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The New Imperial Federation, N.I.F. or NIF for short, was formed as a direct result of the Nemesis Project. The purpose of the project was to establish a new nation after the expected soon to come fall of the First Galactic Empire, with the express idea to reform the government. The new government was established shortly after the return of the ESD Nemesis to the main galaxy.

The new fledgling nation established multiple differences from the Empire. Most notably, the parlimentary system was re-established, anti-alien laws were revoked, and anti-slavery laws adopted (it bears to be noted that the NIF:s federal system still allows local slavery laws). Sectors and Oversectors were organized into varying levels of independence, which the member states can transit between depending on varying conditions. For instance, a full member state can be temporarily transformed into a priority sector if martial law is declared, or a protectorate can become a full member state once aligned with the federal government's policies. COMPNOR, the political police was abandoned, and the competing intelligence agencies were combined into a single entity charged with both internal and external security.

The concept of an Imperial Federation is a political attempt to combine the best features of a large state with the best features of smaller states. The result is a mixed nation which can allow for considerable freedom to member worlds combined with a unified superstate governing common policies. On the whole the NIF is notably efficient on a federal level due to its authoritarian policies, heavily centralizing executive and military power. This efficiency is present in many full member worlds, but often drops noticeably in many more independent systems, particularly smaller and more remote protectorates and colonies.

The NIF started out with humble resources and has since the beginning emphasized use of the latest technology to make up for it. This has primarily been used in the military, but the policy has seeped through to other parts of the government and private enterprises. While capable of cloning techniques, the NIF army is largely based on recruits, which has lead to a conscious effort to save on ships and soldiers which was not present in the Galactic Empire.

CLASSIFIED INFORMATION - A11: Their numbers are increased by widespread use of brainwashing technqiues on prisoners of war, converting previous enemies into loyal soldiers, a practice heavily criticized by New Republic officials, whom most of the POWs are taken from. This procedure has a higher than 90% rate of successful conversions which far surpasses older techniques, and failures are sent for additional "re-education". Although some have advocated its use for putting down unrest and rebellions, so far this practice has been limited to prisoners of war and in some cases heavily charged criminals deemed unable to be corrected through the regular justice system.

Political Information

Official NameNew Imperial Federation
Type of GovernmentParliamentary Autocracy
Type of NationEmpire
Founding documentDeclaration of a New Order
ConstitutionImperial Charter
Head of State Supreme Commander 48 GR -
Emperor 52:4:22 GR -
Head of GovernmentGrand Chancellor
Commander-in-chiefSupreme Commander
Executive branchImperial Council
Legislative branchImperial Senate
Judicial branchSupreme Court

Societal Information

CapitalClak'dor VII 48 GR -
Bilbringi VII 49 GR -
Official languageImperial Basic
CurrencyImperial Dataries
State religious bodyOmega Order
National holidays Empire Day 16:5:23
Foundation Day 48:2:1 GR
Unification Day 52:4:22 GR
Economical SystemMixed Economy

Military Information

Imperial Military Branches Imperial Starfleet
Imperial Space Force
Imperial Army

Historical Information

Formed fromFirst Galactic Empire
Date of establishment48:4:16 GR