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Zione Ju

Post by Zione Ju » 2012-07-05 04:26

In-Character Information:
Name: Zione Ju
Rank: Ensign
Gender: Female
Physical Description: She has an athletic build, raven black hair, and red eyes. Her wolfish smile reveals a pair of particularly long canines.
Primary Position: Commanding Officer of the Domremy, Wraith Class Monitor ship
Weapon/Technology of Choice: A Lyonsois scimitar.
Location: Aboard the N.I.F. Domremy
Zione's parents were young when their people made contact with the Empire for the first time. Her own generation has accepted the presence of Imperial diplomats as commonplace in their day to day lives. however, Zione's parents recognized the political opportunity presented by the anticipated alliance between the Lyonsois and the Empire, and so they directed their daughter's attention to military training. Zione dedicated herself to this life with the same zeal and fortitude expected of all young and aspiring Lyonsois, graduating from the Lyonsois Naval Academy at the top of her class.

After only a few years of military service, Zione has been nominated by the Council of Lyon, and its Queen, to represent the people of the Lyon system in the New Imperial Fleet as an effort to reinforce ties between New Imperial forces and Lyon. Aware of the responsibility placed upon her by her superiors, Zione intends to exceed even her own limits to prove herself and her entire race to the galaxy.

Out of Character Information:
E-mail Address: hopkinsd14@hsc.edu
Contact Info: Please use my email, since I can't find my phone at the moment. :?
How did you find out about us?: Vrei Droma told me about it.
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Dravius Stari
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Re: Zione Ju

Post by Dravius Stari » 2012-07-05 11:50

Welcome aboard :)

A biography can be something that you come back to work on for years and years. Some of the best are pages and pages, so dont stress about having a 10 000 word tome. I think anyone should just put down something to give us a bit of an idea about the character! (which you've done)

Be sure to check out our member manual, and stop by chat because usually one of us is around. If you have any questions, post a thread in the academy or ask a mod they're all pretty friendly.

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Re: Zione Ju

Post by Demetrios Gavril » 2012-07-05 18:53

Welcome aboard, Ensign.

Ensigns are allowed 1 Light Frigate, Monitor, or Corvette.

Here is our list of ships to give you an idea of what you have to choose from, and a list of the fleets.



Every fleet has a specific amount of ships. If you like a certain type of ship and wish to command it, be sure that that ship actually exists in the fleet of your choice. Here's an idea of the personalities in the fleets:

1st Fleet:
Cutting edge technology and massive capital ships compromise the awesome might of our Emperor's Fleet. Emperor Kane I commands the fleet with justice for all, both the good and evil.

2nd Fleet:
The NIF's main planetary assault force fleet. It contains many drop ships, heavy cruisers, and frigates. Commodore Morrison commands this fist of the Empire with his own special blend of stubbornness and zealotry.

3rd Fleet:
With enough ships to blot out the suns of a thousand systems, Third Fleet contains ships of all purposes. Of all the fleets, 3rd sees the most action. For the most part, this is due to Grand Admiral Tavish McFini's tireless leadership and tactical energy, whether it be at the bow of the Intimidator, or behind a bar serving you drinks. Note: this is the only fleet to have its own admiral serving drinks. In other words: don't expect the Emperor to pour you a glass of vodka.

4th Fleet:
Formerly the Junkyard Fleet, 4th has been resized and refitted. Now it is an ambitious, but young force, led by the equally aspiring Draaygo Riinuuk.

5th Fleet:
This fleet contains many of the captured New Republic war vessels. It is lead by the mysterious and shadowy Supreme Commander Wesiri.

6th Fleet:
One of the newer, reconditioned fleets, 6th's primary purpose is to protect the northern regions of the Empire. It is lead by Octavius Reinhart, a hard working and high endeavoring officer of good moral fiber.

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Re: Zione Ju

Post by Vrei Droma » 2012-07-07 20:04

Approved yet?
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