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Information about various vehicles used by the Rebel Alliance.
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T1-B Hovertank

The T1-B is a light tank, primarily used for anti-air defence of armored rebel columns. Its shield enables it to take a few extra shots from other light tanks before being destroyed. This rebel equivalent of the AT-AA has shorter firing range and uses the slower, albeit more powerful proton torpedoes instead of concussion missiles. Its greater speed somewhat makes up for the short range. It can take more damage thanks to its shield, and the turreted cannon gives it some capability as a regular light tank as well. All in all, it is an inferior anti-air unit, but it can still be deadly at close range and it compensates for this by its secondary capabilities.
Recommendation: Best engaged by troopers with anti-armor missiles. It goes down in 6-7 hits and you can save your heavy weapons on more serious threats.


Name/Type: Hover Tank T1-B
Designer/Manufacturer: Yutrane-Tackata
Combat Role: Light Anti-Air/Repulsortank
Crew: 2 + 2 Gunners
Length: 8.6 Meters, 5.7 m tall.
Propulsion: Repulsorlift 5 m ceiling.
Speed: 90 Kph (30 Kph cruise speed).
Shield Rating: 100 SBD (est.)
Hull Rating: 100 RU (est.)
Weapons: 1 Turreted Twin Blaster Cannnon, 1 Forward Flak Pod with 3 Heavy Proton Missile Tubes (24 warheads, 2 km range).
Cargo Capacity: 380 Kg.

T3-B Hovertank

The T3-B is a heavy tank. Unlike the T1-B, the proton launchers on the T3 are built for surface engagements. The triple launcher can usually shred ligher vehicles in a single hit, while the heavy launcher is a serious threat even to heavy vehicles. It also has a much heavier blaster cannon than the T1B. It is not quite comparable with Imperial AT-ATs, but two T3Bs can generally take down a walker with one tank lost.
Recommendation: Assign two or three heavy walkers for every T3 to take them down quickly, or better yet, airstrikes, since the T3 has no anti-air defence. But be aware that they most likely are protected from such by T1Bs and AA troopers.


Name/Type: Heavy Attack Tank T3-B
Designer/Manufacturer: Yutrane-Tackata
Combat Role: Main Battle Tank
Crew: 2 + 5 Gunners
Length: 10.1 Meters
Propulsion: Tracked.
Speed: 90 Kph (30 Kph cruise speed).
Shield Rating: 200 SBD (est.)
Hull Rating: 200 RU (est.)
Weapons: 1 Turreted Twin Blaster Cannnon (range 500 m, can be fire-linked), 1 Forward Flak Pod with 3 Proton Missile Tubes (15 warheads, 3 km range), 1 Proton Missile Launcher (8 warheads, 1 km range).
Cargo Capacity: 450 Kg.

T4-B Heavy Tank

The T4-B is an all-purpose tank in use by the rebels during the Civil War. It was one of their heaviest field units, in groups capable of threatening anything on the battlefield. Typically it uses its missiles for long range fire (effective against both hard and soft targets), then closing in with their anti-armour laser cannons. Its tracked design limits its mobility and it is relatively expensive, so the rebels usually don't field many T4-Bs. Officially a modification, we consider the T4-B an upgrade to the T3-B. The design is very similar but it sports heavier armament against both armour and infantry units.
Recommendation: Nothing ruins the day of a T4-B battlegroup as a TIE bomber run, but be aware of likely AA units supporting them. An additional tactic is to use a fighting withdrawal, luring the enemy tanks into awaiting Imperial artillery range. The T4-B is an obvious priority target, but avoid rush engagements - the rebels are prone to ambush tactics.


Name/Type: Heavy Attack Tank T4-B
Designer/Manufacturer: Yutrane-Tackata
Combat Role: Main Battle Tank
Crew: ~2 + ~5 Gunners
Length: 10 Meters
Propulsion: Tracked.
Speed: ~90 Kph (~30 Kph cruise speed).
Shield Rating: ~200 SBD
Hull Rating: ~200 RU
Weapons: 2 (Fire-linked) Medium Laser Cannons, 3 Concussion Missile Launchers.
Cargo Capacity: ~450 Kg.

Forest Ranger Airspeeder

The Forest Ranger was specifically intended to patrol the skies of Endor's Forest Moon, protecting the Emperor's secret Death Star II project. Unfortunately none of them were available at the time of the Battle of Endor, or it might have turned out differently. As it were, it ended up being mostly used by the Rebels after they captured the planet. It is a heavily armed and armoured craft, but not particularly fast or agile. It has ample room and strong lift which enables it to double as a personnel or equipment transport.
Recommendation: AA missiles or heavy AA guns.


Name/Type: Forest Ranger Airspeeder
Designer/Manufacturer: "Kenner Products"
Combat Role: Airspeeder
Crew: 1
Lenght: ~6.2 Meters
Propulsion: Repulsorlift
Speed: ~750 kp/h.
Shield Rating: None.
Hull Rating: ~100 RU
Weapons: 2 Swivelling Heavy Laser Cannons, 1 Dual Blaster Cannon.
Cargo Capacity: Up to 3 passengers and 5 metric tons.