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This list is a compilation of the most common questions and answers posted in the Academy plus a few that may be useful for a starting player, in a simple and direct form. If you have additional questions which are not answered in the Member's Manual or this document, you may ask them there or contact one of the Site Administrators.

Q: What characters can I play?

A: All possible player characters are described under Departments in the Database. In addition, you may also have Freelancer characters, and non-player characters, known in NIF as Blank Characters. Read more about these in the Manual.

Q: You mean I can't play Yoda or Han?

A: That's right. Roleplaying is about developing your own character. We already know what Yoda and Han did.

Q: When is all this taking place?

A: Endor +9 years, plus 2 months per campaign mission pair. C1M6 = 12 months. C1M7 = 14 months. C1M30 = 60 months.

Q: How do I begin?

A: Casually, if you're not sure of what you are doing. Try to start a thread in the Lounge or the Academy to get the hang of it. Or join an existing thread in the lounge and talk to people informally.

Q: Where do I sign up?

A: This link will open up a new window to the Sign-Up Form. It is recommended that you study the site a bit before you sign up.

Q: When can I start?

A: Whenever you feel ready!

Q: What ships and planets do we have?

A: It can be found under Imperial Resource Management, or IRM for short.

Q: Can I have more than one job?

A: To some extent. All this is further explained under respective Department's section. But as a rule of thumb, no. One character, one job.

Q: Can I have more than one character?

A: As many as you like!

Q: Where do I put threads that doesn't fit any forum?

A: In the lounge. It may be moved if it is not the apropriate place.

Q: How can there be two missions at the same time?

A: Every topic is a different setting, including campaign missions. They are not in the same time and/or place. The default location is always the location of the forum that the thread is placed in. If the location is deviating from this, it should be stated in the beginning of the thread.

Q: What moves the game further in time?

A: Campaign missions. Each campaign mission represents two months. These are the only topics that are by default considered current events in other threads.

Q: Can I post consecutively?

A: Not a good practice unless you are roleplaying alone. However, it may be needed sometimes, and it's not prohibited. The important thing is that others have had sufficient time to post before you post again.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: First read the Academy, the answer may be there already. If not, post your questions there and they will be answered.

Q: Are there any rules?

A: There's rules to everything in life. For NIF, check out the Official Rules List and the Member Manual, both in the database.

Q: I want to be a naval officer, do I make up my own ship?

A: No. You select a ship with "Designation: Corvette" listed under the IRM (Imperial Resource Management) that doesn't already have a captain listed. You get this ship to start with.

Q: Cool, when do I get a bigger ship?

A: When you get promoted, which may happen in the debriefing of a mission you have participated in. Apply for your new ship in the Operations forum.

Q: How can I buy stuff?

A: Check out the Database and find the payment list. Then go to the market and buy what you can afford.

Q: I would like to join a mission.. but it has already started!

A: So what? You can join in anytime, from the first post till the last. Just be reinforcements or something.