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Information regarding predicted future ships. GR stands for the Great Resyncronization, which corresponds to 35 Years Before the Battle of Yavin IV (BBY) which is the calendar used by the New Republic.
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Viscount-class Star Dreadnaught

Seven years after the Reborn Emperor assaulted the Mon Calamari homeworld Dac, spaceship construction which had been long delayed was finally put into production again. The first ship in the series that emerged after this long absence of new Mon Calamari designs was the Viscount. Silently admitting that the New Class program was a failure, priority was given to larger, heavier warships again, and the Viscount was the answer. It matched the majestic and powerful Executor-class closely in performance if not looks. The Mon Cals claim to have a larger complement of fighters (along with NR fighters being generally note that the Executor carried a vastly larger ground assault complement.

In any case it carries more fighters than the Imperial vessel. It has a total of 216 fighter craft, typically 60 T65-A3 X-wings, 12 T65-XJ X-wings, 48 A-wings, 48 E-wings, and 48 B-wings or K-wings.

It has less missile launchers, but this is offset by a larger number of 20% more accurate heavy ion cannons. The ship is slightly smaller but also a bit faster than the Executor-class, plus it is more heavily automated, using a smaller crew. Although being more than two decades newer than its Imperial counterpart, it is slightly less powerful while still being a very capable battleship in its own right. A different version of the ship was built at the Corellian shipyards - perhaps the Dac yards were still unable to meet the military demands of the New Republic when facing the Yuuzhan Vong. The ship is an offset from prior Mon Cal and New Republic designs in that it doesn't feature backup shields, and carries enough supplies for six years of operation. Ref note: Stats revised to reflect SW:ITW and other newer sources.


Name/Type: Viscount-class Star Defender
Designer/Manufacturer: Mon Calamari Shipyards
Commission Date: 60 GR
Designation: Battleship
Crew: 68,174
Length: 17,000 meters
Speed: 50 MGLT
Hyperdrive: x1
Shield Rating: 86,000 SBD (est.)
Hull Rating: 36,236 RU (est.)
Weapons: 1,800 Turbolaser Batteries (class 7), 1,800 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries (class 10), 1,440 Assault Concussion Missile Launchers (43,200 warheads), 2,160 Ion Cannon Batteries (class 4), 300 Phylon Tractor Beam Projectors (class 9).
Fighter Complement: 18 Squadrons. Around 84 shuttles, troop transports, drop ships, and landing barges.
Troops: 12,500 troopers.
Support Craft:
New Imperial Federation - Navy Order Of Battle

Bothan Assault Cruiser

Bothans tend to play both sides. While nominally Imperial during the Civil War, they secretly aided the Alliance with their top-notch Bothan Spynet. After the Battle of Endor, they maintained neutrality but gradually became more involved with the New Republic over the years. They have long maintained a small defence fleet to protect the major worlds and colonies in Bothan Space, and eventually they created several native capital ship designs, such as the Assault Cruiser. Bothan Assault Cruisers were meant to replace aging Victory Mk I-class Star Destroyers.

The Assault Cruiser used the latest technology and compares favourably with the older ship. It sports more beam weaponry and less missiles giving it better sustained firepower. In addition it has 150% stronger deflector shields and armour. The only weakness of the Assault Cruiser is that it emphasizes firepower in battle, which can lead to shield deficiency while under heavy fire, particularly alpha strikes. Assault Cruisers came into use just before the Yuuzhan Vong War in 60 GR.


Name/Type: Champion-class Assault Cruiser
Designer/Manufacturer: Bothan Combat Response Element
Designation: Medium Cruiser
Crew: ~1,144 + 96 gunners
Length: 850 Meters
Speed: 40 MGLT
Hyperdrive: x1
Shield Rating: 4,800 SBD
Hull Rating: 2,280 RU
Weapons: 20 Turbolasers (class 7), 24 Heavy Double Turbolaser Cannons (class 4), 10 Ion Cannons, 20 Proton Torpedo Tubes (16x20 warheads, class 9), 4 Tractor Beam Projector (class 6).
Fighter Complement: 4 Squadrons
Troops: ~190 Troopers (+ ~60 pilots)
Support Craft: ~4 Shuttles.