Holonet Help

The NIF has an IRC channel named #NIF. If you click on Imperial Holonet in the Communications Centre, you will enter this chat channel. This is a basic overview on how to use the #NIF irc channel. You can also install an Instant Messenger client program such as Trillian or mIRC if you wish to access more functions in the chat.

Read below for instructions on how to enter the password in Trillian. How to set up Trillian.

Starting up with the webclient

  1. Click on Holonet.
  2. Enter a nickname to enter the chat.

Basic Commands

Register your nickname (recommended for moderators):
/msg nickserv REGISTER password emailaddress

Identify your registered nickname at login:
/msg nickserv IDENTIFY pass

Change your password (only needed for registered nicknames):
/msg nickserv SET PASSWORD newpassword

Whisper (private message) while in main chat:
/msg nickname

Start private chat:
/query nickname

Leave away message (use /away again to rejoin):
/away awaymessage

Command Lists

/msg NickServ HELP
/msg ChanServ HELP
/msg BotServ HELP
/msg MemoServ HELP

Operator Commands

Kicks someone out of the channel:
/kick #NIF nickname (state reason if you like here)
/msg ChanServ KICK #NIF nickname

Ban someone from the channel:
/ban #NIF nickname (state reason if you like here)
/msg ChanServ BAN #NIF nickname

Make sure they don't come back:
/msg ChanServ AKICK #NIF ADD [reason] MASK in this case is the user information you can get via a /WHOIS nickname command. For example: /cs AKICK #nif ADD linkdraco@*

Lift ban:
/msg ChanServ UNBAN #NIF nickname

Error Messages

Connection reset by peer:
This means the server you connected through has sent a "ping"
to check if you are still connected. If it gets no response, you are kicked off.

Trillian IRC Setup

  1. First download Trillian.
  2. Start Trillian. Right click on the icon and select "Connections". Then select "Manage My Connections". Lastly, click "Connections" in the side menu.
  3. Click the button for IRC connections. Fill in the fields as follows and click ok when done:
    • Server Alias: [The safest bet here is "#NIF", but anything works. #NIF will serve as a better reminder of what it is, if you happen to sign on more than one room at a time through this medium.]
    • Server: www.freejavachat.com:6667
    • Nick: [This section is obvious.]
    • Username: [Repeat nickname for safety.]
    • User Info: [Pretty much anything goes here. Best to repeat your nickname... again.]
  4. Once finished here, click on "Change".
  5. Click on "Perform Buffer". Click a checkmark in "On connection, perform these commands".
  6. Fill in the following in the box: /join #NIF nif;
  7. Click "Set nick on all servers in group".
    • If you have registered your nickname you can also add the following text to be automatically identified when you log on: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY yourpassword;
  8. Click "Set on all servers in group" again if need be.
  9. Click Connect.