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Blasco Diaz

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Name: Blasco Diaz
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Gender: Male
Physical Description:

Primary Position: Command
Weapon/Technology of Choice: DL-18 Pistol
Location: Magnate-class Star Destroyer Accuser, 3rd Fleet/C-23 Battle Squadron

Blasco was born on an Outer Rim backwater on the far reaches of Imperial Space. His father, a scruffy nerf herder, often took Blasco out to help tend to the herd for long hours of the day, Instilling his son with the values of hard work and family at an early age. His mother came from a the wealthy social circles of Coruscant's Upper Levels. Despite missing her family, and longing for the lavish estates she was accustomed to growing up, she was content working as a House cleaner, cleaning the Local Moff's Chateau where all of them resided. The Imperial Moff was a hard but fair man, and ran a small, but prosperous farming community out in the far reaches of space. On Blasco's 12th birthday, His father had sent him out to the fields to gather up the herd alone while they set up a surprise party. Unbeknownst to them, Rebel Terrorists infiltrated the Chateau and detonated an Alpha Plus Charge flattening the building and killing all of it's occupants.

Blasco was sent to an Orphanage and was adopted by a family of Kuati Aristocrats, who enrolled him in school. Despite never having a formal education, Blasco's high motivation and intense drive, as well as some of the finest tutors money could buy allowed him to excel at his learning. After he graduated, he was accepted into the Anaxes Citadel. He graduated just after the battle of Endor and went into the Imperial Navy as an Ensign, and was placed in command of a Turbolaser battery on the Victory Class Star Destroyer Harridan, Sixth Negative Regions, in the Koornacht Star Cluster, which was docked at the Black-15 shipyards for a refit.

A few days after his arrival, the Yevethans rose up and threw off the Yoke of their Imperial masters, and the Great Purge began. They Yevethan slaves refitting the Harridan took it's crew by surprise. They had struck during the Ships night cycle, disabling the ship's security system and killing or capturing most of the Imperials while they slept, and swiftly crushed any attempt at resistance before it started. The Yevethan Commander held a Lottery, allowing 200 of the 4,700 members of the crew to live out the rest of their lives as slaves to the newly formed Dushkan League. Blasco was spared and sent to the work in the orbital Iron Refineries on Doornik-319.

It was here he met a Stormtrooper named Chaz Harkor. With Diaz's tactical mind, Harkor's muscle, and with the help of a Kubaz scoundrel named Shwimm, the trio formed an underground within the station's inmate population. Nearly a Decade Later when the Federation arrived to bombard the planet, Harkor, Diaz, and Shwimm orchestrated a Riot on board the Refinery, and they began slaying their captors using homemade knives, cutting torches, grinders, and even the station's own blasting furnaces, with help from Federation Stormtroopers who came to capture the station, they managed to overthrow their Yevethan Overseers.

Blasco parted ways with Harkor and Shwimm and was reinstated in the Federation Navy and served on the Gorgon. as a Junior Weapons officer. He was promoted to Lieutenant after the Battle of N'zoth and requested a Transfer to serve on the 3rd Officer on the Mistrial Under Lieutenant Commander Gavin Raeth. Raeth recognized Blasco's potential and began grooming him for a command of his own. As they rose through the Ranks, Raeth took his prodigy with him, until he was killed during the battle of Balmorra, as XO of the Magnante Class Star Destroyer "Accuser" Blasco unwillingly assumed full command of the vessel.

(Of course, WIP)

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