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Learning How to Properly Post

Reading this essay will help you to learn how to properly learn how to post in an RPG based forum, conveying your thoughts clearly to others. For those of us who do not know what RPG means, it is an acronym that stands for "role playing game". These are games that revolve around a centralized plot that involves a character or said characters that are centrally intertwined with the plot. And for the less internet savvy, a forum is a website where you post your actions. You could discuss anything, from your everyday life activities or anything on which the site is based. In the case of this essay, the forum activities will be role-playing based. In other words, it is the process of creating a character and posting his actions following the plot line, but creating your own objectives.

The first if not most important matter, is the development of your character's personality in any given situation. For example, how would he react if a grenade went off near him? Would he run towards it and throw it back trying to save himself and others less observant, or would he run away to save himself and let his teammates die? What field is he going to be in? In the site to which I'm referring, , there are quiet a few classes that you can partake in. They are Army, Dark Jedi, Fighter Pilots, Freelancers, Intel Agents, Naval Officers, Officials, and Shadow Hand. The classes above have restrictions, but they are minimal to non-existent for some and then there are two that require great posting abilities and a well developed character.

The Army is a branch that, just as in real life, conducts ground based missions. They can have missions ranging from "capture" to "destroy". There are also two sub groups to the Army, not even counting the types of soldiers. The sub types are Special Ops and then regular standard issue army. Of course, Spec Ops work is in tandem with the army, but pound for pound has more destructive capabilities and is extremely well trained. The standard issue army troops, is broken up into even more sub groups. They are Stormtrooper, AT Pilot, Army Pilot, Armour, and War Droid Commander. The army usually draws heavy fire, while Spec Ops assign themselves targets to strategically take out of commission. Completing an objective does not mean you posted properly, even if that was your aim. Even as an everyday army grunt, you want to make your post vivid and colorful to the reader, so the other person near you or hearing it responds with a well thought out post as well, continuing the flow of well-thought-out ideas to create a story revolving around the plot when it has been completed.

The Dark Jedi is an elite branch, imbued with the Force. This is one of the two groups that require great posting abilities and a well developed character. They usually are very involved with self training and participate in very few missions. But when they do participate they vividly post and elaborate on their every action regardless of how minute it may seem. They are usually secretive and very few interact with the other members in character. This group is one of the most elite of the elite; the new members are elected in when there are enough members from the other groups. But choosing them mainly is centralized around their posting abilities.

Next, are the Fighter Pilots, who they fuel the space battles. This group has a variety of fighters with different specifications on them available per rank. They also have a role in almost every mission, because they are supplement three quarters of the classes with cover in some shape or form.

The rest of the ranks are similar in posting abilities. The Fighter Pilots do not always need to be posting as largely as the post soon to follow, but that is the sign of an evolving writer enhancing his abilities in creativity. Notice that the name of the ship and fighter type was bolded. That is to show and acknowledge that they are important, just as the planet name and the team name are also bolded to indicate importance. Inner thoughts and other people's responses are italicized to show that they did not speak it aloud for all to hear their thoughts or say the words in the quotations that someone else has spoken. An example of how to post properly is as follows:

Bold words- Important names
Italicized- Other's thoughts and spoken words

Viktor was in the hangar bay of the Lusankya, as usual. He was preparing for the incoming mission to Aphran. News had traveled fast about this and he was beyond prepared, minus a few last minute things. Viktor decided that before they put his TIE Hunter into the racks, that he would ask the rack operator for a test. Viktor just wanted to make sure that his squadron would exit into the battle and not get stuck on the sidelines.

Viktor walked up to the rack operator and asked, "Would you mind spinning the racks for 2 full revolutions? I just want to make sure that my fighter can exit without issues." I wonder if they've fixed that faulty panel button light yet. (Editor's note - the italicized line and the bolded words were not part of the original author's document).

"Sure, and only because you genuinely care about your fighter's condition."

Viktor watched as the rack operator obliged him and spun the racks 2 full revolutions. "Thanks alot," said Viktor. Viktor saw that the racks were functioning properly and was content in that aspect. He walked over to his TIE Hunter and decided to do his preflight checks. He noticed that he was low on fuel and that the power cell was almost depleted to the point of barely operable.

Viktor hopped out and to his amazement a droid was just starting to fill up the tank of his fighter.

"That knocks off one problem. Now about a power cell..."

Viktor saw a tech standing across from him and walked over and asked, "Where are the power cells?"

"They are all the way across the hangar bay in that storage cabinet you see way down there."

"Thanks," said Viktor sarcastically. Viktor was making his way across the hangar, when a droid was hauling @ss right in front of him by a few centimeters. It was obviously zipping around filling fighters for the upcoming battle. Viktor hadn't moved but 5 feet and a group of techs ran by to do maintenance on a fighter.

"Lazy fighter pilots these days. They can't even repair their own fighter..."

Viktor had finally, safely made it to the storage locker for the power cells when he noticed someone neglect their duties to close and lock it. Viktor grabbed a power cell and closed and shut the lock on the power cell closet. Viktor was cautiously making his way back towards his TIE Hunter, when the same droid hauled @ss by him again. This time much closer. Viktor made it back to his fighter in one piece and then got on the board and slid himself under the fighter.

Viktor fiddled with the under chassis abit to make room for the power cell to fit back into the spot were the existing one use to fit. Viktor watched as the other power cell popped out and he removed it and placed in the new one. Viktor fiddled with the under chassis abit and realigned it into place and tightened it back up. Viktor's hands were covered in fighter lubricant and he had a depleted power cell in his hand. Viktor walked over to the techie station and dropped the depleted power cell on their parts table and told them, "It's depleted. I installed the new one already. I'm going to use the refresher to wash my hands."

Viktor walked over to the refresher and it turned on and he cleaned his hands, making sure to remove all the fighter lubricant. After he finished washing his hands, he made his way towards his TIE Hunter and noticed that Heaven's Fang was right behind him the whole time. Viktor walked over and didn't see Jason and Regent. He assumed they must be slightly busy. The second he said, "Hello." The whole team flocked to him and wanted to start talking. He told them, "On this mission we are to have complete comms silence until I state otherwise. Get it?"

Viktor watched as everyone nodded their heads. Then he made some idle chit chat with some members and made his way back towards his fighter. Viktor hopped in and redid the preflight checks to see that he was at max fuel and that everything else was in tip top shape also. Viktor strapped himself in and yelled to the rack operator not to load his squadron yet. The operator nodded. He knew that he would oblige, because he was to be the last set loaded in and he was the first to be let out. Viktor just stared out of his cockpit looking to see if Regent and Jason were already ready or just not in the hangar yet.

In conclusion, an effective post and proper post in an RPG based forum has a well-developed thought process and vividness to hold reader's attention and make fluentness for others to continue off existing plans and ideas. The most important thing to remember when posting is that fun and creativity helps bring out the best in your posts. Concentrating on the pointers mentioned does not always mean it is a great post; it is more of a guideline.