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Karl Rogan

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In-Character Information:
Name: Karl Rogan
Rank: Ensign
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
Credit to Scriado, SW Artist's Guilt
Primary Position: Tactical Commander/CO of YT-2000 Light Transport Hawkstrike
Weapon/Technology of Choice:

YT-2000 Light Transport Hawkstrike (Upgraded)
Name/Type: YT-2000-class Transport
Designer/Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Combat Role: Spec Ops Transport/Ground-Air-Space Combat Support
1 Pilot/Captain: Ensign Karl Rogan
1 Co-Pilot: Chief Petty Officer Anton Gray
2 Gunners: Petty Officer Ellis Dansim and Petty Officer Polov Skrim
Length: 29 Meters
Speed: 110 MGLT, 1250 Kph
Acceleration: 18 MGLT/s
Maneuverability: 87 DPF
Hyperdrive: x.5
Shield Rating: 480 SBD
Hull Rating: 114 RU
Weapons: 2x forward-facing Laser Cannons, 1x forward-facing Ion Cannon, 2x Quad Laser Turrets (1 ventral, 1 dorsal), 2x retractable Anti-Personnel Blaster Cannons, 2x Advanced General Warhead Launchers (each launcher carries a magazine of either: 6x Advanced Concussion Missiles or 4x Advanced Proton Torpedoes or 2x Heavy Rockets or 2x Heavy Bombs)
Passengers: 8 Naval Troopers (1 squad): Able Crewman Thaso Mivin, Crewman Falas Obog, Crewman Wardrik Aga, Crewman Rede Tasig, Crewman Miscal Leddon, Crewman Deshak Tersk, Crewman Golan Rift, Crewman Alman Vedik
Cargo Space: None. Space taken up by living quarters.
Other: Upgraded engines, shields, hyperdrive, avionics/flight computer, targetting system, sensor systems, navigation system, etc.

Personal Weapons (during extravehicular action): 1x Vibroknife, 1x DL-18 Pistol, 1x SoroSuub 36T QuickSnap Carbine, several grenades depending on situation

Location: Varies
Karl Rogan was born on Bastion to Loren and Emma Rogan. Loren was an officer in the Imperial Navy and Emma was a nurse at a local hospital. It was always Loren's hope that his only would one day join the military. Karl had a good childhood and his parents made sure his needs were provided for and they loved him dearly.

Karl attended a state-run school for his primary and secondary schooling. He was an excellent student, but also quite the athlete. It took prowess in both to get accepted into any of the Academies. Obviously, his father was an influence on his childhood goals, but Imperial propaganda did not hurt either, nor did Karl's general youthful desire for adventure.

Graduating in the top 2% of his class, he was offered a spot in the Imperial Naval Academy, which he immediately accepted. Academically, he would continue to excel. After his second year, based on his academic and combat performance, he was offered entry into Special Operations Cross-Training Program. Basically, it meant he would spend his Summer semesters receiving specialized combat training at the Imperial Stormtrooper Academy on Carida and the Vensenor Flight Academy on Arkanis. This training was highly compressed and mentally and physically challenging and designed to ensure that, when Karl finished his Naval training and was commissioned as an Ensign, he would be proficient in ground combat and piloting so that he could pursue certain unique careers in Special Operations.

After his 4.5 years of Academy training (the SOCT Program also added half a year to his schooling), he received his Bachelor of Arts in Starship Engineering (one of the standard degrees offered by the Naval Academy), his Cross-Training Proficiency Certificate and a commission as an Ensign in the Imperial Navy. Instead of receiving command of a corvette or light frigate, he was put in-charge of a heavily upgraded YT-2000 Light Freighter that is designed for combat operations, including infiltration/undercover work and close-in support.

Out of Character Information:
E-mail Address: harrison1227@gmail.com
Contact Info: PM
How did you find out about us?: I play Leon Grant
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Ensign Karl Rogan, CO of YT-2000 Hawkstrike

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Re: Karl Rogan

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Again, neat idea. I'll have an eye on Karl. I want to see how you play this out. You're free to go! Good luck!

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