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Most of the files on this page are MIDI files. They may sound differently depending on your sound card. While a MIDI is playing off this Jukebox, MIDIs will not play on any other pages. You will also need a music player installed. This Jukebox is useful for listening to what music you want while participating in Missions.

Character Themes

Midi Files

Star Wars Theme Mix 1

Star Wars Theme Mix 2

Cantina Theme


Death Star Battle

Ewok Parade

Star Wars Theme Mix 2

Empire Strikes Back Finale

Imperial March Version 1

Imperial March Version 2

Imperial March Version 3

Imperial March Version 4

Force Theme

Into The Trap

Jedi Rock

TIE Fighter Game Theme

Victory Celebration

SW Theme Empire mix

X-Wing Assault

X-Wing Blueprint

X-Wing Briefing 1

X-Wing Briefing 2

X-Wing Combat

X-Wing Credits Medley

X-Wing Imperial March Version 5

X-Wing Hangar

X-Wing Inflight

X-Wing Landing

X-Wing Outpost

X-Wing Pilot

X-Wing Rescue

X-Wing Bomb

X-Wing Train

X-Wing Yavin (SW Theme Mix)

MP3 Files

Imperial March ROTJ Original

Redemption at Abridon

Imperial March Leviathan

Imperial March Rage Mix

Imperial March Metallica

KOTOR Combat

KOTOR Area 1

KOTOR Area 2

KOTOR Character

The Ghost Ship [Republic Commando]

Vode An (Brothers All) [Republic Commando]

Gratua Cuun (Our Vengeance) [Republic Commando]