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Vibius Prax (Scientist)

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Note: This character is a scientist and as such will use the designer ranking system that Tom Saint uses.

In-Character Information:
Name: Vibius Prax
Rank: Assistant Designer
Gender: Male
Physical Description: 6'3, balding but with some grey hair, brown eyes. 60 years old.
Primary Position: Scientist
Weapon/Technology of Choice: The Chirurgeon, needler. The Chirurgeon is a device melded to the spine of Vibius, The extreme ends can be replaced with any number of attachments, but usually have surgical implements to assist him in surgery. The middle arms house canisters that are usually filled with tonics to keep Vibius awake without sleeping, or to boost his energy so he can keep working. They can also be filled with concoctions that increase his survivability in battle such as steroids or bacta. The Needler is a massive hypodermic needle that allows Vibius to inject a large amount of substance into a patient or a subject or even himself. It can in theory be used as a weapon, but this is unlikely.
Location: The Cereberus

Vibius as a child was always fascinated by the human body. Tall for his age, but with a weak constitution he was a sickly child. Determined to find away out of this quagmire he threw his efforts into study and and qualified as a Doctor at the tender age of 20. Over the next 10 years he increased his knowledge ever further and took his trade as a surgeon to places where he could operate on the most bodies at once. He saved many lives, and learned many things.

But Vibius had a secret.

It was not just simple things like blood vessels and bones that intrigued him. No, Vibius wanted to breed better people, without disease. He wanted the fame of the one who was able to wipe away all of the bad genes of the human genome and thus establish a new order of artificially created, highly regulated procreation. As with many of intellect he had a huge ego, and the shame and embarrassment of his sickly days never ever left him. The taunts of the children never left him.

Skilled as a surgeon his little experiments went noticed for a long, long time until he was working in a depressed area of Taris. As they were grateful to simply have a surgeon of his calibre there, slowly he began increasing the boldness of his experimentation. A cloned liver grown inside a patient here, another eye for a patient there. Eventually the community began suspicious when he attempted to clone a Ranat but failed, and tried to convince a male Ranat that he was actually pregnant and that the stillborn clone had been removed from him.

Rumour was verified by the terrified Ranat and the community turned on him. He then stole away to Tatooine for a short stretch before falling in with various bounty hunters and patching them up for a few credits, supplies and occasionally transportation. By chance a meeting with a Black Sun courier where he saved his life on a botched deal with Jabba then lead to the courier taking him back to Black Sun.

Xizor's organization was formidable then, and he saw the potential in the Doctor who wanted to create troops that did not get sick, would rarely eat or drink and needed little sleep. Xizor provided a lab and funding, and Vibius created the machine on his back that provided him with so much assistance. He also created viruses for Xizor as he pushed on with his cloning research, making the effort with the Ranat look very poor indeed. As his new clones got closer and closer, a breakthrough was imminent when Xizor died and Black Sun fell into disarray.

As it did, and sensing civil war within the cartel was brewing, Vibius stole a battered freighter and then escaped to Khomm, learning of their culture and using cloning as a reproductive method. This world seemed to be paradise and he worked diligently with the Khommites, learning much about their ways and cloning. They finally discovered however that he was attempting to create a Human/Khommite hybrid. Feeling deeply insulted they attempted to hunt him down, however as he had pre planned an escape route their efforts came to naught and they put a bounty on his head.

On the run, with barely anything to his name aside from knowledge and now with a bounty on his head, times were difficult for Vibius. He made his way to Arkania and hammered out a deal where they would pay an indemnity to remove the bounty and he would work for free. Playing on the Arkanian sense of superiority, Vibius worked tirelessly and improved processes with the knowledge he had obtained from his years of research and the Khommites and delivered impressive results.

However, as always there was a secret project in the background. This time he was trying to breed a hybrid of an ewok and a Jawa. At first amused they ignored this, but once he began experimenting with a hybrid rancor/trandoshan the Arkanians severed their relationship with him.

And yet all was not lost. Despite his falling out with the Arkanians, he was soon recruited by a division of New Imperial Federation scientists who knew he had the knowledge and was desperate enough to sign on for protection, food, pay and the chance to work. Vibius readily agreed and was sent to the research division. When his cloning experience was discovered they relocated him to Supreme Commander Wesiri's science team and subsequently, the Cereberus when Vice Marshal Stari took command of the vessel. Vibius is a brilliant medic and an experienced cloner, but his hybrid experimentations have ruined the reputation of this once respected man.

Out of Character Information: Drav

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