Benefits of Signing Up

Join the New Imperial Federation!

Listed below are some of the benefits of signing up and becoming a member of the New Imperial Federation:
  • As a member, you'll have freedom over how you develop your character, and the plot, as a result of your character's actions. When you sign up, you do not have a certain number of "ability points" to define what you character can and can't do, that will limit you. When signing up here, your character is what you make of it.

  • The New Imperial Federation RPG is one of the most friendly RPG's on the internet, with conflicts between members rare and quickly resolved. Members communicate between themselves off-time in an informal manner, regardless of rank within the RPG.

  • The NIF RPG system is highly developed and structured. Unlike some RPGs that just give you a board to roleplay on, we have a number of different forums for different roleplaying scenarios, and resources to supplement the plot, like the Marketplace and the Imperial Department of Military Research.

  • The administrative staff of the New Imperial Federation takes the kind treatment of our members very seriously. We are constantly in contact with our members, listening to their opinions and ideas.

  • The RPG is structured to have a believable, continuing, strong storyline that everyone can develop on equally. The conquest of the galaxy is documented, and the resources of the New Imperial Federation are recorded. The integrity of the plot is often checked and verified to provide the best possible roleplaying experience.

  • As you participate in the game, you can be promoted, and gain the ability to partake in more ventures throughout the game.

  • If you have a favorite character that you have used in other Star Wars role-playing games, you are free to use it here, as long as it does not violate basic rules, such as playing a major Star Wars character.

We would be honoured if you would join us.

We want YOU!