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These are the past winners of the NIF irregular yearly signature contest. Each winner receives a POA (Plaque Of Achievement), along with undying glory, as represented on this page.
Tavish McFini 2011

Most In Character: 1st Place: Eri Ambicon. 2nd Place: Ryan Korr. 3rd Place: Tavish McFini.
Most Artistic: 1st Place: Luciana Endivain.
Most Creative: 1st Place: Laurel Winte'Shrine. 2nd Place: Luciana Endivain. 3rd Place: Ghost.
Most Witty: 1st Place: Tavish McFini, 2nd Place: Draaygo Riinuuk. 3rd Place: Eri Ambicon.
Best Overall: 1st Place: Tavish McFini. 2nd Place: Eri Ambicon. 3rd Place: Laurel Winte'Shrine.

Mai Hasagaiwa 2006

Most In Character: 1st Place: Xanis Sorannan & Ansgar Bastian. 2nd Place: Zekk Constantine. 3rd Place: Blitzkrieg, Kyp Baker, Lieran Ordu.
Most Artistic: 1st Place: Mai Hasagaiwa, 2nd Place: Xanis Sorannan. 3rd Place: Ansgar Bastian
Most Creative: 1st Place: Dr. Arnold Davis & Tavish McFini. 2nd Place: Jibak Ujed. 3rd Place: Mai Hasagiawa.
Most Witty: 1st Place: Tavish McFini, 2nd Place: Ace Roscoe. 3rd Place: Zekk Constantine & Dominic Ramshawe.
Best Overall: 1st Place: Mai Hasagiawa. 2nd Place: Tavish McFini. 3rd Place: Ace Roscoe.

Ace Roscoe 2005

Most In-Character: 1st Place: Rann Gast, 2nd Place: Mai Hasagaiwa, 3rd Place: Ace Roscoe
Most Artistic: 1st Place: Aria Isaril & Cassandra, 2nd Place: Gideon Heart, 3rd Place: Kyp Baker.
Most Creative: 1st Place: Kyle Morrison & Gideon Hart, 2nd Place: Nic Tahmwat, 3rd Place: Saarael Tiberius
Most Witty: 1st Place: Tavish McFini, 2nd Place: Jacen Wesiri, 3rd Place: Helen Sorga
Best Overall: 1st Place: Ace Roscoe, 2nd Place: Raine Ardus, 3rd Place: Mai Hasagaiwa & Gideon Hart

Mai Hasagaiwa 2004

Esben Chilton 2003