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Document 3.0. Welcome to the Manual. It contains everything you need to know about the New Imperial Federation as a member.

1.0 Official Rules

NIF Official Rules are listed in the Imperial Database for easy access.

2.0 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions and answers file is listed in the Imperial Database for easy access. About

Visit the
Recruitment Office to learn what the New Imperial Federation is about, and why you should join. Sign Up

Signing up is a quick and easy process. Just click the Sign Up Wizard and go on. Titles

Your title is used throughout the NIF. The format of your title is: [Rank] [Full Name] , [Location], [Member Types]. Examples: "Captain Joe Johnson, ESD Nemesis, Combat Systems Officer" or "Lieutenant John Smith, ESD Nemesis, TIE Defender pilot".

You also have what is called a custom title under your account name. This title can not be changed by you, and will be updated to reflect your rank by the Executive Command. You may however edit your Character Profile to reflect your rank. Ranks

Refer to the Rank Plaques and Code Cylinders Table for an overview of the NIF rank hierarchy. Enlisted and Judicial

Aside from the standard commissioned officer, you can also sign up as an NCO if this is more to your liking. You can participate in Missions like everyone else, and you can get promoted like everyone else according to the above table. While NCO ranks are not supposed to get into combat directly, it can happen, particularly if you participate in Missions. In this context we mean the three following divisions when talking about NCOs:

Navy Enlisted These are the people who make up the majority of ship's crews. They handle everything from assigning new quarters, oversee worker droids, repairs, ammunition transports for the troops at the front, or as a tech specialist with sensors, or a gunner with heavy turbolasers, a guard, or communications... or traffic control... or jamming... or missiles... Without the Enlisted crew members, the NIF would cease to function, quickly.

Army Enlisted In the NIF federal army, the standard trooper is a galactic marine - a Stormtrooper. There are also non-federal NIF troopers which have more basic equipment, and they don't ride the big ships, they are mostly stuck on their home planet for garrison defence. The Commissioned Officers ranks also includes Stromtrooper Officers, this chart is for the "grunts" which make up the bulk of the army.

Fighter Corps Enlisted are the people who maintain the fighters and shuttles of the Starfigher Corps. They refuel the ships, handle the weapons loadout, repair and so forth. Much of the actual work is done by droids, but someone has to make sure they work efficiently.

Judicial Corps handle such things as rounding up prisoners of war, overseeing prisoners, conduct interrogation and write reports. You may also roleplay improving the security, prisoner transfers, exchanges, escape attempts.. your imagination is the limit. An Imperial Law Officer (ILO) may also preside in courtmartial functions such as judge (minimum required rank 4), prosecutor or defender. ILOs often work together with Stormtrooper security teams in securing prisoners.

Seniority: No one ever has the exact same rank as another. When two officers of the same rank meet, one is the superior, which is determined by seniority. Seniority is defined by the date a character has joined the NIF, which can be found in their
Character Profile. Political Ranks

Emperor - The ultimate authority; the New Imperial Federation is an Empire, and the title of Emperor is for life, new Emperor is decreed by majority vote of the Senate. The Emperor also have a political staff since it is impossible for the Emperor to run everything alone. Officials tied to the Emperor's staff are known as Viziers (equal to Senator), Grand Viziers (equal to Chancellor), and Viceroys (functions as a Grand Moff, but with higher autonomy). Viceroys are only assigned in special cases for self-contained sectors of space such as a star cluster. The Emperor has veto on Senate decrees - however there is one exception; a dysfunctional Emperor can be voted out of office by the Senate via a 3/4 absolute supermajority vote of no confidence.

Supreme Commander - Highest military rank, although it also has considerable political overtones. Represents and is selected by the Emperor.

Supreme Chancellor - Leads the ruling council, which is the political entity that runs NIF federal politics. Has an extra vote in case of tied votes. Candidacy is elected by the ruling party in the senate, then voted in by the public.

Chancellor - A Senator in the ruling council; runs the government's daily affairs. Are chosen by the Supreme Chancellor and approved by the Senate. The number is limited to 12 but can be less.

Senator - represents a single sector in the NIF senate; passess laws by vote and presents new laws to the senate. Senators are always elected.

Grand Moff - NIF federal ruler for an entire oversector of space, including local military forces. An oversector is either a priority sector or a collection of sectors. Assigned by and answers directly to the Emperor.

Moff - NIF federal ruler for an entire sector of space, including local military forces. Answers to a Grand Moff. Moffs are picked from the military or the Governors by the federal government.

Governor - Planetary governor; rules an entire system with the exception of any federal miliary forces located in the system. The Governor's wishes are considered "well-meant suggestions" by the local federal forces. May or may not be voted into office depending on local laws. Exact title may also vary according to local customs. For example, Naboo has a ruling Queen. Answers to a Moff.

Vice-Governor - Second in charge after the Governor, usually selected by and answers to the Governor.

Advisor - Official, typically in a Governor's staff.

Ambassador - Represents the NIF with foreign governments.

Vice-Ambassador - Aids the ambassador and handles daily affairs of the embassy.

Consul - In charge of all NIF affairs with a foreign goverment that is considered not important enough to have an embassy.

Diplomat - Official who partakes in negotiations on behalf of the NIF. Usually restricted to trade agreements.

Attaché - Official who are assigned to the staff of a diplomatic mission to serve in a particular capacity; military, trade, culture etc.

Aide - Offical who assists a higher official. Promotions and Awards

Following a the debriefing of a Mission, you may receive a promotion or awards according to your service record. These are noted in the Promotions and Awards History Log which can be found in the Imperial Database. Posting with quality and creativeness earns you promotions. Successful actions during missions earn you awards. Further details about what awards the NIF gives out can also be found in the Imperial Database. Blanks

"Blank" personnel are the thousands of Imperial pilots, troopers, and officers who are not characters in the RPG. It is necessary for members to specify the actions of "blanks" to make missions realistic, as more personnel are needed per mission than we have members. You get blanks according to your rank. Any member can also utilise support craft throughout their missions such as shuttles, transports, rearming and repair craft. When using "blanks" in missions, never actually refer to them as "blanks". You can also get more blanks allocated to you for other reasons.

Rank level 7 = Unlimited within reason.
Rank level 6 = 1 wing or 1 regiment.
Rank level 5 = 5 squadrons or 1 batallion.
Rank level 4 = 4 squadrons or 1 company.
Rank level 3 = 3 squadrons or 1 platoon.
Rank level 2 = 1 squadron.
Rank level 1 = 3 blanks (wingmen for pilots).


1 Blank = 1 fighter or 1 trooper.
1 Flight = 4 Starfighters.
1 Fighter squadron = 12 fighters of any type.
1 Air Group = 2 to 5 squadrons.
1 Wing = 6 Squadrons of starfighters.
1 Division = 2 or more wings.

1 Fire Team = 4 Troopers.
1 Army squadron = 8 troopers of any type, or 2 light vehicles such as AT-ST, or 1 heavy vehicle such as an AT-AT or MT-AT.
1 Platoon = 4 Squadrons (32 troopers + officers).
1 Company = 4 Platoons (128 troopers + officers).
1 Batallion = 4 Companies (512 troopers + officers).
1 Regiment = 4 Batallions (2048 troopers + officers).
1 Battlegroup = 4 Regiments (8192 troopers + officers).
1 Corps = 4 Battlegroups (32,768 troopers + officers).
1 Army = 4 Corps (131,072 troopers + officers). Military Organization Naval officers ship allocation system

Higher ranks - decided by the Executive Command only.
Vice-Admiral - 1 Battleship.
Rear-Admiral - 1 Battlecruiser plus 2 Heavy Cruisers.
Commodore - 1 Battlecruiser.
Line Captain - 2 Large Cruisers.
Captain - 1 Heavy Cruiser.
Commander - 1 Medium Cruiser.
Lieutenant-Commander - 1 Light Cruiser.
Lieutenant - 1 Destroyer.
Sub-Lieutenant - 1 Medium or Heavy Frigate.
Ensign - 1 Corvette, Monitor or Light Frigate.

1 Battleship can be exchanged for 2 Heavy Battlecruisers..
1 Heavy Battlecruiser can be exchanged for 2 Medium Battlecruisers.
1 Medium Battlecruiser can be exchanged for 2 Light Battlecruisers.
1 Light Battlecruiser can be exchanged for 2 Large Cruisers or 1 Heavy Fleet Carrier.
1 Large Cruiser can be exchanged for 2 Heavy Cruisers or 1 Fleet Carrier.
1 Heavy Cruiser can be exchanged for 2 Medium Cruisers.
1 Medium Cruiser can be exchanged for 2 Light Cruisers.
1 Light Cruiser can be exchanged for 2 Destroyers or 1 Light Carrier.
1 Destroyer can be exchanged for 2 Heavy Frigates.
1 Heavy Frigate can be exchanged for 2 Medium Frigates.
1 Medium Frigate can be exchanged for 2 Corvettes, Light Frigates, Monitors or Escort Carriers.

Special Ship Equivalents:
Modular Taskforce Cruiser = Light Cruiser
Acclamator Military Transport = Light Cruiser
Torpedo Sphere = Medium Battlecruiser

Example: A newly promoted Lieutenant can opt to command 1 MCR -OR- 2 LCR -OR- 1 LCR and 2 HFRG -OR- 1 LCR and 8 CRV, or any other valid combination. You update your
Character Profile with your selected ship(s). Task Force and Fleet Commanders have final say in what your character get to your command. The only ship you get for free is the corvette you start out with as a Cadet. You only get listed as the Commanding Officer of one ship. All other ships, including those under your command, may have another Naval Officer as a Captain. You should also be aware that the NIF may not have all ships in service that you wish to command. All ships you opt for must be in the same Task Force. Apply for a new command in the Naval Operations forum. News

Updates and additions to the New Imperial Federation are written in the Newsline. The newsline can be found in the Imperial Database, where you can also find the NIF newsletter. Character Profile

When you sign up, you do so by creating a profile with all your character data in a post in the apropriate Member Type forum. This is your character profile. In it, you should write down everything of interest about your character, such as name, rank, background, history in the NIF, received awards, commands and so forth. Blank Characters also have a basic profile in a similar fashion. Note also that your user name when you sign up should be the name of your character and no longer than 15 characters. Locations

NIF may acquire new vessels and planets from time to time. Once a ship or planet is under our control, it will be listed under the IRM. Check out the section that says "Member Availability". If your member type is listed, you can transfer to it by editing the field "Location: " in your Character Profile to ship designation/planet name. You can transfer between ships/planets whenever you wish. This does not change any command position you may have, only your default base of operations. Money

Money is of no importance until you want to buy something. Unless you are a Freelancer, money has even less importance, the NIF provides. All NIF personnel gets:

a) Quarters. This varies between a field bunk bed in a Stormtrooper barracks to a personal palace for a Governor.
b) Free meals five times per day, once every three standard hours. This includes the Shadow Hands but not Freelancers. Liquor is not free of charge. Additional meal cupons can be bought at a self-cost price. Command officers have access to their own small selection of liquor due to their representative duties.
b) A standard uniform set which can be replaced free of charge once per year, that varies between divisions and ranks. For example, a Stormtrooper gets one personal set of armour, which is repaired or replaced as necessary, and one duty uniform. Naval officers gets four uniforms, one field, two duty, and one dress uniform. Higher officers (read in command position) gets four extra uniforms. Pilots get two flight suits, one duty uniform and one dress uniform. Agents get only two duty uniforms, since they need no more. ISIS command officers also get one dress uniform. (ISIS agents rarely show up officially) SH and Freelancers use their own clothing.
c) A personal sidearm. This is limited to Imperial standard issue, though you can use a sidearm of your own choice at your own cost unless your CO disapproves. Note that troopers has more than one weapon in their standard set.
d) Standard issue equipment. Varies between branches.
In addition to this, all personnel receives mission-specific equipment, which is recalled after the mission. In any case one wants anything beyond standard issues, it is up to respective CO.

All characters except Freelancers receives weekly pay (see the Imperial Database for paylist). FL instead paid on a mission basis for fulfilling objectives and collecting bounties placed.

All characters start out with 10,000 Credits. If you start out with a ship, the cost of it is deducted from this sum (you may end up with a debt). Keeping track of how much you have is up to you. There are coins, electronic pen-shaped credit sticks, and account transfers, but no paper money except on a few barbaric worlds. Most worlds exchange NIF Credits and New Republic Credits on an even basis.

Everyone pays annual income tax. The NIF federal tax rate is progressive and tops out at 15%. You may also have to pay local taxes which may be significantly higher on your local holdings, if you have any. In simple terms you can assume that you pay a federal tax rate equal to your rank level, that means 1% for starting rank. Cybernetics

The use and availability of cybernetic implants is detailed here.

1.3.1 Imperial Database

The Imperial Database is a collection of useful information both for out of character and in character needs. You do not need to read the database in order to be able to roleplay at NIF, but you may find some of the information helpful.

1.3.2 Imperial Resource Management

The IRM contains roleplaying information about NIF territory, fleets and shipyards. Any member can benefit from knowning the current status of the NIF as an organization, since this determines decisions the Executive Command makes about large scale roleplaying scenarios, but this is a section you can save for when you have gotten deeper into the RPG. If you have signed up as a naval officer, this is a must read if you want to be able to play realistically.

3.0.2 Roleplaying

There are many different types of role-playing games. The one used at this site is called literary roleplaying, or interactive fiction. We create characters with detailed backgrounds and unique personalities and abilities. Then, we create scenarios in the Star Wars universe. We play the role of our character, and write what we think the character should do in the situation. Imagine you are reading a Star Wars novel, with different bits and pieces of the story written by different people, from different perspectives. Now imagine you can write a chapter yourself - let your character be part of the story. Other members would add on, making use of what your character did, and interacting with you. That is what the New Imperial Federation RPG is all about. Missions

When you participate, describe in detail what you would do if you were in the situation described in the briefing and previous posts. VERY IMPORTANT: when participating in a mission, always write in THIRD PERSON and PAST TENSE. It is suggested you post a shorter message, let other users make use of what you did in that short message, then post again, as many times as you would like. Make sure that eventually, all the objectives are completed, but do not complete all of the objectives yourself. Make sure never to complete an objective that doesn't fit your Member Type unless there isn't anyone else to do it. If you stretch reality and make your character too powerful, your posts may be deleted.

Every mission can benefit from added challenge. Whenever you want, you can post a reply with the subject: "Opposition". In the body of the message, describe the enemies' movements to counter our actions. Please don't be too surreal, don't make it impossible to complete the mission. Admins may create new mission objectives based on Opposition messages.

Keep your member information in mind when posting. Make sure you play the role you signed up for (Fighter Pilot, Dark Jedi, etc). Also note that each mission takes place at a different time than others, so you are free to participate in as many missions as you want, as much as you want.

Another topic in the mission forums is "Comments & Planning". You can post comments about the mission here, and plan strikes informally. Once the mission is complete, the mission topic will be closed and a topic will be posted entitled "Debriefing" with comments from the Campaign Admin and info on any Promotions and Awards given out. You can reply to this message with your comments on how this mission went, and any suggestions for future missions. Missions are nearly the only way to earn medals, though you may earn promotions by service outside of missions. Any form of roleplaying adds to your merits, though participating (successfully) in missions is the fastest way to earn promotions, just like in real life.

Please, do not post any new, seperate topics in a campaign forum or they will be removed. Always reply to an existing topic started by the Executive Command (i.e. Mission, Comments & Planning, Debriefing). A few days after a mission has been completed and everyone has had a chance to put in their final words, the entire forum will be closed and moved to the category Archives for reference. Campaign Missions

There are at all times two campaign missions running in their own forums. These are large scale operations in which all members can participate. The campaign missions are also important for the overall plotline, because they define the timeline. Examples: Before C1M10. After C2M8. Each campaign mission counts for a month (30 days to be precise), making it two months for both campaigns. Secondary Missions

Secondary missions take place between campaign mission in timeline. They are usually shorter, runs at a slower pace, and are often limited to one or two different Member Types. Other than that, they are just like Campaign Missons. Force Points

There are several types of members who may achieve Force Powers like Dark Jedi, but usually trained on a much more limited scale since they aren't DJ. You have to Roleplay out training in these powers to learn them, and you are assumed to be as proficient in them as your experience reflects, which is equal to your Rank level. You should list what Force Powers you are proficient with in your Character Profile.

3.0.3 Open Roleplaying

Open roleplaying is less restriced than Missons. You start your own topic and post as you see fit, alone or interacting with others. Lounge

The Lounge is a place for informal activities and socializing with others on their time off missions. However, other open roleplaying threads may be started in the lounge at your discretion. Marketplace

At the marketplace, you can buy and sell all wares that are reasonably within your characters purchasing power. NIF personnel get all the equipment they need to perform their duties, but you may still want to buy additional or personal items, or if you are a Freelancer, get some necessary gear. Training Centre

The training centre is the place for all training threads. They may include fleet war games, pilot simulator runs, troopers shooting range, and so on. Remember that you have access to advanced training equipment, such as holo simulations, training droids and remotes.

3.0.4 Member Resources

Member Resources forums exist to enhance your roleplaying options. Research and Development.

In the R&D forum, you can develop new weapons and technology for use in the NIF. Note that all R&D projects are reviewed by the Executive Command or the R&D Moderators before they are approved to be completed. First, you create a proposition for your project with the help of the following template:

Designation: What your completed design will be called. This is not necessarily your project name. (for example, Project "Twin Ion Engine" may produce a design with the designation "TIE Fighter")

Purpose: State the purpose of what you are designing, why it should be designed, why you are designing it.

Application: State how your design is used.

Schedule: In Star Wars time, how long it will take to design. You may create the finished project the next minute in real life, however it may take longer to actually design it. The average schedule is from 1 week to 2 months. If you wish, you can reply to this message wish a description of your progress on different days/weeks (based on your schedule) leading up to your prototype completion. When you are ready, reply again with all of the information on the prototype. This should be posted as a reply to the original message, and contain the following information:

Visual Description: Simply describe what the prototype looks like. A picture is appreciated but not required (except for fighters and capital ships).

Technical Specifications: State all of the properties of your design, for example, if it is a fighter you should include its speed (MGLT), hull rating (RU), shield rating (SBD), weapons, etc. Also, if at all possible, indicate the Star Wars technology used in the prototype and for what purpose.

Weaknesses: Realistically, every design should have some.

Projected Upgrades: Self-explanatory. You have to ability to reply to this topic as many times as you wish to upgrade your design. Always reply, only one topic per project.

Then you wait for approval of your project to continue. The Executive Officer responding to your project may also require additions or alterations by you before your project is allowed to continue. In general, small technological devices for personal use are less restricted than for example a new capital ship design. Note that if you wish to make a major project such as a capital ship, a new fighter design or an army vehicle, you must include a picture with your project. When your project is approved, you may start using the new design.

If you have completed a project and would like it removed from the projects forum to the Archives, edit the the topic header of the project's first post to include the words PROJECT CLOSED. Blank Characters

Blank Characters, or NPC's (Non-Player Characters), exist to complement your main characters(s). For example, you may create a droid which helps you in your tasks. Naval Officers often create their bridge crew officers as blank characters pilots their wingmen, troopers their squadron comrades and so on. You do not need to create a blank character unless you have use of a detailed support character and intend to develop or make use of them again.

You have many options for the Character Type of your Blank Character(s). Their Character Type may be a standard member type such as Stormtrooper or Naval Officer. However, you may create a Blank Character that is a mercenary, bounty hunter, smuggler, etc. Remember that mercs never work directly with Imperial command like other Imperial characters. They may simply contact the Empire and ask for a job for pay, or have their services requested by the Empire. Please be realistic in your decisions and actions.

Advanced note: Blank Characters do not have to be allies of the Empire. It would add great interest if one would roleplay an enemy Blank Character. This must be done carefully and properly to work however. Please specify a faction and function (job) of the character under Character Type on the template in the Blank Character forum.

The blank characters you create are largely controlled by you, but they may also be used by others.

When you create a blank character, you may put as little or as much detail into it's Character Profile as you would like. You may then refer to this character's actions often throughout your posts like they were your own character. Do not create a new ezboard account for each Blank Character. Use the one for your main character to be given credit for your actions. Teams

Forming teams can add a unique level of interest to missions. A team works together, and makes plans to help each other complete mission objectives. Working as a team successfully with other members also helps you win Promotions and Awards. All teams must be of the same member type. In the forum, each new topic represents a new team. To start a team, start a new topic with the subject as the name of your team. You can make up whatever name you wish, but it must be followed by the appropriate designation. These are:

Member TypeDesignationExample
Dark JediOrderAlpha Order
ISIS AgentsUnitAlpha Unit
Fighter PilotsSquadronAlpha Squadron
Army TroopersRegimentAlpha Regiment
Naval OfficersCorpsAlpha Corps

In the body of the message, type the Title of each member you wish to invite into the group, or criteria to join the group (i.e. TIE Defender Pilot, Lieutenant Commander). Over this list use the heading 'Invitees'). If you wish, you can add some comments like hype about how good you team is/will be or your overall objectives.

You should send an E-mail to all of the members you invited. For someone to join your team (or for you to join someone else's team) they must reply to the invitation message (on the forum, NOT the E-mail) with the subject "Accept Invitation". In the body of the message, everyone's free to type what they want, whether it be in character or out. To leave a team, edit your acceptance post with the subject "Resignation" and state the reason you are leaving the team in the body of the message. You can also request to the person that started the team in a new post for permission to enter the team.

Once everyone (or an acceptable number of members) has accepted the invitation to join the team, you can edit the invitation message and make it a team information message and member list if you wish. The topic is yours to do with what you like, but do not do all of your mission planning on it or it will overflow. Remember, teams do not compete with each other! All teams work together for the cause of the New Imperial Federation! Medical Command

If you, a comrade at arms, or a captured enemy is injured or sick for some reason, for example by being exposed to hostile fire during a Mission, you can enter yourself/them in the Medical Command. Use the following template to add patients:

Refferrer's Name: Your name.
Patient's Name: Name of injured character.
Species: The species of the patient.
Gender: The gender of the patient.
Affiliation: Their occupation (i.e. Rebel, Imperial, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter).
Health Status/Injury: State how the patient is hurt.
Reason of Hospitalization: State how the injury occurred.

A Medical Officer will reply to this message with a diagnosis and a description of treatment. If a Medical Officer does not write a report, you may do so yourself. As long as the patient is still alive within the NIF, their file will remain in Medical Command. If you are injured, keep track of your file and do not make a new one, keep adding replies to the same thread (your medical file). Once a patient dies or leaves the Medical Command, the file is eventually closed and moved to Archives.

You may also sign up as an Intern which have the option to write Medical Reports for all patients. You may also roleplay the treatment/surgery of the patient. Do not let any member character die or become permanently disabled during treatment unless expressively allowed by the member. Blank characters may however not be so fortunate. Detention Control

If you capture enemies during missions, you may enter them in the Detention Control forum. Post a new topic for each time you capture prisoners. The subject should be: "[Campaign #] [Mission #] : [name of PRISONER] , [type of character]". For example: "Campaign 1 Mission 1: John Smith, Smuggler" or "Campaign 1, Mission 1: Mr. Bad Guy, Rebel". Imperial personnel may also serve time in detention. There is a template at the top of the page to copy and paste into your post. The fields are (with explanations):

Referrer's Name: Your name.
Prisoner's Name: Name of prisoner.
Species: The species of the prisoner.
Gender: The gender of the prisoner.
Affiliation: Side they belong to or job. (i.e. Rebel, Imperial, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter)
Crime: What crime the prisoner committed.
Report: Summarize the arrest. Include the name of the thread in which the crime took place.
Health Status: Any injuries, etc.

A Prison Official will then reply to the message with an Interrogation Report (this can give you more information to use in the mission or future missions in the Campaign) and sentence. If a Prison Official does not reply with a report, you can write one yourself. If your character is serving a sentence, you may still continue roleplaying, provided that the characters' sentence is time-limited.

As long as a prisoner physically remains in Imperial detention, their post will remain in the Detention Control forum. If the prisoner is executed, or is traded with the enemy for resources, the topic will be closed and put into Archives. If they are captured AGAIN in another mission (an operation only to be done carefully) then the topic will be moved out of Archives and the new reports can be added as replies to the original topic. Consider the topic their "Criminal Record".

You may also sign up to become a Detention Officer which have the option to write Interrogation Reports for all prisoners. You may also roleplay the interrogation if you wish. Do not let any member character die or become permanently disabled during interrogation unless expressively allowed by the member. Blank Characters may however not be so fortunate. Naval Operations

The Naval Operations forum is the center of handling New Imperial Federation fleets. Here new ships are logged when they are captured or constructed, named and added to a fleet. If you are a commanding officer of one or several starships, you may here request new ships to be added to your fleet, repairs and upgrades of your current ships, name your new ships, or request status reports. Academy

The Academy is the starting point of new recruits. Here you may read questions answered in the past, or add your own questions to be answered. The entire forum is completely out-of-character.

3.0.5 Member Types

Member Types, or Departments, are the different kinds of characters you can roleplay. Each Member Type represent a different branch of the New Imperial Federation organization. Further details of each military branch are listed in the Imperial Database. Dark Jedi

You are allowed to have Force Sensitive characters. The prerequisite for this is a Character Profile with 1000 words or more, describing your character's background and relation to the Force. Note that as a Force Sensitive, you have almost no extra skills above that of a non-Force user. You are allowed to start out with exactly four things - precognition, which only gives you superior reflexes according to your level of skill, enhanced skill just above what is normally possible for your species in one or two areas such as piloting or animal understanding, highly observant which allow you to notice things other people misses, and strong mind which grants you immunity to simple mind tricks but nothing more. Keep in mind that it is unlikely that your character even knows he/she is force sensitive.

Playing a Dark Jedi character well is a serious challenge. While most players wants to be Force users, since they are so integral to the Star Wars saga, their actual number is very small. Realistically, only one in countless trillions would be gifted with the Force.

Dark Jedi can eventually learn all Force Powers (however, not equally skilled in all of them), but any Force Sensitive character is eligible for training.

Apply in the Infolink forum to submit a character for acceptance in the Omega Order. After that, your Dark Jedi gains in rank and power like anyone else, by training and participating in missions, however be aware that Dark Jedi increases in rank much more slowly than other characters since it is a prestigious class.

In order to roleplay a Dark Jedi effectively you should train, not just read up, on how the various Force powers can be used. You should also study other Dark Jedi and Sith in the Star Wars saga as role models for your character. Is he cunning, manipulative and power hungry like Palpatine? Is he a powerful Death Knight like Darth Vader? Is he skillful and aggressive like Darth Maul? Is she walking the edge between the Light and the Dark like Mara Jade? Is she vindictive like Shira Brie? Is she a cold-hearted perfectionist like Sariss? You get the idea. Intel Agents

Intelligence Agents are an integral part of most NIF operations. They rely on their skill at subterfuge rather that raw power to infiltrate the enemy and learn their secrets, utilize enemy equipment, sabotage vital installations often immeditately prior to a major assault by Imperial troops, or just about any situation that calls for cunning more than power. All agents are highly independant individuals which often operates alone, sometimes in small teams, but never in masses with heavy firepower and armour like army troopers. Agents have access to sophisticated gadgets and cutting edge technologies in order to get their special tasks done. For more information regarding the organizational structure of the Imperial Security and Intelligence Service, aka ISIS, and their equipment of choice, refer to the ISIS headquarters. Army Troopers

The Imperial Army forms the backbone of the New Imperial Federation. Without the highly trained, dedicated foot soldier, we could not hold a single planet. We have amazing technologies to augment and support the foot soldier, but none that can completely replace him or her. For more information, see the Trooper Barracks.

Stormtroopers The core of the army consists of Stormtroopers. Any Stormtrooper is a completely loyal, dependable soldier of the Empire, immune to corruption. Stormtrooper armour comes in various specialized versions for different environments.

AT Pilot A force of attacking Imperial walkers is a dreaded sight for any enemy. This group of specialized vehicles can easily cut through enemy lines with superior firepower and mobility. Carefully coordinated combined arms teams with walkers is the key to success in any battle.

Army Pilot The army does not rely on the Navy for air support. Army Pilots in powerful transports and attack craft can quickly move troops and vehicles and project air power anywhere on the battlefield.

Armour The armour corps include all armoured vehicles that are not walkers. This includes all hovertanks, and the majority of artillery. They can not move through shields like walkers, but they have great mobility, speed and firepower.

War Droid Operator Battle droids come in all sizes, taking roles varying from small-time scouting to heavy artillery support. They can be built faster than troopers can be trained, but even the best droids lack the initiative and flexibility of living troops, so they are usually used to supplement regular troops in combined arms teams rather than replacing them completely, although low-level risk zones may allow the use of droids alone. Droids allow large forces to be deployed quickly and maintained at a very low cost.

Special Forces Special Forces are the most highly trained and well equipped of all Imperial troops. They have special conditions in place before you can join them. The requirements are available for under the Imperial Army section in the Imperial Database. If your desired troop type is not yet added, you can ask for clarification in the Academy. All trooper types below are considered Special Forces.
Radtroopers Radtroopers are specially equipped to operate for weeks in heavy radiation zones, where others would perish.

Commando Commandos rely on stealth and precision in their strikes, taking out important targets and disappearing before the enemy can strike back.

Sniper Snipers are often underestimated. Their foremost weapon is not their powerful blaster rifles, it is their ability to scout ahead in complete stealth deep into enemy territory and for exampel call in devastating bombardment on the hapless enemy while taking out key targets and then quickly zoom away to safety.

Darktroopers The heavy assault division of the Special Forces. All of them are enhanced "supersoldiers" who either receive Force training or Cybernetic Implants. Aside from fulfilling the requirements, you will need to select which subtype you prefer.

Zero-G Assault Troopers The most heavily armed and armoured troop in existance. They are experts in boarding capital ships from space.

Royal Guard The most skilled elite of all troops, protecting VIPs and critical locations. Sovereign Protectors is a smaller unit within the Royal Guard who are trained in use of the Force. Naval Officers

For information regarding the Imperial Fleets, see the IRM. Naval Officers serve aboard capital ships. The role of a Naval Officer is suitable for the one with an analytical mind and an interest in tactics. They can be sensor operators, weapons officers, helmsmen, shield operators and much more. The best officers which demonstrates solid leadership and tactical skill may come to command a ship or task force. Imperial capital ships is the core which every other part of Imperial military power surrounds; without capital ships, enemy fleets can not be defeated, planetary defences can not be breached, troops can not be landed, and pilots would be reduced to hit-and -run strikes on minor targets.

The power of the Imperial Starfleet is amazing. Within hours, capital ships can arrive at any system in the galaxy, and wipe out all life in it in short order, should such a final solution ever be needed. Naval battles are a complex concert of deploying ships of all sizes with varying capabilities for maximum effect. Luring the enemy, maximizing electronic warfare, maneouvering into favourable positions, concentrating overwhelming firepower are standard procedures for a naval commander. In addition to having the lifes of thousands and a multi-billion cost ships at your command to carry out the agenda of the NIF, you have to carefully weigh risks against value, and use use shields, speed, starfighters and defensive weapons to keep your ship safe from attack.

As a Naval Officer, you have the option to command a starship from the very beginning. This is the only time you can yourself choose which ship you want to command without asking. Any ship listed in the IRM with "Combat Role: Corvette" that is not listed as having a Captain already is eligible. You can transfer to any ship simply by changing "Location: " in your Character Profile, but you can only get more ships assigned under your command depending on mission profile or increase in rank. Shadow Hand

The Shadow Hand is a loosely held organisation of individuals. They carry out many of the tasks of Intelligence Agents or Troopers, but there are crucial differences. A Shadow Hand is separate from the regular military, have only one rank level and only answers directly to the Executive Command. They operate even more independantly than agents, only relying on their own wits and skill, and whatever equipment they can buy or steal. As an added bonus, Shadow Hand has a very high security clearance and can access some of the most secret information in the NIF. Finally, most people in the regular military are not even aware of the existance of the Shadow Hands, and the few who do does not know what they are or do. Officially, the Shadow Hands are only known as 'Department 0451'.

Once you reach rank level 3, you can create a new Shadow Hand character, or change your current character to a Shadow Hand. Apply in the Infolink forum. Freelancers

Freelancers is a collective term for bounty hunters, mercenaries, smugglers, informants, pirates, scientists and every other individual that may work for the NIF outside of any Imperial organization. They are privateers that work for the money or their personal beliefs. They have their own equipment and rely on their own skill to succeed. It is a role suitable for the those who wish to have a lot of freedom, but operating outside of the Imperial military also has drawbacks; some Imperial officers disregard freelancers, "we don't need that scum", and you may get little or no support when you need it. While you have complete freedom in carrying out your tasks, you still have to obey imperial law and regulations, but without any of the privileges of ranking officers. Note that you have to have at least one Imperial character (= any other type) before you are allowed to sign up for a freelancer character.

Privateers are pirates sanctioned by the NIF. They get a frigate-class vessel or smaller to sign up with by default, are not allowed to prey on NIF or NIF-allied shipping, and must turn in their loot for a 50% return, or equal value thereof. Refer to the Pirate's How-To Guide in the Imperial Database for more reading material.

All characters with privately owned small ships may store and have it repaired, refuelled, and restocked, aboard a NIF capital ship, provided you are working under an NIF contract, allowed to stay aboard by the ship's commander, and pay your bills. In addition, the NIF provides a shipyard available for construction, customization, repair or maintenance, of civilian capital ships, again provided that you pay the bills and can show that you work for the NIF (a privateering letter of marque issued by the NIF is acceptable). Note that the yard may be already busy so you may have to wait for your order to be done. Officials

While NIF politicians have no ranks such as in the military, they have political assignments with increasing authority and responsibilities in a similar form. Getting promoted on the political ladder reflects such a career. Politicians have a very different focus from the military, although sometimes they may be involved in planetary security actions or defence of a system they are in charge of. Politicians are however mostly involved in politics - diplomatic talks, trade agreements, trying to increase their influence and public popularity and so on. Unlike military officers, politicians often have to participate in voting to get their post. If your character are promoted, you are often assumed to have won an election, however it is also an excellent chance for roleplaying with your political character. Note that you can rp an election any time, but you can only assume a higher political office if noted in the Promotions and Awards History Log.

You sign up for as many political characters you want in the Officials forum, Note that Officials will rarely get any awards. All Political Ranks are available here. Moderators

Moderators have some of the functions and responsibility of the Executive Command, typically limited to one or a couple forums. They make sure that the Official Rules are followed and that the individual forum rules and guidelines are followed, as well as help out new members. Moderators are identifiable by having one or several gold squares in their rank plaque. They are also listed in forum they moderate. Executive Command

In character, the Imperial executive command (also referred to as IMEXCO) leads the New Imperial Federation. There is no higher position you can achieve. In real life, the executive commanders are the site administrators. They have the responsibility to make sure that the roleplaying is conducted smoothly and in according to the Official Rules. They improve the site, leads missions and recruit more members. They should be at all times respected for the responsibility and authority they have. Keep in mind that all disagreements between individual members (not characters) should be resolved outside of the board, while executive officers may interfere with you directly - mainly to help you if you get stuck - but also if you happen to break the rules. Any rule in this document may be disregarded with the consent of the Executive Command. You can contact the executive officers via their contact information listed in the Communications Centre. Executive Officers are listed under forum Teams and have their own character profile forum.

3.0.6 Open Forums

The Open Forums are simply available for all communication between members outside of roleplaying. Visitors are also allowed to post here. General Forum

The General Forum is open any kind of topics. Advertisments are allowed here, but spam is not. The defintion of spam is posts without meaninful content, multiple advertisements during a short time, or any form of attempted fraud or invitation to illegal activities. Propaganda Bureau

This is the place where members can organize their recruiting activities and advertisements. The more there are of us, the better the roleplaying is, so please invite people to join. Recruiting others is very favourable for your characters career. Star Wars Discussion

In this forum, we discuss everything related to Star Wars. Test Range

This is the place to learn how to post, how to use Ezboard and try out various functions. You can post here to see what your custom signature looks like while you adjust it. A custom signature is a piece of text and/or an image which represents your character. Any pictures posted may not exceed 300 x 500 pixels or 50 kiloBytes. More information about how you can create a custom signature is available in the Test Range's description.

3.0.7 Administrative

Forums dealing with administration and development of the NIF. Not all of them are public access. Infolink

Infolink is a two-way out-of-character forum for communication between the staff and the members. Polls and information is regularly posted here. If you want to influence the future of the NIF as a site, this is the place to do it. This is also where you post your application to become either a Dark Jedi or a Shadow Hand.

3.0.8 Archives

Exactly what it sounds like. The different archives are storage points for completed threads from their respective forum. All archives are read-only. Notify the Executive Command if you wish to re-open an archived thread.