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Samuel Gerard
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Flight Officer
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Samuel Gerard

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Name: Samuel Gerard
Rank: Flight Officer
Gender: Male
Physical Description: 1.89 meters in height, short brownish blonde hair, colorless eyes other than pupils.
Fighter: TIE Line Fighter Mk II
Upgrades: Extra Dual Laser Cannon
Weapon of Choice: DL-24 Pulse Blaster
Location: Royal Flush, E-50 Carrier Squadron, Task Force Justice, 4th Fleet.
Bio: Born to semi wealthy parents on Bilbringi, Samuel had pretty much everything and anything he wanted through childhood. But in exchange, his parents had almost nothing to do with Samuel besides saying goodbye to him on their way to work and goodnight when they came back home. Up until he was 14 Samuel had led a secluded and educated life, he went to school, came right home to do his school work, then sat in his room hoping that for once his parents would be home early. The problem was that they never did come home early
When Samuel began high school, he fell in with the wrong crowd on the first day. As the weeks and months went by Samuel began to lose faith in his dream that his parents would have time for him and replaced it with the dream that his new spice head friends would accept him. As he hung out with them more and more, he began to fail in his school work and his addiction began to grow.
However, one thing did begin to shine in Samuel’s life. As his parents gave him a copious allowance, only part of which went to spice, he spent the other part on private flying lessons. After only a few lessons, his instructor noticed Samuel had exceptional natural skill. So the instructor called a friend and got Samuel into the Imperial Pilot training system. Samuel progressed quickly through the training system and with high marks too.
Two weeks before his graduation, Samuel was finally accepted by his no good friends. They were letting him come to a spice deal. Little did any of them know that it was a set up. When the trap was sprung, Samuel’s friends all made it away safely, but Samuel in his inexperience was caught. His captors knew he was from a fairly prominent family so they put him in a cell with no windows, a solid metal door that let in no light around the edges, and no furniture in the cell. Had Samuel known he was going to graduate fifth in his class this event may have been avoided.
For eight years Samuel was left in that lightless cell, his meals and occasional new but old clothing given to him through a double doored hatch. To pass the endless time, Samuel worked his body until he passed out. When he would come to, the workout would start again. All the while, unknown to him, his irises began to lose their color because of the lightless environment and outside his cell, the Galaxy waged war.
When the day came that Samuel was finally released from his cell, he could not move for hours because his eyes could not adjust to the light. Once he could move, Samuel was given no explanation as to why he had suddenly been let go, he was just told to leave. Having no idea what had happened during his imprisonment, Samuel wandered for hours until he knew where he was. Later he found a police station, and when he told the cop his name, the cop found his file and said simply, “You’re reported dead as of 8 years ago.” Samuel was as astonished as the cop. After a few hours of questioning and explaining, Samuel was returned to the status of the living. He also found his parents had killed themselves out of grief for their dead son. His old dream came true in a cruel twisted way. Samuel also found that he had a mass of wealth waiting in trust from his parents, but he could not claim it until he was 30, another five years. He also learned about his graduation status and that his qualification as an Imperial fighter pilot still stood. So he accepted the commission and was promptly brought into Ricochet squadron as the second in command’s wingman.

Found out about the site from a real life friend, his character is Thomas Saint.

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