Adam "Scab" Dubois Chevalier

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Adam "Scab" Dubois Chevalier

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Adam "Scab" Dubois Chevalier
Profession: Scavenger
Birthplace: Unspecified
Age: 42
Relationship Status: Single, Divorced
Children: None
Sex: Male
Race: Human, Caucasian
Body Type: Athletic
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishable Physical Features: Upper body covered in tattoos.
Face is mangled and covered in scars, giving the impression that his
head had gone through a meat grinder at some point.
Preferred Weapon:
Primary-DC-17m ICWS, for its flexibility. Remarkably suited
for his chosen profession.
Secondary-"Razor" series MX

Born and raised on a quiet, yet prosperous planet, Adam
spent the majority of his youth on his fathers estate. He was taught
by a private tutor until the age of 18 when he sought to further his
education at a local university. There he met the woman he would
later marry.

After graduating he worked as a credit analyst for a prominent bank.
His wife maintained an in house business until she became pregnant with
Adam's child.

Two months into her pregnancy Adam returned home early one day to find
her in bed with another man, and beat her to within an inch of her life.
He surrendered to police without incident.

Opting to serve in the local Imperial armed forces instead of serving
a prison term, Adam would go on to serve his full 2 years before being
discharged honorably. Unfortunately, he found he had no home to return
to. His father was an ardent Republic supporter, and had written off
his son the moment he had signed up. His wife was now remarried. His
son had been stillborn.

With nowhere to go and no desire to reintegrate himself into society,
Adam turned his eyes skyward and to distant planets. After a year doing
miscellaneous illegal jobs, he settled down as a scavenger, or more
notably, a battlefield scavenger. He would do this job along with a
distant cousin, and a slave he had won named Lori Sol.

It has been 6 years.

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