New Imperial Federation
Imperial Resource Management
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Task Force ICE

Fleet Commander: H.I.M. Kane Roscoe I
Fleet Executive Officer: W. Rayahil (Blank)
Task Force Commander: Captain Parak Durr (Blank)
Task Force Executive Officer: Lt. Zeiss
Headquarters: The Unknown
Capital Ships: 5
Starfighter Squadrons: 202 plus more constructed as needed.
Imperial Troopers: 255,687
Task Force Directive: The Intergalactic Campaign Expedition is a bold venture into the unknown corners of the universe. Furthering the interests of the N.I.F., Task Force ICE has the purpose of exploring and colonizing distant galaxies.

New Imperial Federation - Navy Order Of Battle

A-275 ICE Squadron

Ships: 5
Fighters: 2
Troops: 255687
ICE, Snowflake, Icicle, Frost, Aurora CO: Tobias Brady