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Information regarding military subcapital ships belonging to other factions than that of the Empire and the Rebels.

Razor Shuttle

Standard shuttle used by the Mandalarans. It is somewhat internally modular and can be differently equipped depending on mission profile.

Recommendation: Since the Mandalarians are our allies, it is unlikely you will meet any in combat. However, combat recommendation is to use a burst of two concussion missiles, then finish it off with laser fire for a quick win. .


Name/Type: Razor-class Shuttle
Designer/Manufacturer: Mandalaran Space Force
Combat Role: Long-Range Shuttle
Crew: 2-6
Length: 12 Meters
Speed: 70 MGLT, 900 Kph
Acceleration: Unknown.
Maneuverability: 65 DPF
Hyperdrive: x1
Shield Rating: 120 SBD
Hull Rating: 20 RU
Weapons: 2 Laser Cannons, 4 Ventral Heavy Repeating Blasters.
Passengers: 50 Troopers or 10 Troopers and 10 Speeder Bikes.
Cargo Compartment: 100 Metric Tons if not carrying troops.
Countermeasures: Unknown.