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Sdez Popwez
Flight Officer
Flight Officer
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Sdez Popwez

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In-Character Information:
Name: Sdez Popwez
Rank: Flight Officer
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
Height: 5'11
Weight: 170lbs
Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Grey
Fighter: Scimitar Assault Bomber Mk I
Weapon of Choice: DL-44 Pistol
Location: ESD Lusankya
Bio: Sdez Popwez was born on Sump. Since he was a child he drempt of being a bomber pilot to escape the condidions of the impovrished world. As a child he was sickly from the heavy pollution on the industrial world, but as he grew older he became a strong intellegent worker in the mines. He did well in school so he could joing the acadamy and become a pilot and fulfill his dream. He originally found a job flying a bomber for an imperial warlord, but after fighting valiently in many battles decided that the weakening power of the warlord was unsuitable for his effort and switched over to the more powerfull New Imperial Federation.

Out of Character Information:
E-mail Address:
Contact Info: PM
How did you find out about us?: Brother of Xanis

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