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Flight Officer
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Bara Menuk

Post by Bara Menuk » 2012-05-11 15:56

In-Character Information:

Name: Bara Menuk
Rank: Flight Officer
Gender: Female
Physical Description: 5'3, brown hair, brown eyes, 110 lbs.
Fighter: TIE Line Fighter MK II
Weapon of Choice:DC-15s blaster pistol.
Location: NIF Pilot Academy

19 years ago, Bara Menuk was born to filth, poverty and depression on the world of Phaeda. Her father was a two bit hustler, and her mother ran a market for stolen goods. Bara's early years were difficult and dangerous as her father tried to outwit one gang after another, and her mother tried to outwit the authorities with the stock she had. But the trouble passed, and although little Bara went hungry some nights, she was too young to remember these nights with any significance.

The skill of the parents shone through, and this brought enough wealth to escape to one of the better areas of the city. The Menuk's bought a diner, and served everyone and anyone. It became a favourite of local stormtroopers when old man Meunk began serving Bantha steaks seasoned with steriods. It was an arrangement struck quietly and carefully by Mrs Menuk, but proved to be profitable and the diner was soon providing enough money to ensure little Bara went for nothing.

The girl herself was a shy child, but bright. She was generous and kind, and this won her the friendship of many people around her. As schooling finished she grew into a beautiful young woman.

Then the troubles came.

A pirate vessel was fleeing from the scene of a crime and pursued by law enforcement, they fired on it. The battered YT-1300 did not survive and crashed into the diner, killing her parents instantly. The fireball created consumed the entire building and little Bara was left orphaned. Various payouts ensured she had enough money to survive, but the death of her parents shattered her once idyllic world.

She sold what she could and put the money into a trust fund for herself. Struggling under the emotional weight of the loss, Bara saw a recruitment poster near the ruins of the diner and made enquiries. Before long she had been tested,and accepted into the ISF.

Out of Character Information: It's Drav.

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