About the New Imperial Federation

The Super Star Destroyer Nemesis What is an online RPG?

There are many different types of role-playing games. The one used at this site is called literary roleplaying, or interactive fiction. We create characters with detailed backgrounds and unique personalities and abilities. Then, we create scenarios in the Star Wars universe. We play the role of our character, and write what we think the character should do in the situation.

Imagine you're reading a Star Wars novel, with different bits and pieces of the story written by different people, from different perspectives. Now imagine you can write a chapter yourself--let your character be part of the story. Other members would add on, making use of what your character did, and interacting with you. That's what the New Imperial Federation RPG is all about.

The Plotline

The New Imperial Federation plotline begins nine years after the Battle of Endor. The Empire is all but defeated, and the galaxy is ruled by the New Republic. Grand Admiral Matt and his forces are nearly all that remains of the once great Galactic Empire. He forms a new faction: The New Imperial Federation. They strive to avoid the mistakes that caused the defeat of the Old Empire. Their mission: restore freedom to the galaxy, by taking it system by system from the oppressive clutches of the New Republic.

In real life, The New Imperial Federation is an organization of Star Wars fans who participate in a literary RPG. Our admins work hard to organize the RPG so that it runs smoothly and the plot develops realistically, while allowing members as much freedom as possible. Every member is treated fairly and with the utmost respect. To learn about more benefits of joining the New Imperial Federation RPG, click "Benefits" below. To sign up, click "Join Us" to Register on our forum.

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