Shadow Hand

"Shadow Hand" is an organization of sorts, like an intelligence agency. Its agents are called Executors (full title being "Shadow Hand Executor"). Shadow Hand is a secret society consisting of highly capable individuals devoted entirely to the cause of the New Imperial Federation. They operate mostly in secrecy, performing many of the actions of Intel Agents, though they are not an official division of the New Imperial Federation like the Navy, Army, and Intel. The focus on military order is not as great, and Executors operate often as "kites", with no official connection to the NIF. They report only to the highest level officers, sometimes only the Executive chain of command.

The Organization. Officially, the Shadow Hands are simply known as department 0451. Reports marked with this sign is typically sorted out and thought of as "it's not one of ours. Must be Intel." Or Navy. Or Army, or something else. Extremely few know that dpt.0451 operates outside all of those. The organization is extremely flat. If there are a number of Executors available (only IMEXCO knows how many there are), one acts as a supervisor, entitled "Prime Executor". But even then, any Executor may receive direct, individual tasks to fulfill. Equipment is usually what is at hand, but the NIF provides what is needed for each operation.

Executors can be compared closely to Mara Jade, the Emperor's Hand. Operating freely, often alone, but with support when necessary, Executors can take orders as well as choose their own actions to make the greatest benefit to the Empire. Orders are sometimes vague and general, leaving the creativity and ability of an individual Executor to make the difference, and help to turn the tables in the Empire's favour.

Executors can assume the role of any member type but Dark Jedi, though many roles would not be appropriate. Members who decide to create a Shadow Hand Executor as their character should give careful consideration as to whether they will be able to capably play the Executor.

Executors are not given promotions, and are rarely given specific rewards for their actions. For one who wishes to be pompous, the Executor is not an appropriate role. Other characters may not even know a character is a Executor (IC). If you don't have a very good reason otherwise, you are not one in the know. Executors are very rarely in the heat of combat against a large mass of foes. To roleplay as an Executor, the individual MUST HAVE the creative ability and understanding of the situation in the RPG to be efficient in this role. It is easy for an Executor to make themelves more powerful than is feasible. This will not be tolerated. IF YOU SIGN UP AS AN EXECUTOR, AND DO NOT PERFORM, A CHANGE OF MEMBER TYPE MAY BE CONSIDERED.

With the limitations in some areas, and the huge opportunity for creativity and freedom in others, the Shadow Hand Executor can be an interesting character. However, it is not for all roleplayers. Please do not create an Executor character unless you are absolutely sure you are capable of roleplaying one. Details on how you apply for membership can be found in the Member Manual.