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Weeks after the Battle of Yavin, a small group of Imperials gathered at a secret meeting on Coruscant. The meeting had been called by Head of Imperial Special Weapons Development Moff Jerjerrod and death star designer Bevel Limelisk. With the destruction of the first Death Star, it was clear that the Empire was not indestructible and that it could in fact die out under the leadership of such fools as the late Grand Moff Tarkin. Those present at the meeting, mostly Research and Development specialists, decided that they should start an undercover project as a "back-up" plan in case the Empire became crippled by the growing Rebel Alliance.

The resources available to the officials indicated that the construction of a heavily modified Super Star Destroyer would be the best choice. Recruitment of a skeleton crew would not be so much of a problem as to find an intelligent and capable commander to bring the new ship to bear against the Rebels. After an Imperial Academy Graduation Ceremony, Moff Jerjerrod and Bevel Limelisk personally approached a student who had passed training with flying colours. According to instructors at the Academy, this graduate was the most likely in his class to be assigned as the commander of a warship or fleet. His name was Matt.

Ensign Matt instantly agreed to take on the enormous task ahead of him. His patriotic visions of the Empire running the galaxy unopposed, and his distaste for the Rebellion made him an even better candidate. Jerjerrod and Limelisk noticed he was not unreasonably and insanely evil as so many Imperial leaders were that he would not waste valuable resources in rage. Matt was transported to the construction site of the new Super Star Destroyer immediately.

The Super Star Destroyer was being constructed in orbit of the gas planet Annaj. Annaj was the staging ground for Imperial Fleet operations in the Moddell sector. Nemesis was being constructed and with limited manpower, thus raising little suspicion from officials that would accuse the group of treason for executing such a project without permission. Construction was done mostly by droids. All positions on the ship that couldn't be filled by humans at the time were ran by artificial intelligence until they could be replaced by humans later. The SSD was fitted with improvements, and given space for more. It had an improved bombardment modifier equal to that of a Victory Star Destroyer. The ship contained a limited supply of V-38 Phantom TIE fighters and plans to construct more. Perhaps most impressive was a full Research and Development lab for creating an assimilating new technology and adding it to the ships arsenal. After years of work, it was christened the Super Star Destroyer Nemesis.

Ensign Matt was given an increase in rank directly to Admiral. A more experienced officer who worked his way up to Admiral over time would be too unlikely to falter and breach the security of the mission. While having little experience, Admiral Matt showed unsurpassed natural talent.

Moff Jerjerrod had to leave to oversee the construction of the second Death Star. Bevel Limelisk was called to work elsewhere. Nemesis was to stay where it was until further notice by the two. But Nemesis was forced into action long before anyone expected. A transmission from Moff Jerjerrod to Admiral Matt conveyed incredibly bad news. The Imperial Fleet had just left Endor and was on its way to Annaj, preparing to ambush the Rebels in their proposed attack on the second Death Star. Almost the entire Imperial Fleet was on its way and would arrive in a few hours. In its current state, Nemesis was no match for the fleet and would be captured without a doubt. They could not let it happen.

Without hesitating, Admiral Matt ordered all personnel that were part of the Nemesis project aboard the ship, then completely destroyed every facility containing any amount of information on the project. They were still calculating the hyperspace coordinates when Bevel Limelisk sent a top priority message to the ship. He was able to enter the computer system of a dispatch station and found that the fleet would drop out of hyperspace in exactly thirty seconds. If Nemesis didn't jump into hyperspace immediately, it would be too late. With a leap of faith, Admiral Matt ordered the jump without the complete coordinates.

Seconds later, the Imperial Fleet arrived to a scene of destruction and debris, and concluded than Nemesis had self-destructed. They did not find the complete debris of an SSD, but assumed the rest of the debris was sucked into the gas planet's superhot core and disintegrated. The situation was an embarrassment and was not filed in any reports whatsoever. So when this division of the Empire failed and lost Coruscant to the Rebels, they did not know Nemesis ever existed.

Nemesis arrived in an empty area of space with no nearby stars or planets to determine their position from. Without knowing their position, it was too risky to make another blind hyperspace jump. The Nemesis was forced to fly at sublight speeds in search of any landmark to determine their position. Nine years later, the Super Star Destroyer Nemesis identifies its exact position in the galaxy and prepares to defeat the Rebellion and initiate the rise of the Empire...