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In-Character Information:

Name: River Coryn

Rank: Operative

Specialty: Imperial Secret Service Agent/Assassin

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Physical Description:
Height: 4’ 10”
Weight: 90 Lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Build: Delicate

Weapons of Choice: Beskar Vibrosword and Beskar Vibroaxe

Other Weapons:
- 2 Model 434 “Death Hammer” Blaster Pistols
- 1 Chemtrox Grenade
- 4 Poison Vibroneedles
- 1 Poison Vibrodagger

Force Sensitivity: She is slightly force sensitive. Instinctively able to perceive danger, but anything else is well beyond her.

Location: ESD Nemesis

Homeworld: Polneye

Personality: River is, above all else, an exceedingly intelligent and intuitive young woman. After enduring the experiments on her mind and body she is seen as distant, dreamy, and even more than a little unstable. River tends to rarely speak and a good amount of the time what she does say makes little sense. But when she is turns serious this persona can be shelved in favor of a calm, cool, collected, and often detached mind. Do not underestimate River. While to those that do not know her she may seem like an innocent little girl, she is easily one of the deadliest people alive.

Bio: River Coryn was born on the small coreward planet of Polneye to a loving family. She was the youngest sister of two brothers for a time. She was a smart child always studying and doing her work and she always took notice of what was going on around her. Her eldest brother Kade had always been distant from the family as a whole, but whenever a bully troubled her in school Kade was always there to deal with them. He had always been kind to her, but then things changed. When she was still young another addition to the family came. Their youngest sister Sara proved to be something of a miracle. She was able to do things that even Kade was unable to. River noticed that this became a shadow hanging over him.

River had always been a very athletic child and was one of the most active children, she enjoyed dancing greatly. She loved to run through the forest around their house ducking dodging and jumping over obstacles in her path. She became extremely graceful and agile. Over the course of her youth Kade drew more and more distant, but by the time she turned fourteen things had not changed he was still as distant as ever. River never had a chance to find out if it was a phase. She graduated High School at the astonishingly young age of fourteen, having skipped several grades. Once She graduated she applied to dozens of colleges throughout the galaxy, her parents fully supported this move. And when all the replies came in she had been accepted to many of the colleges.

Her decision was to shape the rest of her life, though she was unaware of that fact. She was accepted into many universities but chose to attend the University of Commenor. She said goodbye to her family and flew off to face her future. She decided to major in psychology and studied several languages at the same time. The first day of classes she met her professor Dr. Day. He was a old jovial man, round and he jiggled when he laughed, his short white hair framed his rounded face with round glasses. River’s first year of college went well she exceeded in all her classes and in her extra curricular sports. One night while she was on the way back from a game she ran into Professor Day walking around campus.

“Evening Professor Day, how are you?” River asked cordially.

“Ah River, good I was looking for you.” He said.

“Oh? What do you need Professor?” She asked curious.

“I’m sorry about this River but we need you.” He said with a sad look on his face.


River never got to finish that statement. She was hit with a stun bolt in the back and hit the ground unconscious. She woke up a few hours later in a small concrete room strapped to a chair. She was barely able to open her eyes, but she could hear two men talking about something as she tried to focus, River finally managed to open her eyes. She saw two men standing in front of her, Professor Day and next to him a tall lanky man with slicked back black hair and gaunt features, his hair was slightly longer than was usual for men. His face had an angular nose and he wore square stylish glasses. They turned to face her.

“Ah River your awake. Good, I’d like you to meet a college of mine, Dr. Night.” He said as if kidnapping her and strapping her into a chair were not out of the norm.

“Where am I! Let ME GO!” River yelled and struggled against her restraints.

“River. Calm Down, Now.” The new man called Dr. Night said in a commanding tone.

River ignored him and kept struggling, kicking twisting and yanking, trying everything to get free. Dr. Night sighed and pulled out a small silver controller with a red button on it. He nonchalantly aimed it at her and pressed the button. An electric shock coursed through her body. She screamed in agony, Dr. Night smiled ever so slightly and Dr. Day seemed to cringe, but nothing that man did anymore could be taken at face value.

“You will obey from now on or you will suffer. Do you understand?” Dr. Night said with a sadistic smile on his face.


Thus began the next three years of her life. Dr. Night took to the role of the Antagonist and Dr. Day took the role of the sympathetic ear. They worked on her day and night for months. Playing low whispering words in her room as she slept, when they allowed it. The words were hypnotic and tried to burrow their way into her mind. ‘For the New Republic to live, The Federation must die.’ Every few days they took her out of her room and threw her into a different one. She had trouble keeping track of the days and nights, the weeks and months. After the first few months or so from what she could guess they changed the routine.

River was asleep one moment and the next two troopers burst into her room and carried her down the hall. Dr. Day and Dr. Night followed them. The tossed her into a large round room with smooth walls and a few doors. The room was bright and very well lit. The most interesting thing of all there was a stand in the middle of the room. River walked cautiously over to them and ran her fingers over the smooth weapons. By this point her mind had been pretty heavily damaged, but she still held onto who she was. There was a Vibroaxe, a Vibrosword, and an assortment of pistols. Then Dr. Night’s voice came over the intercom.

“River, were going to play a little game.”

She looked up at the large square mirror near the top of the room.

“Don’t worry River this won’t hurt.” Dr. Day said.

“…If your fast enough.” Dr. Night added in his melancholy tone of voice

Then two of the three doors in the room opened and in walked several old battle droids with melee weapons. River was terrified as the surrounded her on the edges of the room. Once they encircled her they started to close around her. She was forced to fight them off and of course she got hurt, it had been expected. This routine would continue for the rest of her time at the facility. What she perceived as months later she was taken to the room with the chair. Strapped into it they placed a smile device on her forehead that suck something into her skin. Dr. Night and Dr. Day entered the room, the only difference was Dr. Day seemed far from his jovial self.

“I’m sorry River, but we have some bad news.” Dr. Day said.

“Bad news, good news, no news at all, hurray.” River said in a small voice.

Her mind was far away at the moment and here eyes had an empty look in them as they wondered he room. Dr. Night and Day looked at each other then back at River. Dr. Night had a small scowl on his face as he raised the remote and shocked her. She screamed at the top of her lungs as the pain coursed through her body. Her eyes looked at Dr. Night.

“Better. Pay Attention, River.” Dr. Night said and gestured to his college. Dr. Day continued what he had been saying.

“I’m sorry River, but your family is dead.” He said in a soft voice.

Something River had learned throughout her time was that Dr. Day tried to be the good guy, but always used real events to twist her. Her mouth opened to say she didn’t believe him but she couldn’t there was something in his eyes preventing her. Dr. Night spoke next, in his usual tone of nothingness.

“Your Mother and Father are dead, your youngest sibling Sara is also dead. Your other brother is missing and your oldest brother Kade seems to have been responsible for it all.” He said. There was no hint of a smile on his face, for that she thought he should be grateful. She would have made his death so much worse when the time came. Tears started rolling down her cheeks though at the news, why had this happened what had happened? Dr. Day seemed to read her thoughts, or maybe she had been mumbling, it was hard for even her to know anymore.

“We think your brother Kade lost control of his temper and his force powers for a time and accidentally killed them all. He blamed it on raiders in his statement to the local authorities, but we know better. The NRI has much better intelligence then them. I’m sorry for your loss.” The fat man said.

They left the room and two guards came in and took her back to a new box they charitably called a room for her to live in. She crawled into the corner, curled into a ball and cried for hours on end. How could this happen? Why? She didn’t know but it hurt. River had no idea what to think of her brother Kade anymore. Hate him feel sorry for him she had no idea. She fell asleep crying.

The next few days or weeks went past for her in a blur. At this point she had no idea how long she had been down here, but by the dramatic increases in her skills with weapons she had to assume years. The droids were no longer a threat to her, so they had been introducing wild dangerous animals into the training. She killed those too with little effort. One night she awoke and found herself groggy and sedated strapped that infernal metal chair. River couldn’t honestly recall how many times she had been n the thing but it seemed to be in the nearing a thousand at this point. She could gather that she had been drugged in the night and brought here. It was then she noticed two familiar voices talking. She kept here eyes shut and listened.

“Dr. Day we need to speed this up, Ponex would be displeased that this Dark Mind subject isn’t advancing fast enough.” Dr. Night said.

“What he thinks doesn’t matter, he’s not here, he’s in Federation custody. Besides she’s advancing very fast! Her skills are amazing!” Dr. Day said.

“In the physical and training aspects yes, but in the psychological she is at a stand still. Her psyche has dug in deep and is hunkered down. We can’t get a new mind implanted until we break the old one. We need to take more drastic steps.” Dr. Night said.

While they continued to talk, River, very carefully and quietly worked on her right hand’s restraint. She was slow so as not to draw the attention of her captors. She slowly but surely managed to loosen the restraint on her wrist. She froze when she heard someone wheel a tray closer to her. It clattered with metal objects and a pit formed in her stomach when she realized what it was.

“Is that really necessary? Doing this could leave scars on her.” Dr. Day said.

“We’ll use bacta after were done to get rid of the marks.” Dr. Night said.

“River, wake up.” Dr. Day said.

River opened her eyes slowly like she was waking for the first time. She looked up at the two doctors with a questioning look in her eyes. Dr. Night came up to her and smiled. grabbing a small scalpel.

"Sorry about this River." He said, sounding not at all sorry.

All of the sudden the roof shuddered. Dust fluttering down from the ceiling, everyone looked up and Dr. Night dropped his scalpel. The two men turned to look at each other. and Dr. Day ran over to one of the monitors.

"The University is under attack! It's the Federation!" Dr. Day yelled.

"Dammit they must be for subject one. She's down here somewhere." Dr. Night said with a scowl.

While the two were more focused on what was going on River freed her hand and quickly grabbed a knife from the tray and cut her bonds. Dr. Day turned and looked at her, River threw the knife at him. His eyes going wide, he barely had time to let out a startled yell before the knife embedded itself in his fat chest. She reached over and grabbed a laser scalpel and tripped Dr. Night who was trying to flee. She smiled savagely and she picked him up and tossed him into the chair as Dr. Day hit the ground with a resounding thud, and gushing blood everywhere. River, using some spare restraints, tied Dr. Night to the chair and stood over him smiling. She leaned closer to him pointed the laser scalpel at his eye and whispered.

“Now Dr. Night, were going to play a little game. Don’t worry this will hurt.”

His screams of pain echoed down the hallways. Minutes later she left the room, leaving behind a dead and mutilated Dr. Night. Before she had left she looted the pockets of the dead doctors taking their credit cards and all the money they had on them. She quickly and quietly sneaks around a corner and heads down the hall. Two minutes later she quickly ducked into a small groove in the wall as a group of Federation troops pass by with a naval officer, a big dude who seemed to be in charge, and a chick in their midst. They seemed to be talking about some Pilot. River quickly and quietly made her escape avoiding any other troops too scared to approach them for fear of being shot in the middle of a chaotic battle.

She made her into the surrounding city and broke into an empty apartment. Stealing some fresh clothes she changed quickly and grabbed some food. She ate quickly and then left making her way to the spaceport, avoiding everyone between her and the spaceport. As she arrived she quickly made her way to a minor entrance with only two guards. She walked up the two men acting innocent and lost. As they came closer to help her, she struck. River knocked out the guards and dragged their unconscious bodies into the guard house.

She quickly made her way to a Lambda shuttle that was awaiting the arrival of some VIP. River quickly started the engines and took off ignoring all the hails from the control tower. It took her a few minutes to reach orbit, but the ground was already scrabbling fighters towards her. But before ground control could angle the fighters against her, River jumped into hyperspace and went as far away from the New Republic as she could.

A week later River found herself on Mandalore. Talking to a weapons smith and getting him to agree to make her weapons. She had been haggling about the price considering Beskar was very expensive, when a huge Mandalorian without his battle armor entered the shop. River couldn't help but stare up at the massive man, he was easily seven feet tall.

“Outta my way pipsqueak this is a shop for real soldiers.” The big man said to River.

"You’re big and lumpy." She said in a musing half aware tone before turned back to the shop owner who gave her a look like, Do you realize what you just said?.

"What did you say to me squirt?" The big man bellowed.

River turned around and looked him over again.

"I said your big and lumpy... got any puff-pie?" She asked hopefully.

The big man and the shopkeeper stared at her in utter astonishment. Then the big man did what any big man who was just insulted would do. He took a swing at River. She ducked his punch and counterattacked with no hesitation landing ten punches in five seconds and as quick as it started the fight was over with the Mandalorian on the ground groaning. The shopkeeper was however laughing up a storm and agreed on the negotiated price. Two weeks later she had her weapons and took off for Federation space looking to join up.

Out of Character Information:

E-mail Address: LockNesTom@comcast.net

Contact Info: Devan

How did you find out about us?: This is Devan Kronos

((OOC Note: For those of you wondering, yes this character will be related to my DJ whenever a slot opens up and I finally get him approved. River is in ISIS for the time being, but when the SH returns she will be applying to join that little organization. Plus she fights like this so enjoy :P .))

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