Helmut Todstern {WIP}

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Helmut Todstern
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Helmut Todstern {WIP}

Post by Helmut Todstern » 2012-07-31 06:19

In-Character Information:

Name: Helmut Todstern / Realmstream
Rank: Operative
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Six feet, two inches; weighs 190 lbs, and underneath his clothes is extremely well-built. He has sharpened his canines to appear to be what would be considered vampiric or beastial. When on secret missons, he wears a long black trenchcoat and fedora; in public and formal settings, he wears a simple black suit with a maroon and black striped tie, black dress pants, and shiny black dress shoes. On his lapel is a rather out-of-place blue rose-like flower, which always appears to be freshly picked.


Primary Position: {WIP}
Weapon of Choice: Dual blaster pistols, dual vibro-knives, and if disarmed from both, mid-level hand to hand combat (equivalent of blue belt in Tae-Kwon-Do).
Location: ESD Inquisitor

Out of Character Information:
E-mail Address: xanosknightshade@gmail.com
Contact Info: Same as Chupa.
How did you find out about us?: How else? ;)

"Never stop fighting. You'll never get what you want if you don't."

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