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Lorn Savio - KIA

Post by Savio » 2009-08-21 03:05


Killed in Action

Personal Information:
Name: Lorn Savio
Gender: Male
Height: 181cm
Hair: Brown, short
Eyes: blue
Weight: 95kg
Age: 26
Photo: Image
Military Information:
ISIS Branch: ISS
Rank: Agent
Primary Position: Operative
Known Weapons:
36T quick snap carbine
2 DC-15s pistols
1 Q-25 holdout pistol
1 Tactical combat vibro blade
1 Stun Staff
1 Stun Cuffs
1 Microwave stunner
Location: ESD Inquisitor
As a kid, Lorn didn’t do much besides get into trouble. His parents were constantly getting messages from teachers. His grades were failing miserably. He was a smart kid, but he just didn’t see the point in doing all this work. He had no goal. His parents, overwhelmed by how far his grades had dropped and now being warned that he could be facing prison time, sent him to the Cor Sec academy. At first, Lorn resisted the attempts of the instructors to show him why what he was doing mattered. To others it seemed that Lorn was carefree and was always joking and happy with himself. It wasn’t so. Lorn felt confused and lost. Why was he here? What was his purpose in life? These questions his school teachers had failed to answer, but a Cor Sec instructor saw the need and gave him a goal. Taking young Lorn Savio down to the worst part of town, the part where you were afraid if someone so much as looked at you, he showed him what the evil in the galaxy was. Lorn saw the utter despair the poor people were living in. He saw the thugs walking free. And he suddenly realized why he was there. The Cor Sec Instructor smiled sadly at Lorn as he took him back to the Academy and told him that it wasn’t just in those places that greed, corruption, murder, and thievery thrived. He told him of those officials and high class citizens who kept it well hidden.

When Lorn arrived back at the Academy, he burned with a resolve to right the wrongs in the Galaxy. He would do whatever it took to put wrongdoers in their place. He would help those in need. He would be a protector. From then on he threw himself into his studies at the Cor Sec academy. When he turned sixteen, he was one of the most prized students at the Academy, he also found that his parents had been robbed and then murdered. Lorn wept bitterly, but this misfortune only furthered his resolve. He would be incorruptible, unwavering in his duty. His goal was put away as many lawbreakers as he possibly could.

He graduated from the Academy with high honors and served in the Corellian Security Force with distinction for two years. During that time he took down criminals with a vigor that, although meant well, proved to be his undoing. Lorn was too harsh, to unrelenting. He had no mercy for criminals. Whenever he found them he would beat them into unconsciousness, stun cuff them, and haul them back to Cor Sec detention. When they resisted, it didn’t end well for them. Being zapped repeatedly by a stun baton is not conducive to one’s health, but when they resisted that’s what happened...most of the time. Until the time when the son of a popular official was caught robbing by Lorn. The delinquent responded with deadly force, Lorn did likewise. The blaster shootout that ensued cost the official’s son his arm. Lorn blasted it off and then tackled the criminal with a little too much gusto, pummeling the delinquent into the permacrete and smearing it with blood, before dragging the criminal off to the detention center. The official sued Lorn and, through means of political connections, had Lorn fired from Cor Sec on the grounds of the use of unnecessary force and then sued for all he had.

Savio found himself with nothing. That was when he received a call from a mysterious man asking if Lorn would like a job in Imperial Security. Lorn accepted, but little did he know what he was getting into.

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