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The New Imperial Federation, henceforth in this document referred to as NIF, as of date 2007-06-29 located at, does not use your private information, such as name, e-mail address, IP address, or other unique identifier of yours, in any way besides to contact you directly regarding your participation on this website.

We do not own your private information, nor do we sell it, or intentionally pass it on in any way to any one, unless directly or indirectly requested by you. An indirect case may be if you are experiencing problems accessing our website and has requested help solving this matter. In such a case we may request and submit private information such as your username or IP address to a third party (such as our webhost).


We do not spam in any way. Only registered members of our site may receive mass directed e-mails from us, and only regarding news about our site, community, or services. Any member can ask to be exempted forever from this service at any time.


The only contact information we ask from you is an e-mail address. If you post this in our forums, we suggest that you do so in a form not easily readable by e-mail collecting web spiders. For example: myemailaddress(at)mydomain dot com. If you sign up for membership, an e-mail address must be provided for contact, but this address is not viewable by anyone except you and NIF site admins, unless you specifically allow it.


The NIF uses cookies to ease your return login process. These cookies are not used by us in any way to collect information about you as an individual. They may be used to provide whole website statistics.


Any private information you give out on our website or associated services is entirely your own responsibility. We do not require your private information, nor do we request it in any way, shape, or form, unless specifically required to answer a request from you. Please note that we take no responsibility in any way, shape, or form, for the material, availability, or content of any third part links that we provide entirely as a service to you, the end user.


The NIF disclaims any and all liability in regarding your privacy. You are the solely responsible person for access to your private information.