Once Upon a Time~

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Once Upon a Time~

Postby Laurel WinteShrine » 2016-12-18 11:23

There was a girl who found a world, by chance, by happening upon a random IRC chat completely at random.

As time grew, the girl grew to learn of this world and it's people, piece by piece, and grew to love them as time went on. This world and their people gave her compassion and confidence and she knew that she loved them as well.

Once, the girl fell into a dark place and felt like there was no reason to go on.

And when this time came, you all saved my life.

Now, years later, I still love and think fondly of all of you. Time has separated us a bit, but I know that I have called you the pieces of my heart and I still stand to that. Once upon a time, I believed that a heart was to be guarded and kept safe against others; now you, shards of my heart, I hold to the sun and know that your love reflects down upon me and I could never thank you enough for it.

I love seeing you all on your adventures and forging forward into greater and more beautiful things. NIF had us united and in a big regard, here we all still stand together.

I thank you for in helping to become the woman who is happy and feels loved and misses you, but knows that we are pieces of the same world, though life sometimes separates us.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone. May the Force be With You, Always. For the Glory of Emperor Kane!

Love, Eternally,

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Re: Once Upon a Time~

Postby Abraxes Rancor » 2016-12-19 19:56

Good to see you around Laurel.

I am glad things in life are improving and wish you the best for the holidays.


To continue this theme.

Once Upon a time I messed up big here due to having an issue with others when my anxiety wouldn't let me have a conversation. Skip ahead a year and some doctoral visits and they found out the reason I was so out of sync was a chemical imbalance due to the onset of uncontrolled Diabetes mellitus. (a week or so more I would have been having pancreatic failure)

Once discovered- after a hospital visit for six weeks, I came back trying to set things right- been trying ever since and I am glad the community still is around.

I wish everyone a Happy holidays.

Hopefully the new year sees some activity.


P.S. may Emperor Kane's clone win and reign supreme!

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Re: Once Upon a Time~

Postby Kane » 2017-01-01 15:04

Happy New Year, Laurel. In fact, Happy New Year to all of you from all of me.

Yes, I did see your PM but I've been busy over the holidays, as you might imagine.

Edit: a few additions. We're generally health and well, and my youngest daughter is now 14 (how time flies). She sings in a choir among things and is on Youtube, interested parties may PM for details. I was just (4/1) called by what you might call a long-lost uncle. He's interested in getting back with family members from back in the days, and a few checkups reveals that he's recently retired from four company boards. He's also got a son on 12 company boards. I think I'll ask him about any openings once we can arrange the annual gathering.

I hope you all are well, wherever you are. I'd still like to do something with the NIF, obviously. Haven't gotten around to watch Rogue One yet, but I'm going to.

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Re: Once Upon a Time~

Postby Phoenix Empire » 2017-01-11 02:54

Happy New Year to all my dear friends that I have had so many years of wonderful adventures! Also I raise a toast to many future adventures! Glory to Emperor Kane

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Re: Once Upon a Time~

Postby Syren » 2017-02-05 20:50

I think of everyone here and the NIF often and it's always with a smile and a chuckle or two. Life has been both up and down, but in general its been good. Hope all here are doing well!

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Re: Once Upon a Time~

Postby Kurge » 2017-03-19 03:53

Hello you all! I think of you all quite often. I fondly remember the days we all were able to spend countless hours hanging around together. I always smile and laugh when I read old posts, threads and random discussions.

I know i am not the only one that has a lot change in life. I am married now and have an extremely wonderful marriage with my best friend. I am sure that you all have all had similar big life-changes. I just want to say that it has meant a lot to me to be a part of what we have, had and will be here. Fly safe and may the Force be with you all!

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Re: Once Upon a Time~

Postby jacenwesiri » 2017-05-29 04:15

Laurel, I'm glad you are doing well. Doing my best not to make it sound like a sappy romance, I enjoyed the time we spent here together, as a friend of course.

Really, I have fond memories of almost everyone I've encountered here, a few less so. Heck, I could barely recall the name of he who shall not be named, but I guess it's for the best that I don't really remember much about him anyways. It's kinda bad, because I was trying to list out the names of the people I remember doing stuff with here, and knowing that there's a few gaping wholes from my memories here. I can barely recall much of anything about say Deth Spektre or Robert Jackson, or even Jake Hagel for that matter. Deacon isn't far behind. I was reading through some older stuff today, and before I read it, I doubt I would have been able to name Aren Danid. Still, there's a few people like TH who it seems I can remember so easily, even though it's been a very long time. Funny in a way. And yeah, unless you hadn't guessed, I've recently had a spell of nostalgia, for the good old days. Those were some good times.
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Re: Once Upon a Time~

Postby Phoenix Empire » 2017-07-19 16:24

OOC: I should be doing some actual work but screw it.

There was a young boy once that felt often left out of things
His interests were different than those around him; they mocked him for his differences
Yet one day, he came across a group of people that could tell amazing stories about the same things

He watched quietly for a long time determining how and if he should step out of the shadows
On an urge, he stepped from the shadows to join the game and so doing found some things
A community that this boy fit into and accepted him totally
A place to tell stories that he wanted to share with others and the world

Over time, this boy had many things that cast shadows
Yet these people were always there and knowingly or unknowingly helped him through it all

This boy grow into a man and one that wouldn't be as full of life, love and energy without the family he found by accident that day.
Now this man has a beautiful wife that shares his dreams and the stories on his mind and heart.
I often think of you all and wonder how everyone is doing. I think and read over the stories we have written. It never ceases to amaze me how fortunate it was to of met you all and spent the time with you. Regardless of where I am and how life is. This place (on the interwebs) is the one that I feel the closest to. I still keep writing though I haven't posted much lately. And the stories and ideas on my mind are in this universe we created here.

Fly safe! Force be with you all O7

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