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Neil Astor

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Running Physical and Military Data.....///====

Name: Neil Astor
Rank: Squadron Leader
Race: Human, Male
Physical Description:
Caucasian male, 184cm, 84.3kg, brown eyes, brown hair, 26 galactic standard years of age. Farmboyish Appearance.

3d Flight/ Wraith Squadron/ Imperator Mk III Hades/ A-9 Battle Squadron/ Task Force Nemesis/ First Fleet/ New Imperial Federation

Wraith 8: Flight Lieutenant Aily 'White Lady' Skye

Wraith 10: Squadron Leader Neil 'Specter' Astor

Wraith 12: Flight Lieutenant 'Shade' Roberts

Current Occupation: NIF Space Force Pilot
Combat Roles: Interception, Superiority, Escort, and Strike
Uniform Bars:

TIE Interceptor Mk III

Name/Type: TIE Heavy Interceptor (TIE/I Mk III)
Designer/Manufacturer: Tom Saint/NIF/Sienar Fleet Systems
Combat Role: Superiority / Heavy Assault
Crew: 1
Length: 9.6 Meters
Speed: 125 MGLT, 1300 km/h
Acceleration: 27 MGLT/s
Maneuverability: 125 DPF
Hyperdrive: x2 (when fitted)
Shield Rating: 300 SBD or 150 SBD / 150 Backup
Hull Rating: 20 RU
Weapons: 8 Heavy Laser Cannons, 2 NK-3 Light Ion Cannons, 1 General Purpose Warhead Launcher (Extended: 20 concussion or proton rockets, 12 missiles, 10 torpedoes, 6 heavy rockets, 3 bombs).
Countermeasures: 1 Beam Weapon Compartment Module, 20 Chaff, 10 Flares.

+SLAM Booster (acc x2 for 2 mins)
+Engine Stealth System (+50% stealth)
+Stealth Coating (+85% stealth. 92.5% when combined with engine stealth)
Weapons of Choice:
A280 Blaster Rifle, DL-44 blaster
Running History and Mental Analysis....///===
Neil Astor's history appears somewhat vague. The earliest records found of his biography appear shortly before he joined the Space Force Academy. He grew up on a farm on Naboo and he says that he flew T-16 Skyhoppers for most of his childhood and well into his teenage years. He says piloting is a passion for him. The outer-rim recruiter that introduced him to the option of the Federation Space Force says that Neil was your average big city on little planet type. Neil said he had always dreamed of having something bigger than what his current position offered him.

His family seems to have been rather large and he felt as if he was being ignored. Once he joined the Space Force he apparently severed all ties with his previous life. His instructors say that he threw himself into his career, putting everything aside. Most of his spare time he spent in the simulators, flying various types of fighters, but most of all the Interceptor and Line Fighter models. Neil's hard work payed off, day after day he became better and better, surpassing all of the students in his graduating class but one, Cipher.

Cipher was Neil's rival all throughout the Academy. He could never seem to surpass the man. He didn't even know his name. The students all called him Cipher because he was like an encrypted symbol. No one but the superiors new his real name. Not only was Cipher mysterious, he was also the best pilot, better even than some of the training instructors.

Astor graduated second to top of his class, earning the callsign 'Specter' for his fast and evasive fighting style, like he was a ghost that couldn't be caught. Neil always competed with Cipher for who was the top pilot, but he grew to like the mysterious man. Cipher received a double promotion when he graduated, going to the rank of Flight Lieutenant while Neil stayed as a Flight Officer. They were assigned to the same squadron, Wraith Squadron.

-Update: Wraith Squadron participated in C1M30 and did remarkably well for their first sortie, suffering no casualties and bagging a total of fourteen kills.
Body -
In the Pink: No illnesses or complications of note. Eyesight, hearing, and sensory feeling are all in prime condition. Considered by medical staff to be in good condition.
Fit: Keeps himself in good condition through running and daily workouts. Has a farmboyish body. Is more or less an average physical specimen of a human male in the Fighter Corps.
Training: Neil always seems to be in the cockpit of a TIE, whether in the simulator, or on a real mission. As such, he has turned out to be one of the most formidable fighter pilots in his squadron.

Mind -
Naive: He joined the Federation with the childish notion of gaining glory and honor. He now realizes that to get these he will have to kill others.
Dislikes Killing: Neil has a dislike of killing others, only doing it when absolutely necessary for the survival of himself and others.
Cocky: Like most pilots, Neil is very self-confident about his abilities as a pilot. This has the tendency to get him into situations which are almost over his head.
Respectful: Neil is respectful of most everyone, including those over and under him on the rank ladder. This no doubt comes from his upbringing.

Confused: Perplexed by the fact that his chosen profession is in killing others.
Happy: Though having to kill others, Neil is still happy with his job and can often be seen with a smile on his face as he talks about the latest maneuvers he pulled.

Known Acquaintances in the Federation:

Mission Record:
Campaign Missions:
Power Shortage

Secondary Missions:

Running Military Decorations....///====

Medal of Redemption:

Ace Trophies:
Pilot Ace:


C1M30: Promoted to Squadron Leader (O-3 from O-1)

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