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The New Imperial Federation (NIF for short) is a role-playing community filled with many friendly individuals who are always willing to help each other out and provide support when needed. The Admins and Mods are always around to answer any questions newcomers might have when they first join up. The New Imperial Federation RPG board is a place to escape into the world of Star Wars, an Alternate Universe still filled with the familiar characters though this time, you get to take on the role of you on the other side of the famous heros of the New Republic as you help the Federation take back the territory that once belonged to the Galactic Empire.

Whether you're a hardcore Star Wars fan who knows the smallest minute details such as the difference between an X-Wing/J compared to an X-Wing/F or you're completely unfamiliar to the SW universe, the NIF is sure to please. The learning curve is very small and it won't take long for you to get into the swing of things once you join up. You will get to progress though the timeline, partaking in missions and recieving promotions which unlocks better benefits such as commanding better ships or commanding your own army platoon.

Out of character discussions are always fun to partake in since, "It's a great place to make new friends" as Supreme Commander Ace Roscoe put it. "I've never met a more intelligent group of people. Many of them I can call my friend," Kyp Baker boasted! Even new people found it easy to work their way around the site:

"It's very unique. It's nice and organized. It is flexible enough to be fun. It combines usually competent writers with good ideas. More so than I usually see."
Jacen Wesiri, Naval Officer and Dark Jedi

"This is the best looking role playing site I've ever seen. And to go with the good looks is organization. Everything is easy to find and divided into appropriate categories. There is a forum for everything you'd want to do."
Kyp Baker, Naval Officer (and later Dark Jedi)

"The first time I came here.... I didnt know what it was, in fact I didnt even know what an RPG was, but the NIF made it so much easier to learn how to RP. "The thing that keeps me coming back, is the friends, the level of how nice everyone is and how easy it is to learn."
Halaius Manado, Army Personnel

"When you first begin your writing is hard to read and awkward but then with the help of the others around you you get better and it gets funnier. I've tried different RPG boards but this is the only one that really does that to me. The people are really nice and friendly and the boards are nice and clean even for an 11 year old."
Wesley Grandeur, Naval Officer

Everyone has a name and a place here, you're not just known as some person somewhere on the globe logging in to RP. Everyone chats with the JAVA chat room on-site and gets to know each other more, making the place even more friendly. Someone is almost always around as some people post daily and the staff is always a friendly group of people willing to help.

"...And the staff and members are all genuinely nice people whom I enjoy talking to. I would recommend the NIF to any Star Wars fan."
Trins Jumex, Army Pilot

"If you ever want to find a more friendly bunch of people who are always prepared to help anyone in need than look no further. Everyone here is always kind, willing, helpful and supportive even Out-Of-Character which is really important. We don't just log on, post a bit and leave, ignoring everyone else, we take advantage of the chat room here and talk to each other and, if some event happens, we mention it in the General Forum."
Tavish McFini, Naval Officer

"I love the NIF!" Mai Hasagaiwa, Shadow Hand / Dark Jedi

The last comment pretty much sums up everyone's opinion here in one short, sweet four word statement. "Sometimes the best comments are the shortest ones," as they say!

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Compiled and written by Tavish McFini