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Flight Lieutenant
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Sneayir Fisk

Post by Sneayir Fisk » 2014-01-28 19:03

First name: Sneayir
Last name: Fisk

Rank: Flight Officer

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Physical Description:
Dossier Holo+
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Amber
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 132 lbs

Home world: Sermeria

Occupation: New Imperial Federation Space Force TIE Bomber pilot.
Location: Prowler-class Escort Carrier Mk-II, Prowl

Weapon of choice: FS-1 Farshot sporting blaster rifle

Squadron: 9569th Bomber Squadron "Gleipnir"
Callsign: Gleipnir Ten,

TIE Bomber Mk II+
Name/Type: TIE Bomber Mk II (T/sa)
Designer/Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems
Combat Role: Medium Bomber
Crew: 1 + 1 (optional ordnance specialist)
Length: 7.8 Meters
Speed: 80 MGLT, 850 Kph (1000 Kph dive-bombing) (70 MGLT with pod mounted weapon equipped)
Acceleration: 13 MGLT/s
Maneuverability: 75 DPF (55 DPF with pod mounted weapon equipped)
Hyperdrive: x1
Shield Rating: 40 SBD
Hull Rating: 100 RU
Weapons: 2 Laser Cannons, Dual Launcher (8 Missiles or 8 Torpedoes or 8 Heavy Rockets), 1 Bomb Launcher (8 Proton Bombs or 6 Orbital Mines or 64 Thermal Detonators or 4 Space Bombs or 8 Heavy Rockets), 1 EMP interference generator
Modifications: 8 extra CM or 4 extra PT/HR warheads

  1. Pod mounted weapon (1 capital grade bomb or missile, -20 DPF, -10 MGLT)

Bio: Born as Sneayir-Isabelle Fisk on the agriworld of Sermeria. Much of Sneayir's childhood was spent on the farm, around farm equipment, droids, crops and livestock. When she was barely six, she learned how to handle the repulsor driven farming equipment and then advanced to the controls of a T-16 Skyhopper which she handled with grace and ease, easily the best in her family and the local farming group at killing the dire crows and blue foxes that frequently cause farmers troubles as well as crop dusting.

When she was twelve, Sneayir took home top prize at the local farmer competition for best pilot. It was this award, coupled with the sight of seeing a flight of TIEs soar overhead on patrol one bright sunny day at the farm that made her decide to pursue a career as a pilot. Her family, on the other hand, was vehemently against such an idea. Few Sermerians ever leave the planet, most devoting their lives and careers to working the family farm and it was evident that Sneayir's parents had the same expectations of her. Still being young, Sneayir brushed it off since they continued to let her fly the T-16 while working the farm.

A pivotal turning point in her life would happen as a teenager. She had taken a trip to Addolis to pick up some equipment for her family. Unfortunately, a storm had broken out, grounding all flights into and out of the city. The storm also grounded the TIEs and a shuttle from the Imperial garrison nearby. Seeing the TIE pilots, she struck up a conversation with them. It was her first time dealing with the Imperials in person, so far her exposure to them limited to the broadcasts that were on the holo every now and then. It was after talking with the pilots that her desire to become a pilot was rekindled.

She would continue to meet with the pilots every now and then for a year, in particular one of the young pilots who was around her age, Eric. A relationship started to blossom despite the fact that she wasn't even yet in the academy and it was only a matter of time before he would leave as soon as he earned his wings. Eric tried to convince Sneayir to just run away and join the academy but Sneayir still held reservations, not wanting to up and betray her family like that.

Remembering the conversation with her parents from before, she decided to try a more subtle approach. Sadly, she was rebuffed at every turn. Her father started to grow suspicious that someone was "poisoning her mind" with these lardaceous fantasies of leaving the safe and peaceful life she had here to fight in a military and in an actual war. He became incensed when he discovered her relationship with Eric and that he was a pilot. Dragged home, she was grounded- in more ways than one- and forbidden to fly ever again and told that her life was to revolve around the farm and that her future was here whether she liked it or not.

This would prove to be the tipping point and Sneayir would run away from home, using all her savings to buy herself a shuttle ticket off the planet to Corellia, the one place few from Semeria would ever dare set foot on due to their deep seeded hatred of the Corellians. For Sneayir, however, it was just a stepping stone on her way to Federation space where she would enlist in the Imperial Space Force, enjoying the benefits of academy life. For starters it was a lot less laborious, save for the physical training which she got through easily enough. The harder parts for her revolved around the classroom activities and, if not for her skill at piloting a TIE Bomber, she would likely have flunked out.

Now she is undergoing the last stages of her training, having been assigned to the New Imperial Federation's Third Fleet to carry out the remaining practical segments before graduating...

Sermeria Background:
Expansion Region > Locris Sector > Sermeria System > Sermeria
Capital: Addolis
Export: Foodstuffs, crops, livestock
Imports: Technology, equipment, entertainment
Affiliation: Formerly Old Republic, Galactic Empire. Currently: New Republic.
Political Landscape: President Dibra Born, member of the Sermerian First House, a noble group that effectively serves as Sermeria's ruling government. They largely maintain a hands-off sort of rulership, content to focus their efforts in promoting external trade of their foodstuffs to worlds on and around the Perlemian Trade Route. Internal affairs largely boil down to land disputes but typically settle themselves as Sermerians have long since found ways to settle disputes between one another.

The land on Sermeria has been divided into large provinces that usually have natural formations to serve as borders such as mountains or areas unsuitable for farming. Each province is maintained by a member from the Sermeria First House, usually appointed by the President, and is responsible for the people within each province.

History: Senator Paddie represented Sermeria in the senate back in the days of the Old Republic. Remained loyal to the Old Republic throughout the war with the Trade Confederation. Survived an assassination attempt and was later made a member of Palpatine's Loyalist Committee, allowing Paddie to represent the interests of the Expansion Region.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Sermeria maintained business as usual, the Empire's presence little more than a garrison base in the capital of Addolis and the odd patrol of Stormtroopers in the streets or TIE Fighters running patrols in the airspace though they by and large left the locals alone. As the Imperial Navy grew, so to did the demand for food and an Imperial supply station was constructed in orbit above Sermeria, serving as a tool to resupply warships operating in the Expansion region and Rimward.

This caused an increase in demand for foodstuffs, demand that could scarcely be met however, the Empire, realizing that efforts to expand it's control to the Rim could very well be hindered by a supply shortage, started offering incentive programs to the Sermeria government to increase crop production and yields. Rapid technological growth saw the widespread adoption of advanced hydroponics, a technology that was normally reserved for the wealthier farmers on Sermeria or the ones that had corporate backing. This caused something of a divide between various farming groups, the ones stuck in corporate contracts unable to break them while the ones who had remained independent were starting to turn larger net profits thanks to the government subsidies.

As the Empire started to decline, a small hiccup in demand nearly caused an economic crisis as excess surplus rapidly filled the granaries to beyond full capacity. By now, Corellia had since reopened its boarders and offered to take the excess food off their hands. Though many of the people were staunchly against such a proposal, recalling the last time, the alternative and lack of another buyer stepping in forced their hand and economic disaster was avoided at the eleventh hour. Many still curse the Corellians, citing that they were somehow the architects to what came to be known as the Second Great Food Stock Crisis, getting a terrific deal for importing food for a near dirt cheap price.

Corellia, meanwhile, has bigger fish to fry and views this event as little more than a drop in the bucket in the scheme of wider reaching galactic politics.

Relations: After a public denouncement of Corellia for closing their borders in response to the Military Creation Act by Senator Paddie, relations between Corellia and Sermeria are tepid at best. Corellia tends to view Sermeria with insignificance, not needing to rely on the agriworld for sustenance to maintain its people. Sermeria suffered most from Corellia's closed borders however Coruscant more than willingly made up for the sudden deficit of trade but not before the crops and livestock aboard the cargo ships spoiled in the time between the cargo ships returning to Sermeria and the scramble to find another buyer. Thus, a good number of Sermerians are justifiably distant and cold to Corellians.

OOC Information: Seems like a good time to be a pilot right now, but we have a distinct lack of Bomber Pilots so... HERE WE GO! Oh, it's Fini by the way :P *cues the facepalming/eyerolling/people going "WTFini"?

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