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Imperial Security and Intelligence Service

Post by Crystala Endivain » 2011-10-10 02:21

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Perception, Adaptation, Innovation
The Imperial Security and Intelligence Service (ISIS) is a combination of the Old Empire's civilian-controlled Imperial Security Bureau and the military-controlled Imperial Intelligence. In the New Imperial Federation, the two are combined to share their resources, which would make the agencies greatly more productive than in the Old Empire, where the Emperor preferred a rivalry to enhance productivity. It often referred by its old name, Imperial Intelligence.

The ISIS possesses their own task force of vessels known as Task Force Omniscient (TFO). The flagship is the Echo-class cruiser Observer. All the vessels in TFO are equipped with cloaking devices and powerful sensor suites as well as enhanced communications systems in order to effectively handle the vast volumes of data that streams in from all over the galaxy.

- Director-General -
Currently held by: Grand Inquisitor Crystala Endivain

The Director-General (aka D.G.) serves as the head of the Imperial Security and Intelligence Service and reports directly to the Emperor and the Supreme ommander. The Director-General's responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
  • Gathering intelligence through human, alien and other appropriate means;
  • Correlating and evaluating intelligence related to the safety and security of the New Imperial Federation and to provide appropriate dissemination of such intelligence;
  • Providing overall direction for and coordination of the collection of national intelligence outside the New Imperial Federation through human or alien sources by elements of the Intelligence Community authorized to undertake such collection and, in coordination with other departments, agencies, or elements of the New Imperial Federation which are authorized to undertake such collection, ensuring that the most effective use is made of resources and that appropriate account is taken of the risks to the New Imperial Federation and those involved in such collection; and
  • Performing such other functions and duties related to intelligence affecting the national security as the Emperor or Supreme Commander may direct.
- Vice-Director-General -
Currently held by: High Inquisitor Saarael Tiberius

The Vice-Director-General (aka V.D.G.) is assists the Director-General in the duties of heading the Imperial Security and Intelligence Service and reports directly to the Director-General or, in his/her absense, the Emperor or Supreme Commander. The Vice-Director-General carries all the same responsibilities as the Director-General.

~~~ Primary Departments ~~~

The Ubiqtorate is the highest level of command within Imperial Intelligence. It oversees the operations of the agency at the highest levels, and forms strategies for the entire agency. The identities and plans of Ubiqtorate members are often shrouded in mystery. All department Directors and Vice-Directors are included in the Ubiqtorate by default and agents showing an aptitude for the field of command will also among the ranks. The Ubiqtorate report directly to the Director-General and Vice-Director-General. All departments are answerable to the Ubiqtorate.
The Adjustments branch is a small, elite branch of the Imperial Security and Intelligence Service and is controlled directly by the Ubiqtorate. Adjustment agents were called in when the Ubiqtorate believed that a critical situation had slipped from the control of the ISIS and/or New Imperial Federation, and that the situation was beyond the normal capabilities of the other bureaus and branches, yet was not completely hopeless in resolving. Agents of Adjustments would receive orders directly and in person from the Ubiqtorate. The Ubiqtorate would then inform Adjustments what the problem was and what resources were available to find a solution to the problem. The Adjustments team would then remedy the situation as necessary, usually in a very clandestine fashion. No record of their orders was ever kept and no mission files existed within Osiris or the Observer for these agents.

The Adjustments in the New Imperial Federation could be considered an amalgamation of the Old Galactic Empire's Special Intelligence and Adjustments departments.
The New Imperial Federation Inquisition, or just Inquisition for short, is the black hand of the New Imperial Federation, operating behind the scenes to tackle operations and jobs that are either too risky or dangerous for even the most highly experienced operatives to undertake. Mostly, their job involves around either tracking down enemy or unaligned Force Users/Sensitives and indoctrinating them to the NIF (read: Emperor's) cause or working to promote the full glory of the NIF order.

Typical responsibilities and objectives include (but are not limited to):
  1. To hunt down and capture any Jedi.
  2. To disrupt the New Jedi Order headed by its current Master, Luke Skywalker.
  3. To interrogate and if possible convert said Jedi to serve Emperor Kane.
  4. To seek out Force sensitives and employ them to Kane's service.
  5. To eliminate such Jedi and Force sensitives who prove resistant to conversion.
  6. To find and retrieve Force artifacts for Kane, and in prolongation, the Omega Order's use.
  7. To investigate activities involving the Force in order to carry out the above.
  8. The interrogation of particularly resistant subjects.
  9. The elimination of the remains of the Imperial Remnant, Old and New Republics and the promotion of the New Imperial Federation.
  10. To observe the Omega Order and its members.
Inquisitors would have to be resourceful, incredibly covert and able to maintain a network of contacts who can help provide them with information or assistance needed to take on Jedi/Force Sensitives and not wind up on the glowing end of a lasersword. As there might only be one Inquisitor for every hundred-thousand (or even million) ISS agents, working closely with other groups and departments would be a necessity however it's imperative that an Inquisitor not leave any clues as to the department he or she works for or what their aims are. For all intents and purposes, an Inquisitor is an ISS agent who happens to outrank just about anyone and everyone else in the ISIS and therefore answers solely to the Ubiqtorate or the Emperor himself. It is said in the upper echelons of the ISIS that all Ubiqtorates are Inquisitors but not all Inquisitors are Ubiqtorate.

Director of the Inquisition: <CLASSIFIED, EYES ONLY>
Vice-Director of the Inquisition: <CLASSIFIED, EYES ONLY>

Known Inquisitors: <NO RECORDS FOUND>
Bureau of Operations
The Bureau of Operations contains the majority of personnel within the Imperial Security and Intelligence Service. This division of intelligence handles all field operations, covert and otherwise. Its missions include abduction, assassination, counterintelligence, espionage, infiltration, rescue, sabotage, surveillance, and other operations. In the old Imperial Intelligence, the Bureau of Operations was divided into six different divisions: Surveillance, Infiltration, Renik, Diplomatic Services, Destabilization Branch and Assassination. The ISIS has reduced all those departments into two, broad categories, Imperial Secret Service Agents and Intelligence Commandos who are all trained in the aforementioned fields the six previous departments focused on with many agents specializing in one particular aspect and thus undertaking missions to suit their particular skills.

- Imperial Secret Service Agent -
Imperial Secret Service Agents (ISS Agents) operate as the eyes and ears (and nose, hands and voice) of the Imperial Security and Intelligence Service. Agents in the ISS gather intelligence and move swiftly and efficiently to locate and eliminate threats to the Empire. They are the detectives, the spies, the interrogators, the moles, the spooks and the sleuths. They prefer subtly, cunning, stealth, gadgets, charm and sharp wit (or a combination of the aforementioned) to accomplish their goes rather than rely on brute force. They operate all over the galaxy, on ships, space stations and worlds, both bustling and far-flung to ensure the reach of the ISIS is indeed all encompassing.

Director of the Imperial Secret Service: Inquisitor Stoffer
Vice-Director of the Imperial Secret Service: Deputy Director Tranix

The ISS is divided into several smaller departments, mostly made up of smaller units which are further subdivided into cells or groups which are responsible for various aspects of the successful operation of the ISS and the ISIS.


- Intelligence Commando -
Intelligence Commandos, or Commandos, are more combat-ready than any other type of field agent. Where the ISS operatives are able to pass around undetected, Commandos are the special forces division in the ISIS, the muscle and terror troops. However Commandos, like ISS Agents, are more suited for stealth operations and performing precise and complicated tasks quickly and silently. Using stealth to approach their target undetected before using their considerable firepower to catch foes by complete surprise, overwhelming them quickly and swiftly. All Intel Commandos have some training as ISS agents, able to adopt a disguise as necessary before adopting the typical armour more common to their line of work.

Director of the Intelligence Commandos: Inquisitor Gaye
Vice-Director of the Intelligence Commandos: Overseer Alaxi

The Intelligence Commandos are divided into smaller teams who generally work closely with the other departments of the Imperial Security and Intelligence Service. For example, the Commando group Sierra Nineteen are closely liked with the Internal Organization and generally work on their behest.
  • Sierra Nineteen - Intelligence Commando group attached to the Internal Organization Bureau. Commandos generally respond to internal threats or security situations on worlds or ships within Federation jurisdiction.
  • Division 15 - <CLASSIFIED, EYES ONLY> Intelligence Commando division closely affiliated with the Inquisition and Adjustments. Commandos in Division 15 are generally kept unaware of this fact or that their handlers are from the Inquisition.
Internal Organization Bureau
Often referred to as IntOrg, this division of intelligence protects the rest of the agency from both internal and external threats. Its agents police other divisions to verify loyalty and reliability. IntOrg is also responsible for monitoring locally established law enforcement on Federation worlds to ensure efficient operation and to remove any corruption if any is found. IntOrg also possesses the power to remove any locally established law enforcement group or agency from an investigation if they view it as necessary or if failure to do so would compromise the security and integrity of the New Imperial Federation. IntOrg agents are similar to ISS operatives and in fact agents generally switch between departments/bureaus to keep their skills focused and work on fresh cases, keeping their wits and mind sharp and finely honed.

Similar to the Internal Organization Bureau in the Old Empire, IntOrg in the New Imperial Federation has two divisions: Internal Security Branch (IntSec) and Internal Counter-intelligence Bureau (IntCon). The former is responsible for overseeing security in both the ISIS and Federation military and government offices as a whole while the latter focuses on rooting out enemy spies and spy rings that attempt to root themselves into the ISIS, military and government circles.

Director of the Internal Organization Bureau: Inquisitor Nelour
Vice-Director of the Internal Organization Bureau: Inquisitor Neptune

The Internal Organization Bureau is divided into numerous different sections. Each section is responsible for policing different sectors and regions of the New Imperial Federation including the numerous fleets and multitudes of ships within each. Communication between sections is vital and the boundaries are very lax however, should a situation grow beyond the borders of Federation space, it becomes imperative to involve the ISS as they possess the resources to minimize any security risk that might arise.
  • Section K - Stationed aboard the Observer, Section K is headed by Supervisor Drey Murray. Responsible for personally overseeing the internal integrity of both Task Force Omniscient and headquarter sectors of each fleet, Section K carries the largest responsibility out of all the different sections in IntOrg, having vast distances to cover however they do enjoy a lot of support from other sections and departments.
Analysis Bureau
A division of the Imperial Security and Intelligence Service charged with gathering data from tens of millions of sources to watch for enemy activity. Analysis (as it's known) is composed of expert hackers, slicers, programmers, data analysts and other intelligence gathering experts. Analysis has two important missions, Signals Intelligence (aka SIGINT) and Information Assurance (IA), both missions sharing the challenges of modern communications and working together hand in hand.

SIGINT provides all vital information to provide operational support with respects to military action- be it navy, army, space force or otherwise- national security, law enforcement, and economic well being. The intelligence provided is at the heart of the struggle against the New Republic, piracy and terrorism and also contributes to the prevention and detection of serious crime. Analysis also supplies crucial intelligence to the New Imperial Federation armed forces, wherever they may be deployed in the galaxy.

Information Assurance is about protecting New Imperial Federation government and military data - communications and information systems - from hackers and other threats. IA provides the New Imperial Federation and its citizens and even NIF based corporations with technical advice and guidance on good practice in keeping networks and information secure.

The Analysis Bureau in the New Imperial Federation closely follows the same structure the Analysis Bureau based in the Old Empire maintained. This Bureau also includes the Old Empire's Intelligence Bureau, a group responsible for making sense of the data and spotting trends.

Director of the Analysis Bureau: Inquisitor Eadam
Vice-Director of the Analysis Bureau: Overseer Dolton

Analysis' branches include:
  • Media - Listens in on every comlink transmission and holocast in the known galaxy;
  • Signal - Studies the channels through which information flows;
  • Crypt-analysis - Works to break enemy codes;
  • Tech - Studies enemy hardware and provides improved versions for ISIS use;
  • Interrogation Organization - Also known as InterOrg. Specializes in questioning and reprogramming Rebel agents. Interrogation works closely with the Penitentiary and Interrogation Naval Group (PING) to assist with the re-education process. Agents in this department are often loaned out to other departments and bureaus;
  • Threat Identification Agency - HIDE for short, this department is a subset of the Media branch and is mostly responsible for both the tracking down of remote slicers and hackers to NIF systems and safeguarding those systems from threats both external and internal'
  • External Communications - ExComm relays messages and information between various branches of the ISIS, the the Ubiqtorate, and NIF military;
  • Sedition - This branch predicts trends of groups that offer resistance to the New Imperial Federation, such as terrorist cells, criminal organizations, smuggling rings etc;
  • Crisis - This branch is formed in times of crisis out of experts from the other branches, departments and bureaus in the ISIS. It would be under the control of the Ubiqtorate, but could also answer to the Supreme Commander or the Emperor himself; and
  • Imperial CompLink - CompLink uses software secretly installed on computers throughout the New Imperial Federation to monitor electronic communications. The spyware would transmit information packets to orbiting hyperspace transmitters that would forward the information to CompLink Bureau for study by the various departments of the Analysis Bureau.
Destabilization Branch
The Destabilization Branch (DB) is a special black op section of the ISIS that focuses primarily on attacking foes from within through the use of terror tactics against civilian targets to incite riots, panic and general anarchy and mayhem either to prep a world for invasion, subversion or to destabilize a production base such as resource mining or weapons production.

The DB will use any means at their disposal to get the job done and aren't above uncouth tactics if it means throwing a population into compete chaos. Propaganda is also a strong tactic and the DB will also be called upon against political targets, smearing their campaign, a preferred choice when assassination simply won't do or when the damage a politician who has lost face is greater than if the same politician were killed.

Though the DB is a relatively small size, they do often rely upon other branches to help with their objectives, sometimes without those branches being fully aware they're working for the DB. This is deliberate simply because of the damage that could be caused if word of the DB's existence could cause if it ever became public...

The model of the DB is more or less based off of the Destablization Branch in the old Imperial Intelligence.

Director of the Destabilization Branch: Inquisitor Tresse
Vice-Director of the Destabilization Branch: Overseer Dolton

Within the DB exists an even smaller subset, the Psychological Operations/Warfare group or PsyOps for short. Where other groups like the ISS or Inquisition usually find killing to the be the swiftest means of accomplishing a goal, PsyOps agents are of a much more patient breed and will work slowly and methodically, bending individuals, groups and even whole companies or organizations to their will. While this may sound like a more offensive-geared group, they can also protect the Federation from inside threats, subverting and disarming potential terrorists or would-be saboteurs, usually by turning them against their employers. PsyOps agents are also very adept at procuring very difficult to secure intel and, as such, are subject to some envy from their peers in other branches.

~~~ Sub-Departments ~~~

Special Warfare Command
Special Warfare Command (SPECWARCOM) is the very point of the Federation's combined military and intelligence spear. Under a highly-classified directive jointly issued by both Army Surface Marshal Eri Ambicon and ISIS Director-General Crystala Endivain, SPECWARCOM was founded to act as a rapid-reaction team against a number of growing threats to Federation security. The very small organization is designed to be adaptive and highly-effective against the sort of problems that regular army and standard Special Forces teams would be ill-suited.

Director of the Special Warfare Command: High Colonel Wolfgang "Blitzkrieg" Dieter
Vice-Director of the Special Warfare Command: High Colonel Lyric Dettun

More information can be found under the SPECWARCOM organizational files.

  • <CLASSIFIED, EYES ONLY> - Any information with this heading is extremely restricted, guarded and next to impossible to come by, dismissed as far fetched spacer tales/myths told over a pint or as a spooky ghost story to scare children. Only individuals directly associated with the subject matter are aware of the details and anyone beyond those confines have zero idea of its existence.
  • <CLASSIFIED> - This information is generally restricted and only the most senior agents will know the true extent and purpose behind the subject marked. NIF personnel outside of the ISIS might have only the vaguest idea (increasing with rank/seniority) while the typical civilian will have zero knowledge of the subject.
  • <NO RECORDS FOUND> - Officially, no records exist pretaining to the subject in question. Unofficially, the records are either censored, modified or simply removed from all eyes.

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