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Septimus Tarrk

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In-Character Information:
Name: Septimus Tarrk
Rank: Ensign
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
Height: 5'11
Weight: 160 Pounds
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Septimus has a athletic build that doesn't look overly muscled but more slim. His hair is usually cropped short to keep it within regulations. He also has a small scar going length ways down under his left eye.

Primary Position: CO
Weapon/Technology of Choice: Virbrosword, Blaster Pistol
Location: 3rd Fleet;C-892 Skirmish Line;Sumner 1
Septimus grew up without parents or any knowledge of them. He went from foster home to foster home on his homeworld of Corellia till he settled down with the foster family he'd spend the rest of his teen years with at age 12. For most of his life he didn't really make too many friends as he always felt different since he never knew his parents. When he finally settled down with a family that showed some interest in him and seemed to care he started to become more comfortable with other people. As he started high school he met another boy named Soren Ghente who he quickly became fast friends with. Septimus became very close to Soren and the rest of the Ghente family practically living over there. They played together on the Shockball team and even after high school they stay in contact.

After his school years Septimus spent the next 10 years with a mercenary group called the Arkanian Dragons. With them he learned how to fight and survive the dangers of the galaxy. He learned how to shoot and became quite adept with a blaster and also had a knack for fighting with a vibroblade. His CO even gave him his own personal vibrosword as a gift for saving the ship from a surprise pirate attack. Septimus learned all he could about how to pilot and work on the small ships the Dragons used. He participated in escort missions and fought more than his share of a few battles even getting himself a nice scar under his left eye from the shrapnel of a missed blaster shot. He quickly adjusted to life aboard ships and the mercenaries life. The camaraderie he found with the Dragons helped him feel like he had another family which he hadn't felt he'd had since he parted ways with the Ghente's. An echani crew member taught him a lot of the echani fighting style which he became quite proficient in and helped give him an edge when fighting hand to hand with any pirates who attacked and tried to board. Septimus stayed with the Arkanian Dragons for 10 years before he started to feel restless and moved on to some lone work. He drifted from planet to planet working as a mechanic or piloting freighters of goods. When he turned twenty-eight he finally realized he was feeling so restless because he didn't feel like what he was doing had much purpose. While so many people seemed to be supporting the New Republic he didn't trust the corrupt bureaucracies he'd seen while visiting NR planets. The NIF seemed like a worthy cause who were stable and led by a strong leader. Septimus decided to sign up to NIF Naval Academy and become an Ensign for the New Imperial Federation.

To be continued and will be edited slightly later. Finally somewhat done!

Out of Character Information:
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How did you find out about us?: Recruited By Rann

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