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******* *****



Name: Dravius Stari

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Homeworld: Corellia

Classification: Pilot

Rank: Marshal

Marital Status: Assumed Single

NB: Actually unknown, but assumed to be single, there is no evidence of a relationship of any kind. Does not at this stage appear to seek a relationship of any kind.

Physical Description:

Height: 5'11 , 1.8M
Weight: 180 lbs, 81.8 Kg's
Build: Medium

NB: Dravius is of average height and build, although one could hardly tell as his dress tends to conceal his physical attributes. His face is constantly covered by a highly modified mask which resists most scanning of the face underneath. The mask itself is as mysterious as the man who wears it. It is made of a black alloy that has a dull shine to it. There is an eye slit - similar in appearance to that of the royal guard helmets-it appears to glow red at all times. Dravius wears a thick set of black robes with a large hood covering his head. Dravius has been seen with twin swords though these are generally sheathed.

Personality Profile: Dravius speaks with a neutral, considered tone. Although not overtly thoughtful, more than a few who have had sustained contact with him recall him as a quiet thoughtful individual.

Psychological Profile: Dravius remains difficult to profile in such a manner. While seemingly ruled by logic, he has a mischievous streak that can and has got him into trouble. Also noted is a very strong loyalty to the Empire in whatever form. Dravius appears to not suffer from emotional disorders, but this analysis is difficult to confirm, as he does not seem to react emotionally to situations he finds himself faced with. Close psychological attention recommended by medical.

Weapon of Choice: Twin Vibroswords (carried on person)

Location: The Cerberus

Biography: Little is known of the masked stranger who keeps to himself and prefers the darkest corners of smoke filled cantinas. What little information is available indicates he is human, from corellia and is highly skilled. Since childhood he has been masked, and is fairly quiet. However his devotion to the empire cannot be questioned - so sayeth the patrons of a cantina on Chandrila- although perhaps that is a story for another time.

ISIS Information: The lack of biographical information proved to be something of a concern for NIF recruitment. Following procedure #6789-213 ISIS was tasked with obtaining whatever information it could on the individual in question. Agents on both core and rim worlds reported in providing the following information:

Dravius has been sighted in many cantinas around the galaxy, slightly favouring the core worlds. He has sold his services as a freelance pilot to the highest bidder. Previous employers noted him as quiet, but efficient worker and more than capable. Cantina owners stated that they could remember the masked man, but more than a few did not know his name. However his distinct appearance and manner that he handled himself during several confrontations has burned a memory of him into their brains.

Salary: 10 000 credits per week

Fighter Details and Specifications:

(Upgrades included in statistics)

Name/Type: V-38 Heavy Assault Fighter / TIE Phantom
Designer/Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems
Combat Role: Assault/Surgical Strike.
Crew: 1 + 1 Gunner
Length: 14.3 Meters
Speed: 155 MGLT, 1300 Kph
Acceleration: 22 MGLT/s
Maneuverability: 135 DPF
Hyperdrive: x2
Shield Rating: 50 SBD
Hull Rating: 20 RU
Weapons: 3 Wingtip Heavy Laser Cannons, 2 laser cannons, 2 ion cannons, 1 Light Turbolaser, Energy Bomblet Generator, Launcher with variable payload up to 8 warheads.
Special: Hybridium Cloaking Device

  • Astromech Droid (in-flight repairs, can control turrets)
  • Improved Sensors (x2 range, burns through jamming easier)
  • Extra Dual Ion Cannon
  • Improved Engines (+10MGLT)
  • Extra Power Generator (ROFx2)
  • Light Turbolaser (ROF /4)
  • Extra Manuevering Thrusters
  • Extra Dual Laser Cannon
  • Autopilot
  • Energy Bomblet Generator
  • Beam Weapon Module

Medal of Victory
Medal of Horror (x5)
Medal of Unity (x2)
Medal of Redemption (x2)

Battle Awards
Mission Gold Star
Mission Silver Star

Single Battle Performance Ribbon (x7)
Excellent Battle Performance Ribbon (x2)
Good Battle Performance Ribbon (x5)
Fair Battle Performance Ribbon
Adequate Battle Performance Ribbon
Battle Efficiency Award

Ace Awards
Ace of Aces Trophy
Triple Ace Award
Double Ace Trophy
Pilot Ace Trophy

Letters of Introduction
1st Letter of Introduction (x2)
2nd Letter of Introduction
3rd Letter of Introduction
4th Letter of Introduction
5th Letter of Introduction

Training Awards
Nickel (x2)
Bronze (x2)


17/04/05 - Cadet to Ensign
05/05/05 - Ensign to Officer
19/05/05 - Officer to Lieutenant
07/07/05 *Ranking structure change* Change to Wing Commander
23/08/05 - Wing Commander to Deputy Flight Director
10/12/05 - Deputy Flight Director to Flight Director
19/03/06 - Flight Director to Flight Commodore
20/8/10 - Flight Commodore to Vice Marshal
11/11/13 - Vice Marshal to Marshal

EXITING FILE #0093452 ....


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