Imperial Insignia

Naval Officers

Imperial Insignia

An attendant escorts you onto the bridge of Nemesis, the nerve centre of the huge war machine. He explains the role of each officer in the operations centre.

A Naval Officer choses/is assigned to a specific capital ship and carries out a chosen function on that ship. Naval Officers may control the ship from the bridge, man a weapons station, or direct affairs at the ship's hangar bay, for example. Naval Officers have the ability to guide UNLIMITED "blank" personnel. "Blank" personnel are the thousands of Imperial pilots, troopers, and officers that are not characters. Bridge Crew members are also encouraged to interact with other members whenever possible and summon "blanks" to their assistance. Bridge crew members are not forced to remain on their ship, they may leave if necessary.

Primary Positions:

Ship Systems Officer:
A combination of helmsperson, navigation officer, and communications officer roles. As helmsperson: indicates their ship's flight path, describes its motions in relation to other ships and objects. As navigation officer: identifying locations in which their ship could be put to its best use, defines the makeup of the playing field. As communications officer: establishes communications from their ship to other ships, stations, and planets. Writes all dialogue between the two sources (occasionally subject to revision for the best interests of the rest of the crew). Also intercepts enemy transmissions to cause plot twists and turns.

Combat Systems Officer:
A combination of weapons ops, shields ops, and damage control roles. As weapons ops: controls their ship's turbolaser, ion cannon, and/or missile launcher batteries. Specifies which batteries on their ship are being fired and to where on the enemy ship. Specifies targets when no orders are given. As shields ops: configures shields to offer maximum protection from the enemy's bombardments. As damage control: makes sure their ship's systems never go critical, describes damages and repairs to the ship during and after battle to keep it in working order.

Tactical Commander: Organizes and coordinates the dispatch of Imperial forces such as troopers, fighters and support craft. Designates targets for blanks and suggests targets for other members. Counters enemy movements to promote the safety of Imperial forces. A tactical commander has the option of commanding a vessel or at higher ranks, a fleet.

Naval Trooper:
Enlisted men and women in the Imperial Navy conduct a vast variety of tasks, from hangar traffic control and monitoring sensor arrays to shipboard security. While the Stormtroopers storm insurgent worlds, the Navy Troopers guard the ships from boarding. Naval Troops also guard ground-based naval facilities and can also act as an army force, sometimes supplementing the Imperial Army. While normally lightly armed, navy troopers can use any weapon in the Imperial Armoury.