*

Information: No records exist of any Vibre-class carrier named the Orcrist. Several Vibres have gone missing, either presumed destroyed or captured by Imperial commanders. It can be said that the Orcrist was an Imperial vessel as only the Empire (and later the Federation) used Vibres. However, without transponder codes or even evidence that the Orcrist exists, it can only be assumed that the Federation is simply remaining tight lipped about their convoy harassment operations and that the rumours of a pirate Vibre are unfounded and based purely on speculation and hearsay possibly circulated by the ISIS to dodge the blame for the raids and attacks against New Republic shipping.

To those who operate on the Orcrist, it was indeed a former Imperial vessel that had gained numerous successes against NR convoys but would be used against fellow Imperials during the time when thirteen Warlords vied for power before the final unification meeting at Tsoss Beacon. Before its name and transponder codes were completely changed, it was known as the Darkness Falls. The ship went rogue, the Captain unable to bear the thought of fighting his fellow comrades in what was little more than a pathetic power struggle when the New Republic was rapidly expanding. During the escape, the vessel was given a set of hyperspace coordinates to Point Nadir where it arrived and the crew worked on getting the vessel back up to spec and having its various identification codes changed before setting off as an independent, if still Imperial allied, group of privateers.

Schematics can be found here.

* Data from D6 Holocron on the Vibre-class Assault Crusier.
"You want broke, blind, or bedlam?" - Basher, Ocean's Eleven

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