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Alen Quix

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In-Character Information:
Name: Alen Quix
Rank: Examinator
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
1.9 Meters tall
75 Kilograms
Brown Hair
Green Eyes
Primary Position: ISS agent
Weapon of Choice: Epel'jaken "Razor" series MX Heavy Blaster Pistol
Location: ESD Nemesis
Alen Quix was born on Onderon, in the ancient walled city of Iziz, a few years before the battle of Yavin. The Iziz Alen knew wasn't the Iziz of centuries past, and by the time of his birth, the distinctiveness of the Onderonian culture was largely swept away, save for a few portents. Most importantly, Iziz was a city under the firm control of the Empire. Unfortunately for him, his parents died shortly after the Battle of Yavin before his eyes. His memory failed him, as to try to avoid the pain associated with the event, he blocked the memories of their occurance The exact circumstances of their deaths are unknown to him, as he was far too young to remember the exact details, but later after he researched it, he found that they were the unfortunate casualties, bystanders who were at the wrong time and place, and were killed by some stray shots between stormtroopers of the planet's garrison and rebel "freedom fighters" as they were called after the NR liberated the planet. His parents were the loving sort, who genuinely cared for him and were rather pacifistic in nature, prefering to use words rather than take an aggressive action. Still, despite all of their pacifistic ideals, they died. Their death left a hollow place in Alen, a feeling that seemed to surface whenever he'd be alone, leading Alen to avoid being alone if at all possible.

Alen soon found himself at an understaffed and underfunded orphanage, headed by a cruel matron whose only interest in the whole affair was to wring as many credits from anyone charitable enough to help the orphans. Alen and the others were constantly getting into trouble, which would be rewarded with rather abusive punishment. Perhaps the event that most stuck out in his mind was the death of his best friend under rather dubious circumstances. Sure, the authorities cleared the matron of any culpability for the murder, but he had watched her in the act. Of course, the authorities were rather busy, dealing with the "freedom fighters" to really deal with every last criminal act, especially those happening to the less than desirable orphans. Alen was left with a growing sense of anger and frustration at the world, and frustration at his sense of being powerless to deal with it.

There was a signle respite from all of that, the Sub-Adult Group. Alen was encouraged to attend the SAGroup, where he soon became a rather devoted member. Through initially placed in Motivation, a kind officer named Jery Quix helped him to work out many of his difficulties, and after a while, the officer adopted Alen. Alen, now escaped from the orphanage, wholeheartedly embraced the indoctrination and education provided by SAGEd, and was happily attended all the SAGRec activities he could. Unfortunately, this would not last.

By the time he was a teenager, the Empire was dying. After the battle of Endor, things went from bad to worse, adn the "Freedom Fighters" stepped up their activities. Soon, the planet was liberated in a bloody civil war, and Jery Quix was killed in the fighting. Now, orphaned again, Alen spent the remaining few years struggling to make ends meet in Iziz. Alen, thought just a kid, was forever tied to the ousted empire in the minds of many of the citizens, and Alen could get little other than a cold shoulder from most of the population. Worse yet, all the feelings that came about when his parents died that were largely excised from him soon returned. Thankfully, Alen, like many of the others in similar circumstances, was allowed to attend school, in a show of toloration by the new rulers of Iziz. Alen eventually graduated, but Iziz was still largely closed to him. Knowing that it would probably remain that way for years to come, Alen left the planet shortly after graduating, taking on a position on a cargo freighter.

For about a year, Alen remained on the freighter, as he built up his savings. The Empire was effectively dead, and even though his hopes from the Emperor's return soon ended, on Onderon no less, Alen's hopes for it were shattered. After some soul searching, Alen decided that he wanted to make a difference, to help make the galaxy safe again. From personal experience, he wanted nothing to do with the NR, from what he saw their supporters on Onderon do. (Sure, to him not all of them are bad, but many are.) But the times had changed. The Imperial Remnant was just that, a shadow of the old empire, almost as though destined to lose, but his option wasn't limited merely to that. Alen knew of a rising power, the NIF, that was gradually gaining power along the Rim and had even gained a few core worlds. By his estimations, they were probably the best chance he had. Alen soon quit his job on the freighter, prefering instead to head out and join the NIF. At the recruiting office, he was found useful enough and from his variety of experiences, he was easily able to make it into ISIS. There, Alen thrived at first, rising in the ranks before he finally reached a plateau. After being severely injured in a mission, Alen was taken out of action for a few months to recuperate. Freshly back, Alen hopes his dream hasn't already escaped his grasp.

Alen is a Force Sensative, but nowhere near powerful enough to be a Jedi. In fact, his ability is marginally better than a normal individual. But, Alen is rather unaware of his Force sensativity, instead thinking of it as talent, perhaps a degree of natural ability, and luck. His precognition is not very well focused, or powerful, and Alen has a bad feeling when danger is around and the ability to almost sense something is happening the slightest fraction of a second before it happens. (Enough that perhaps one could speculate that he knew it was going to happen, but not enough to definitively rule out quick reflexes.) His enhanced skill is probably with regards to people, and he is able to think through how someone he is focusing on would probably act. (It's not that he's seeing into the future, it's that he's able to better estimate how a single person would act. Also, the estimations are only slightly more accurate than a normal persons. It's not significantly better or anything like that. However, the skill corresponds nicely with regards to much of his ISS work.) Alen's ability as highly observant is limited (as with his other force skills), and it's only a slight advantage, and his strong mind is very similar. All in all, if Alen were to recognize that he was actually using the Force, he could perhaps develop his abilities above the slightest of advantages, but as it stands, Alen doesn't view it as such and as such doesn't develop his abilities at all.

His experiences have left him with an easy going optimism about how things will turn out, however this is not always the case. He is afraid to trust anyone, and has a distaste for the New Republic. Since his recovery, Alen has been obsessed with trying to regain his previous momentum, but has of late also suffered from a bit of bad luck. Alen always carries a few items with him, notably including a set of Holos of people that were important to him, and from time to time can be seen staring into the holos, as he thinks things over. He still hates to be alone, and can usually be found with his friend and fellow agent Scherise while off duty, and while on duty, they typically work together. (Scherise is a blank.)

Alen has been trained as an ISS agent, with expertise in infiltration. In addition to his ISIS training, Alen is familiar with a few forms of Martial Arts, and a variety of odd skills from his past. The result is Alen being rather versatile, more so than a typical ISIS agent, and the flexibility from that, combined with fine honed cunning, allows him to be rather useful for a variety of missions.

Out of Character Information:
E-mail Address:
Contact Info: My main is Jacen Wesiri
How did you find out about us?: Another Message Board

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