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Tareg DaRuup

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In-Character Information:
Name: Tareg DaRuup
Rank: Ensign
Gender: Male
Race: Corellian
Physical Description:
  • Brown Hair (short),
  • Gray-Green Eyes,
  • close trimmed beard,
  • lean build,
  • 1,80 height
Primary Position: Naval Officer, Second Imperial Fleet
Weapon/Technology of Choice: BlasTech Industries DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Location: in transit to his new assignment

He grew up together with his younger brother Roa in the outskirts of Coronet City, "The Jewel of Corellia", as the beautiful planetary capital of Corellia is called. The two children used to play round the space ports near their home, watching the starting and landing spaceships for hours and coming of with stories about fearless pilots that roam the void of space. While the family wasn't rich the DaRuups still managed to provide their children with a good childhood and everything they needed. The family was devastated as one day news came that Lt. Tokan DaRuup had been killed by Rebel terrorists while on duty. More wasn't reveal due to the classified nature of the tragic incident. From that day forward the good days were a thing of the past, the family had to move out of their nice little apartment in the average part of town to the run down parts near the freighter space ports. It was an entirely different life, but they somehow managed to take all the hurdles that life choose to throw in their way. Not long after that tragic incident Tareg was finally old enough to be able to attend the Imperial Academy and to follow in the footsteps of his killed father. The Academy time wasn't easy, and a malfunctioning trainings TIE nearly did cost Tareg his life. After his long and tedious recovery he graduated successfully and received his assignment to one of the Emperors fleets. He worked hard serving in whatever position he was assigned to - be it as TIE jockey keeping the space lanes save or working on freighter duty, hauling Raw Materials and Imperial Equipment - and slowly advanced through the enlisted ranks until he was finally send to and graduated from the Imperial Officer's School as Ensign. For Tareg it meant not only becoming an officer but also receiving his immediate transfer orders to one of the newly commissioned Imperial capitals. It also meant the parting with old comrades in arms and friends. So he packed up his sea bag, finished the assignments that he just had been working on, bid his farewells to his friends and then headed out to his new posts...

Out of Character Information:
E-mail Address:
Contact Info:
How did you find out about us?: Stumbled across the forum by accident.
Ensign Tareg DaRuup
CO "Vessel Name"
Second Imperial Fleet
=== Imperial Navy ===

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