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Physical and Occupational Data.....///====

Name: Alexis Katerina
Alias: Artemis
Rank: Agent
Race: Hapan
Physical Description:
Artemis is 171cm tall and 21 years old. She has auburn hair, deep blue eyes, and pointed, Hapan, features. She usually wears non-descript fatigues with high collars sweaters.


Current Occupation:
ISIS Agent

Weapons of Choice:
DC-15s Pistol
History and Mental Analysis....///===
Born Alexis Katerina, she was the first daughter of Marios and Sophia Katerina. Three years later she had a baby sister, Stasia. Alexis grew up as an average Hapan girl with an typical Hapan life. There was the occasional family squabbel, but overall they appeared to live together in harmony. At her fifteenth birthday the Katerinas went on a cruise along with some other families, who were considerably wealthy. Their guide and captain was a Bothan by the name of Oryon. The cruise ship headed out into deep space on its way to one of many tourist worlds. But disaster struck when a small pirate flotilla arrived out of nowhere to storm aboard the luxury cruiser. This part of space was thought safe and secure, obviously the Captain had been wrong about that.

Within moments the cruiser was controlled by the pirates. Mr. and Mrs. Katerina pleaded with Oryon to do something, when suddenly a pirate strolled up and asked Oryon for orders. Confused at this strange action, the passengers all stared at Oryon. A smile crept across Oryon's face and his fangs stood out. The passengers shuddered as one. Then Oryon gave orders that the pirates should kill about two-thirds of the passengers and leave the rest to tell the tale of the terrible marauders lead by the fearsome Oryon. At last, the passengers figured out that they had been betrayed. Oryon had lead them into the middle of nowhere so that he could take over the luxury liner - he had killed the original captain and taken his place right before they embarked - and then maybe ransom a couple of the wealthier families. The passengers could only watch in horror as the pirates selected at random and slaughtered two-thirds of the crew.

Alexis and Stasia watched as their mother and father were gunned down by Oryon himself. The two sisters were left alone, crying until they could cry no more. When a rescue party from Hapes eventually came, the sisters and the survivors were rounded up and taken back to Hapes. In an effort to get over the pain of her parent's death, Alexis endeavored to grow up as quickly as possibly. She decided to join the Hapan Military. Though her sister was under the care of foster parents, Wildfire acted as a mother to her.

She built up a quick name for herself, rising to the rank of corporal in the Hapan forces by the time she was nineteen. But her career was about to take a new heading. The Ta'a Chume was in disfavor with many. Agents from Tenel Ka's viceroy infiltrated the ranks of the Hapan military in order to find out what the general opinion was. Alexis herself was cold and distant from the world of politics, but when the Federation attacked she was prepared to fight for Hapes. For all she saw was Hapes versus the Federation, until an agent from Tenel Ka's viceroy explained the situation to her. The Federation was simply pushing out all New Republic forces there and replacing the current Queen Mother with Tenel Ka. The agent convinced her that there was no point in fighting for the New Republic, but the agent did not convince her to fight for the Federation. Alexis simply stood by while power changed hands. In the confusion of the takeover, Alexis' sister disappeared and has not yet been found.

Now that the Federation was basically in control of the Hapes Consortium, Alexis didn't know where she would go. Her sister was missing, probably dead. Everything seemed so bleak. She was lost in the sea of politics. The Federation, seeking new candidates for its intelligence agency, were recruiting Hapans. More specifically, they were recruiting Hapans with a military background. This was of course all classified information that the ordinary populace knew nothing about. Alexis was approached with a job offer from the Federation. When some of the Viceroy's agents heard of this, the Viceroy secretly met with Alexis and told her to take the job. The Hapan culture was similar to the Bothans in that they were full of intrigue and assassination, preferring to be in the know. The Viceroy figured that Wildfire's primary loyalty would be to Hapes. And though was now practically a protectorate of the Federation, it never hurt to have a mole in their midst.

Alexis accepted the job offer and is now an ISIS operative who harbors a death grudge against all Bothans and is ever hopeful of finding her lost sister.

-Acrobatic: Artemis is very talented with feats of balance, agility and motor coordination
-Fast: Artemis is very fast, using her superior speed to her advantage in fights.
-Blind Darkness: Artemis has the same disability as most Hapans, in that she cannot see very well at all in the dark.
-Bred to be Beautiful: Due to Hapan breeding Artemis is strikingly attractive.
-Cold Snarker: She tends to make dark, scathing remarks that end up being humorous, though not out of intent.
-Haughty: Artemis tends to be controlling and prideful, likely due to her heritage.
-Chauvinist: Artemis, like most Hapan women, views men as being insuperior.

Known Acquaintances in the Federation:
Mission Record:
Campaign Missions:
C1M31 - Consequences and Repercussions
Secondary Missions:
Operation Round-Up
Operation Grand Theft X-wing
Military Decorations....///====
Supreme Awards:
Major Awards:
Battle Awards:
Mission Silver Star:
awarded for completing the secondary objective in Operation Round-Up
Battle Efficiency:
Awarded for Operation Grand Theft X-wing
Service Awards:
Training Awards:
C1M31: O-1 to O-2
OOC: Tycho

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