Publisher: Tavia Demarco      Volume No: 4      Issue No: 4      Date: Sunday, December 4th, 2005

Headline News

In recent events...

Picture Courtesy of NIF

Trudy: "I am sitting here with Vice-Admiral McFini, Vice-Director Endivain and Colonel Demarco-McFini regarding a recent turn of events that has taken our regular investigative reporter out of the game. You all will have to forgive me... I am new at this and to be honest, a bit nervous..... My first question goes to the Vice-Admiral who has recently had several close losses in his family...."Vice-Admiral McFini, a recent report has indicated that your parents who were just here to visit were murdered in an explosion that was set off to kill you as well. How has this affected you recently?"

Fini: "Well... It affected me like it would anyone else... It's devastating... There's a hole that will probably never be filled again."

Trudy: "Of course, that is understandable. I was referring more along the lines of knowing there is someone out there trying to kill you. Has this person been caught? And if not, what is being done to catch the killer and to ensure your safety? Anyone of you feel free to answer this question."

Fini: "Erm... well... I'm in the federation, it's to be expected someone wants to kill me. And I'm probably not really at liberty to say much more than that... You'll have to excuse me, I've had bad experiences with reporters since a certain Beck Canova released a story and doctored his interview with me..."

Crystala: "The person who killed the Vice-Admiral's parents is dead." *smiles knowingly but lets her red eyes fall upon Trudy to hopefully discourage any further questions for details as to what she means*

Trudy: "The killer I presume was your brother, sub-lt. Tavin McFini whom came very close to killing your wife and then yourself if I am not mistaken. It's good to see that both of you have recovered from the incident, though it must be heart breaking to lose yet another family member, this time by your own hands. Is it true Vice-Admiral that you are the one that pulled the trigger that ended Tavin's life?"

Fini: *gets the odd feeling this woman isn't too much unlike Beck* "Yes... it's true... it wasn't easy for me to do that..." *sighs* "But I couldn't let him live for trying to take Tavia away from me... I love her too much to let anyone kill her now."

Trudy: *turning her attention to Tavia* "Before the attack, was there any indication whatsoever of his intentions? What compelled you to let him into your quarters in the first place?"

Tavia: "He was Tavish's brother, he never gave off any signs of doing anything like this. He came to visit, why wouldn't I let him in?"

Trudy: "Vice-Director Endivain, you are the one leading this whole case. After speaking to other agents however, many of them are in the dark on what is going on and the few that do know something refuse to talk to me. Why is this case being so closed up? Wouldn't it be better if it were more open to provide more protection and a broader and more extensive search for materials to work with?"

Crystala: *snickers* "Unlike the press, we don't pride ourselves in releasing every last gory detail about something to the public to create a controversial frenzy that could threaten the collapse of a government office or the faith in someone or something... We like to tell people what they're entitled to know and, should it concern their well being in any way shape or form, we will give them...

McFini: "Advice as to what to do and how to respond or what we think would be the best course of action. I'm sure you'll agree with me that it isn't unlike your own career, only, where you see profit by a story, we see danger so of course we're going to be careful."

Trudy: "So basically what you are telling me is that this whole thing has become so big that if the information were to be released it would cause a wide panic among the Federation and therefore cause even more problems than just what you have to deal with?"

Crystala: "Is the New Republic not considered big? If we compare this to the New Republic, the public knows a lot about them already and yet I don't see them in mass panic. Same goes here, they know a lot about these people and yet there is no mass panic."

Trudy: "This has become a lot more personal for you all than just a mere attack from an enemy hasn't it? Rumor has it that a recent discovery in family relations has caused more than it's share in all this. Do any of you have anything to comment on that?"

Crystala: "Discoveries are made on a daily basis about families and yet I don't hear about them in the news."

Trudy: "Not all family discoveries find out that not only do they have a sister working in the Federation, but their parents are the ones leading the enemy force that has been the source behind a lot of the problems happening right here. Are you simply avoiding the questions to protect these very same people who are out to kill numerous members of the Federation simply because they share the same blood as you?"

Crystala: *smirks* "Problems happen day in and day out. Questions are asked and avoided all the same. I suggest that, unless you want to be interviewed, you refrain from asking things you simply have no evidence to support unless you show me valid reason behind the questions you ask."

Trudy: "Very well then..." *Looks down at her notes that had been given to her prior to the interview* "Vice-Admiral McFini, it has been observed that security is being increased rather dramatically on board the Intimidator as well as the rest of fourth fleet. I am assuming this has something to do with the recent events. Can you tell us why it has taken a tragedy like this to finally get security increased and what sort of new security measures exactly are being implemented?"

Fini: "You're correct in your assumptions. Why it took something like this to change what I had? Probably because I never saw the need for it in the past... As to what has been done, you'd have to ask the person in charge of STARS..."

Trudy: "Thanks, I will be sure to do that!" *Is starting to feel even more nervous and is starting to not like the reporter side of this job, wishing she could go back to her receptionist desk where she belonged.* "A recent discovery has been found that shows that our investigative reporter Alluria Malek was recently killed while being treated in a bacta tank in DetCon. Reports indicated that the killer was none other than Doctor Melodia Lorboath. Vice Admiral, after what Alluria did to you and your wife, some people have questioned and the gossip is that you paid off the doctor to murder Alluria. What is your comment on that?"

Fini: "Check my bank account... I have no spare credits on me and if you care to check, the last time I withdrew was several weeks ago, well before my parents came to visit. To answer what the credits were spent on, well, I think fifty credits will only buy me a few drinks, maybe a book or two..."

Trudy: "There are other ways of getting credits Sir, and for something like this, I am certain that an exchange would have been made in a rather anonymous fashion. But, assuming you are telling the truth, what are your plans from here? Do you all have enough information and leads to know who is behind all these wrong doings and do you plan on going after them or are you going to continue to sit around waiting for them to strike again where it hurts, and possibly being successful in their next attempts?"

Fini: "Well, quite frankly, I would rather be going after them but no, I'm sitting around waiting for them to strike again where it hurts while I do this interview aren't I?"

Trudy: "You were not forced to do this interview, I remind you that you agreed to do it, as did the rest of you. So please do not hold me accountable for your time being taken up while you sit here answering my questions. I do not want to be here anymore than the rest of you, this is not my normal job and I am simply filling in for a reporter who's life was recently taken from us. I will conclude this interview with one last question. Do any of you have any further comments you'd like to add?"

Crystala: "If I were you, I'd turn off the recorder and tell me just where you got all your information. You're hiding something from us Trudy, and, I hate to tell you, you're not doing a good job at hiding it from me..."

Trudy: "Uhh... the notes were just handed to me. I don't know where they come from. I was just told to do the interview. You'd have to talk to my boss, Kristoph to find out where the information came from... So if we're all done here, then I will let you all get back to your lives and I'll get back to mine." *Like turning in my resignation to the Tribune because I sure as hell never asked for this..*

Crystala: *snickers* "not so fast... I think you're not telling the whole truth..."

-Due to the fact that this interview led into sensitive information we were unable to publish the rest of the interview for the public eye-



Observing the Observer

Several days ago, the flagship of the Federation's ISIS task force, the Observer, suffered an attack both from the outside and inside. The Vice-Director and head of the ISIS, Crystala Endivain, ordered all personnel off the ship as droids quickly started taking over. A distress call was issued and several ships from the Federation's Fourth Fleet, lead by Captain Morrison, responded to the call. Upon arrival to the system, the entire task force fell subject to one of the Observer's many counter-measures, the entire fleet losing power as the ships shut down.

Shortly after the fleets got their power restored, an enemy fleet arrived, a small task force that attempted to engage the ships. Investigator Ardus managed to remove the virus that had affected the NIF ships and disable many of the onboard security measures on the Observer itself while Sub-Lt. Tavin McFini put in a call for reinforcements. Ensigns Fasiri, J & J Torus and Flight Lieutenant Onyx assisted in recovering the escape pods, putting the assassin-class corvette Impair and its small complement of TIE Interceptors into the path of the enemy X-Wings in an effort to protect as many of the escape pods as possible. The other enemy ships soon began systematically destroying the ISIS flagship, capture no longer seeming like an option.

The army took a while to get moving, their shuttles taking almost a half hour before the first one moved, ironically, by Investigator Ardus who, according to some accounts, seemed "different", "psychotic", "darker" and "evil". She was the first one onto the ship and not a moment too soon as the Vice-Director was, as she put it, "On the verge of giving up hope for any inside support... going to self-destruct the ship."

After the fight, the Vice-Director also went on to say, "I have never been so disappointed at the other departments and their response time. The navy arrived quickly enough but is it that hard to destroy a few frigates and corvettes?" Her opinion on the army was also negative. "They've done better without intel support before. Is it that hard to board a friendly ship?" It is important to note that her tone was bitter and as the interview was being done, I noticed her eyes an ugly shade of red as if she was thinking of killing me on the spot for what happened.

All in all, though the ship was saved, several naval officers say it's going to be held in dry dock for some time as they fix all the holes that were blasted outside and in. I got a chance to tour the ship and the destruction was amazing. Entire levels were blasted away, several sections of the ship were wide open to the vacuum of space. Aside from the need to replace about five hundred crew members and one hundred agents. Almost every escape pod was used on the ship, and ten percent of them were destroyed before they could be retrieved and if that isn't bad enough, seventy percent of the defense droids the ship had were destroyed beyond repair. The Vice-Director is using some of the budget surplus to replace the droids and help repair the ship, saying, "It's partly my fault this happened, I shouldn't leave the navy entirely responsible for picking up the repair costs."

So what does this mean for the ISIS? Stricter interviews? Harsher punishments? The estimated costs for repairs and replacements are an estimated 450 million credits. So far it's only speculation but the Vice-Director was kind enough to give a hint as to what the Federation should see as a result of this attack.

"I'm going to ensure that whoever is behind this doesn't live long enough to see this ship leave the repair yards... If we don't succeed in that..." There was a noticeable pause in her statement. "Well, we all know what comes with failures..."

Artical by McFini

One Thing After Another

The Vice-Admiral's parents were consumed in an explosion as their shuttle started to leave the hanger on board the Intimidator. The Vice-Admiral was far enough away that he managed to avoid being caught in the blast however the force knocked him back and gave him a temporary bout of amnesia, he didn't know that his parents just died in that blast, in fact, the last thing he remembered dates way back to when he was just a cadet.

Unfortunately, this also meant he didn't recognize his own wife, Tavia Demarco-McFini, at the time either, and that lead to a long series of events, some that cannot be published by order of the STARS and the ISIS in a joint effort as they continue their investigation. In a related story, Reporter Alluria Malek was arrested and charged with being found without an escort and reporter Beck Canova has also been charged with interfering with an investigation. Both of them have yet to be reached for comment at this time.

A quiet moment doesn't seem to last long in Fourth Fleet however as, some time later, several holos of the Vice-Admiral and his wife were taken as they were taken to the medical center. Both of them appeared to be horribly beaten up. Security seems to have failed them both as they are currently staying in Medical, undergoing treatment.

"They were fairly roughed up," a doctor has commented, "But they should both be able to pull though and be back on their feet in about a week."

This leaves Captain - de Coverly, McFini's XO, in command of Fourth Fleet, yet again, for about a week. Fate seems to have it in for him but fate also seems to have it in for a lot of people. An Investigator from the ISIS has turned up missing and Vice-Director Endivain comments that he "did a lot to get a head in life." It seems there is some sort of inside joke because, after asking several people in the ISIS what that was supposed to mean, they smirked but didn't acknowledge they knew what that meant.

Another person who has turned up missing is Lieutenant Tavin McFini, the Vice-Admiral's half brother. It is claimed Tavin was the one responsible for the beating of his brother and nearly killing the Vice-Admiral's wife. STARS has released that, "while there is no doubt he is to blame for the attempted murder, there is doubt as to the reason why and what drove him to commit such a crime."

It seems Fourth Fleet always has something going on, be it investigations, attempted murders, parties, or whatever, it has everything but a quiet moment people can enjoy to themselves.

Artical by McFini

Desente's Return

Several days ago Fourth Fleet went into a frenzy, no Raine didn't trigger any more fire alarms and no, the Supreme Commander didn't pay them an unexpected visit. An old friend to the Vice-Admial and former Task Force commander returned, Commodore Blissex. His arrival, along with several ships from the Loyalist Faction of the Federation marked the end of a long standing search that had finally dwindled down to only a hand full of people compared to the entire fleet back when the Commodore first went missing.

The Commodore has yet to be reached for comment at this time however the Vice-Admiral and sever of those who served in Fourth Fleet back when Desente was in command of Task Force Justice expressed their happiness and joy, knowing that, at long last, he returned which meant the fleet, while cursed to lose people, finally showed that people do indeed come back from beyond!

Next month we will take an in depth look at the story of the Commodore, now Rear-Admiral's disappearance, what he's done and what he is now doing now that he has returned to the Federation. The celebrations have finally started to die down, mostly by order of IMEXCO and life can return to normal, or a state close enough to it.

Artical by McFini

Navy Reorganization

The NIF Navy recently started a phase of heavy reorganization of its ships into a more flexible structure based on squadrons and lines. First Fleet has completed the change to the new system which is expected to give plenty of opportunities for command positions and flexible tactics for naval officers. The conversion process continues steadily and is expected to be completed before long. SCO A. Roscoe had the following statement to say: "The new, larger navy organization is built for the requirements of the future. Made to be completely flexible, it is also perfectly suited all our needs, be it territorial defense, employment of new technology, rapid formation and deployment of specific task forces or rotating older vessels into less demanding positions, the new navy order of battle fits it all. It will allow us to continue to stay on top of the new age. Another benefit is that navy officers will find plenty of new and exciting command positions available, there will be no lack of development for anyone."

Deputy Flight Director Dravius Stari proved less enthusiastic: "As long as it doesn't affect my flying, I don't care what the navy boys do. We'll get the job done as usual." But many officers, not only naval spokespersons, have expressed faith in the new naval Order Of Battle. No comment has yet been heard from the New Republic senate.

Artical by Ace Roscoe



Mission-Critical Equipment

From: Special Agent Deacon Caine, IS

RE: Mission Equipment

Recently, I was asked to create a report on mission-critical equipment that should be considered essential for NIF personnel. Upon study of said report, it was suggested that I provide an analysis based on experience for the consideration of NIF soldiers and operatives.

When one prepares for the field, it seems clear that most are at least minimally prepared for combat operations of limited duration, and for most missions this is sufficient. However, there are any number of small, easy-to-carry tools and materials that can make any soldier's life less difficult- and many seem unaware of them.

When I see soldiers preparing for combat, said preparation seems to center around armor, standard or specialized weapons, and special equipment they tend to favor- sighting equipment, special sensors, lightsabers, what have you. What seems to be missed are the small items that can spell the difference between an unexpected, miserable tour, and a mission in reasonable, well-prepared comfort.

The NIF has standard weapons available for Army, Navy, and various other units. While they might seem unstylish or bland in comparison to custom weapons, do not overlook the reason the NIF issues them: reliability, combat effectiveness, and availability of spare parts. If one's E-11 breaks in the field, it is likely that spare parts to fix it are easily available. If one carries an obscure blaster rifle from some Rim Territory manufacturer, and it hardly matters how much more powerful it is if it breaks and you have no spare parts to fix it. When using a customized or less common weapon, I strongly advise carrying repair parts as a matter of course. You can never predict what will happen in combat, and it is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Melee weapons: vibroblades are common, reliable, and effective. However, they have mechanical and electronic parts that can fail. Carry a backup of plain metal or ceramic- it doesn't cut as well, but it won't run out of power and modern knives can be stepped on by an AT-AT without breakage. Modern multi-tools that include various tools and knife blades are a wonderful backup weapon and tool in one.

StormTrooper armor is reasonably effective, protects you from the elements, and has many attachment points for gear and weapons. Its main problem is, frankly, color. In many combat instances, this is not a problem- the enemy knows who you are, and in a standard battle camoflage is of limited effectiveness. The ability to instantly tell friend from foe is a very handy edge, and one not to be discounted. However, in missions that require stealth or unobserved movement, the white color of the armor is a decided flaw. To this end, carry a can of spray coloring. Many brands are available, and most are easily removable by solvents, sonics, or simple water (it is not recommended to use water-soluble paint in the field, for obvious reasons.) When camoflage is needed, one simply sprays on an approved color (olive-drab green is a standard.) When combined with camo-cloaks, ghillie suits, or netting, this completely neutralizes the 'aiming point' of the white armor and is easily removed when not needed.

A note on colors: black is *only* useful camoflage at night. In wilderness conditions, or during daylight hours, black stands out almost as well as white, since very few 'natural' objects are plain, unreleived black. A neutral brown, green, or even rust-red is less noticeable in most environments. Study the environment you will be operating in before selecting colors!

The standard StormTrooper belt carries a number of useful survival tools, including rations, water purifier, grapnel and climbing cord, blaster packs, and a mini-medkit. However, there are any number of small items that can make the field an easier place to deal with, and here are suggestions:

Rations: you'd be suprised how many soldiers forget to pack a few extra rations, and count on constant resupply in the field. Having 5-6 extra ratpacks can make the difference between a hungry day when supply is disrupted and a full stomach.

Tools: ranging from small multi-tools to blaster repair kits, these small kits contain a multitude of useful tools. At the absolute minimum a multi-tool should be carried at all times; when you need a tool, you need it *now* and even a poor substitute is better than nothing at all!

Spare parts: a small pack of spare parts for vital equipment weighs very little compared to the peace of mind it brings. Knowing that if your blaster's initiator burns out you can snap in a new one in seconds instead of using it as a club is incredibly reassuring. Everything from moisture to bacteria to hostile nanites can cause enough problems with equiment to require replacement parts, and a selection of spares can be the difference between life and death.

Medical: medkits are always available, and should be carried- but a number of other small items should be part of any soldier's kit. Pain tabs: these non-addictive, helpful tabs are quick-acting, able to be taken with or without liquids, and are always useful for those aches and pains in the field. Even small contusions and bruises can hamper a soldier's effectiveness, and you may not want to see a Medic for small things- but those small things add up. Bandages: even minor wounds can become infected, and self-sealing dressings can be slapped on in seconds for minor wounds without taking away from the main medical supplies. Vitamin tabs: extra vitamins and minerals are easily available, and contribute to overall health. Ratpacks usually have everything, but extras help when a soldier is shivering in the wet bushes of a mission.

Extras: This is everything from a spare compass to holo-cubes of favorite books, portable caff-makers, advanced protein converters, breath masks, folding thermal-weave blankets, and inflatable pillows. All of it it small and light, and none of it is 'mission critical equipment'...but the soldier who sleeps comfortably and has a hot cup of caff to look forward to in the morning is a more effective solider by any standard. One must make sensible choices, and not become weighed down with nonessentials, but some small extras to make the field more bearable should always be included in a soldier's kit. I hope this helps the field soldier to have a safer, more effective mission. A well-rested, comfortable soldier is less susceptible to unecessary injuries, won't make bad decisions based on discomfort, and won't be on sick-call as often.

-Special Agent Deacon Caine

Dear Dr. D.

I am not nearly mentally traumatized enough by comparison to the rest of Fourth Fleet. Should I randomly torture myself, or just accept that I'm the only well-adjusted guy in the Fleet?

Fourth Fleet is a very strange place to be indeed and many people their have shady pasts. Many are traumatized. Though that is not a good thing. Rejoice in the fact that you are at least somewhat normal and are able to think clearly enough to work competently. So don’t go killing your family in a bloody rage or getting yourself almost killed and losing a bunch of limbs. Your fine the way you are.

Dr. D

Dear Dr. D.

My girlfriend told me that I should be more decisive, but I'm not sure if I really need to be more decisive. Please Help me.

Being decisive is a hard thing to do for most. The first thing you did wrong was to send this letter. Asking for advise on being decisive isn’t very decisive at all. You have to start small though. Little decisions here and their and work your way up. Eventually you’ll get used to it and even start to like it. In the end its all about willpower. You have to make yourself decide things even if you don’t like it.

Dr. D

Dear Dr. D.

My girlfriend is a major flirt and although she assures me that she isn't cheating on me, I have a difficult time with the fact that all her friends are male. They are always touching on her and hugging her and it just makes my skin crawl. I've tried to address her about this but she brushes me off and says I'm putting too much into it. I really love her, but I don't like having to share her with so many other men. What should I do?

I don’t know what to tell you except to trust. Other than that your just going to have to deal with all those emotions eating you up inside day in and day out. Trust is important and i realize it doesn’t quell the feelings you have inside nor will it probably ever. Your just have to have faith in your significant other not to break your heart and betray you. So my advice is to just stay quiet about it and trust her. The feelings you can deal with on your own.

Dr. D

Dear Dr. D.

I am an obsessive compulsive when it comes to work, and now I'm falling behind. Any suggestions?

The thing to do in your case is the hardest thing to do because you are obsessive compulsive. You need to step back and prioritize. Perhaps even delegate some of your lesser duties to others that can handle it. I can understand that when you get enough work piled up you get overwhelmed, but you just have to take it one thing at a time. That is the best you can do. Prioritize the most important thing and work your way down. It will get done over time. It is always better late than never.

Dr. D




Alluria Malek, the Tribune’s very own investigative reporter passed away in DetCon after being arrested for treason against the Federation. Survivors are her parents, Lord Drakkar Malek and Lady Gwendayln Malek. A private service will be held on her home planet Sevarcos.

Kelsati Arden passed away of blood alcohol poisoning. She is survived by her parents Countess and Count Bernadette and Aramis Arden, and two brothers. A ceremony in her honor will be held on Cephai Secondus. The ceremony is said to be a closed casket at the request of the Federation. No further information has been reported.

Beck Canova was assassinated during a mission on Yag’Dhul. The source of his assassination is still under investigation. His body has been sent to the NR to allow them to arrange services and contact any relatives. No further information on services is known at this time.

Tavin McFini, brother of Vice-Admiral Tavish McFini was killed by the Vice-Admiral after attempting to murder Tavish’s wife Tavia and admitting to being at fault for the recent death of Mr. And Mrs. McFini. Services will be conducted at the time of Mr. And Mrs. McFini’s services.

Mr, and Mrs. McFini, parents to Vice-Admiral Tavish McFini were killed in an explosion that destroyed their shuttle as they were taking off from the Intimidator. Foul play is suspected and has been undergoing investigation. Services will be held in their honor. Dates and times will be announced at a later time.

OOC News

We’d like to take a moment to welcome our newest members to the NIF! We hope that you are enjoying your time here and will continue to stay with us for a very long time!
Kassandra, Cedrex, Apodae, Lt. Ravage, Kitty, Phoenix

We have officially transferred over to the new board. The old board has been shut down. The transfer has happened a lot sooner than we expected! Syren has been working hard to make it happen. Syren, I believe that you deserve some special recognition here for all your hard work in getting the new site put together and answering our questions, fixing the problems and spending as much time as you have on helping create this place for us to roleplay. A very special thank you goes out to you for everything you have done and continue to do.

The time has finally come for a new Dark Jedi to be appointed among the NIF. During the vote, a second position opened up with the return of Rav to the NIF. In conclusion of the voting, Thess was given one of the two DJ spots and Tavia was given the second. Congrats to you both. Now go do something DJish and make us proud!

The third annual signature contest has come to an end. There were a lot of great entries and great participation on everyone’s part! Everyone did an excellent job creating a signature to portray their characters. The best overall winner went to Ace Roscoe. Congrats!

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