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Scherer Soban

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In-Character Information:
Name:Scherer Soban
Rank: Ensign
Physical Description:5"11 Toned Build,Black Hair with Hazal Eyes.
Primary Position:Commander of the Assassin-class Corvette Rain 4th Fleet.
Weapon/Technology of Choice:Personal Side Arm DL-44 heavy blaster pistol.
Location:On board the Rain
Bio:Ensign Soban it seemed was born into the Imperial Navy. Though a Native of Corellia Soban spent most of his years at the orbital academy with his Father the late Captain Eric Soban. During his youth his father would go over constantly naval tactics with his only son, from naval holograms of live battles in the empire, to old written books on naval warfare. The young son would remember this fondly and in his later life would constantly go back thinking of his fathers teaching that never think in the box.

In his Teenage years he enlisted as a naval cadet and spent some time aboard at the naval academy at Cardia. While at Cardia he rose to the top of class while majoring in Naval History, and also performed top in Naval Trooper training. Constantly the young cadet would show that the unorthodox even outnumber could win again and again if given enough will. One of these times though truly showed that the young cadet could outperform even his instructors.

At the Naval Academy it was recorded that all Naval Officer learned how to pilot all basic craft of Imperial Navy, from the lowly tug to large stardestoyers. Though this was done all in simulation the Instructors constantly tested there young cadets, especially in combat simulations. Cadet Soban and several of his fellow cadets where to pilot older mk1 tie fighters in squadron combat against there instructors in advanced tie interceptors. The cadets where hunted down one by one, the veteran instructors beating the cadets though with several loses of there own till it came down to Soban and the lead instructor.

It was a uneven match the lead instructors tie though shields where down had his entire weapon package undamaged and fully powered,compared to the cadets damaged die whose entire weapon system was out of action due to a earlier power overload. The cadet though did not give up, piloting through the debris of the other broken ties hugging them close so as not to expose a full shot on his damaged tie.The Instructor though had the advantage and could just wait till the young cadet had to clear the end of the debris field and then circle back to attempt to dodge again the instructor waited and watched as the cadet bolted away from the debris flying in a straight line. The instructor smiled then lining up his shot prepared to fire then his screen went dark and he couldn't believe what he saw, it showed that the cadet had shot him down.

Now in are tale how could this cadet of taken killed his instructor with no laser system nor any remaining concession missiles.The instructor him self wonder how this cadet beat him and looked with the class at a different angle shot of what killed his fighter. What most couldn't believe was that it appeared a missile shot dead fired from behind the cadets fire. Looking closely at the Cadets inventory of his fighter and his log it showed he did have one system left, simply put he used the ties last remaining flare to kill his instructor dead firing it so that it wouldn't show a target lock.

Though many would think that this would lead to a promising career in the Naval Tie Fighter corps the cadet had other ideas. Graduating at the top of his class the new ensign got a posting as the commanding officer of the Corvette the Rain. With his new found command and his dream for filled the ensign was ready to show the galaxy what a Soban was made of.

Out of Character Information:
How did you find out about us?:Vrei Droma

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Re: Scherer Soban

Post by Spyker Katarn » 2012-08-03 03:43

Hello Scherer, and welcome to the NIF. Glad to have you here; sorry about the late reply to your bio. Just a few small housekeeping things. One, please make sure you read over both the Member Manual and Official Rules before continuing to post. Two, I'm not sure how viable TIE training (victory over an instructor or not) would be for training a ship commander, but that's the domain of the fleet COs, mostly (and maybe one of them will chime in here). Other than that small issue, I see nothing glaring wrong here, so feel free to start posting. If you have any questions, you can either ask them in the Academy, via PM, or in the Holonet Chat.

Again, welcome to the NIF, and happy posting.

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