Corrithissons Helfire

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Corrithissons Helfire

Post by Corrithissons » 2011-01-20 01:06

Name: Corrithissons Helfire

Species: Epicanthix

Profession: Bounty Hunting, Infiltration.

Physical Appearance: (see avatar and sig)

Age: 42

Battle Weapons:

ZX miniature flame projector
Merr-Sonn taser baton
BlasTech Dur-24 wrist lasers
6 ultrachrome vibroblades, installed onto the wrists to form claw-blades

Vehicles of choice: VCX-820 escort freighter (Corellian light freighter)


Born on the Epicanthix homeworld of Panatha, Corrithissons was a distant cousin of the royal family of his people. His mother and father, both of lower-class, were assassinated by rebels who had wished to undermine the royal family, by killing off all relatives. The plan failed, as only two other families were assassinated before the rebels were caught and executed, and as Corrithissons had survived.

His unusual name is a combination of his father's name and his grandfather's name, both blacksmiths of high respect and honor in their communities: Corrithi and Ssons, respectively. Not much is recorded between his childhood and his current life, but three things are known for sure. First, he was taken by royal sympathizers to Mandalore to be raised. Secondly, he acquired his escort freighter by hijacking it from a rich supporter of the New Republic. Lastly, he produces music under the alias of "Helfire" and also collects the skulls of his bounties.

Out of Character information:
Other Characters: Chupa La'Roi

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