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Roth Flaren
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Flight Lieutenant
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Roth Flaren

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In-Character Information:
Name: Roth Flaren

Rank: Flight Officer

Race/Gender: Human Male

Physical Description: 5’7’’, medium build, pale skin, light brown hair.

Fighter: Tie Interceptor Mk II

Weapon of Choice: Merr-Sonn M44

Location: ESD Nemesis

Born on Eriadu, Roth Flaren grew up in the home of a single father. When the young boy was three years old, his mother was killed in a speeder accident. His father, a former separatist veteran of the clone wars, never fully recovered from the emotional trauma of the event and left the upbringing of his son to the caretaker droids who inhabited their family estate. Growing up, Flaren became a risk taker, often performing dangerous stunts in order to gain the attention of his emotionally distant father. When Roth came of age, his father sent him away to study in the capitol city of Eriadu City. It was during his time at the university that Flaren discovered his talent for flying. His love of spaceflight, mixed with his penchant for risky behavior, led the young university student to apply for combat flight training. Flaren’s decision to join the Imperial armed forces came much to the chagrin of his father, who had always viewed the New Order as an illegitimate government. His father argued strongly against the decision, but Roth felt that flying was his one chance to truly enjoy his life. As a result of this conflict, Flaren is no longer on speaking terms with his father.

Though he graduated with top marks, and has proven to be an intuitive pilot, Flaren is often viewed by his peers as aloof and arrogant. While he is a brash and overconfident individual, much of his lack of social skill stems from his lonely childhood. Roth has tried to integrate into his new squadron as much as possible, but finds it difficult to make meaningful connections with others.

Out of Character Information: Rannek

The more mechanical become the weapons with which we fight, the less mechanical must be the spirit which controls them.

— Field Marshal Archibald P. Wavell.

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