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Ancilla Lozio

Post by Ancilla Lozio » 2011-01-19 10:03

Name: Ancilla Lozio
Species: Human - Dathomirian
Profession: Slave/ Healer (Medic)
Age: 23
Physical Appearance:
Ancilla is close to five feet and eight inches that is boosted with a gorgeous busty frame on long pair of silky smooth legs and is sealed in silky light tan flesh that bares lighten scars of her life as a slave. Long blonde naturally wavy hair reaches down to her mid back. She is always no matter want seen with mandalorian metal as a collar with Property of Crixus Ordo (Ganar be Crixus Ordo) in Mando’a language and writing. When she is home which is spacecraft, she barely has clothing on and the clothing normally is a lose top of main types and skirt. Sometimes those clothes are very thin and can be very sheer. Off of the ship, she’ll wear what fits for what she is tasked to do but she always has her rancor claws and teeth on her body somewhere.

Battle Weapons:
Preferred Weapon: Force forge rancor claws daggers (In this shape)
Secondary Weapons: Force forge racnor teeth (Looks like)

Vehicles of choice: AIAT/I Gunship
Bio: (Coming soon)

Out of Character information:
Email: PM me and we’ll go from there
Other Characters: N/A

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