Imperial Security and Intelligence Service

Perception, Adaptation, Innovation

The Imperial Security and Intelligence Service is a combination of Old Empire's civilian-controlled Imperial Security Bureau and the military-controlled Imperial Intelligence. In the New Imperial Federation, the two are combined to share their resources, which would make the agencies greatly more productive than in the Old Empire, where the Emperor preferred a rivalry to enhance productivity. It often referred by its old name, Imperial Intelligence.
Bureau of Operations:
This division of intelligence handles all field operations, covert and otherwise. Its missions include abduction, assassination, counterintelligence, espionage, infiltration, rescue, sabotage, surveillance, and other operations. There are different types of field agents within the Bureau of Operations:
Imperial Secret Service Agent:
ISS agents carry concealed weapons and equipment and can remain much more inconspicuous than other troopers. They gather intelligence and move swiftly and efficiently to locate and eliminate threats to the Empire. Equipment includes a pair of glasses containing a data display, miniature video camera, and a microphone and small speaker for communication. It has a wireless connection to a larger microcomputer carried on the back of an agent's belt which features a powerful transmitter allowing the agent to transmit to any receiver, within thousands of kilometres. ISS agents carry two medium blaster pistols, one under each arm in a cross-draw holster; a thigh-mounted six-inch vibroknife; a small belt-mounted thermal detonator or grenade; an optional small hold-out blaster in a boot holster; and an optional compact repeating blaster rifle. ISS Agents wear light protective armour but rely on their intelligence and skill not to be shot.

Intelligence Commando:
Wearing effective, lightweight upgraded stormtrooper armour, carrying powerful but compact weapons and sophisticated gadgets, the Intelligence Commando is more combat-ready than any other type of field agent. Equipment includes: a helmet with a macrobinocular viewplate with all of the features of an ISS agent's, but including night vision, macrobinocular long-distance magnification, infra-red, and blast light shielding features. Commandos carry a large heavy blaster pistol; an upgraded version of the E-11 Stormtrooper rifle: the E-12, with a more powerful scope, a laser sight, increased clip capacity and somewhat improved stopping power. Every Commando is an excellent marksman and perfectly able to use lower-powered weapons to greater efficiency, so it is not necessary for one to carry an army's arsenal. Commandos also carry many blaster clips, a number of small thermal detonators and can carry much more extra equipment than an ISS Agent. The tradeoff is that Commandos are completely conspicuous and very obviously Imperial personnel; they cannot conceal anything or operate in the line of sight of hostiles without being discovered. Commandos, like ISS Agents, are more suited for stealth operations and performing precise and complicated tasks quickly and silently.

The Ubiqtorate is the highest level of command within Imperial Intelligence. It oversees the operations of the agency at the highest levels, and forms strategies for the entire agency. The identities and plans of Ubiqtorate members are often shrouded in mystery.

Internal Organization Bureau:
Often referred to as IntOrg, this division of intelligence protects the rest of the agency from both internal and external threats. Its agents police other divisions to verify loyalty and reliability.

Analysis Bureau:
A division of Imperial Intelligence charged with gathering data from tens of millions of sources to watch for enemy activity. Its branches include Media, which listens in on every comlink transmission and holocast in the known galaxy; Signal, which studies the channels through which information flows; Crypt-analysis, which works to break enemy codes; Tech, which studies enemy hardware and provides improved versions for ISIS use; and Interrogation, which specializes in questioning and reprogramming Rebel agents.

ISIS Agents equipment
Please refer to the Technical Section regarding equipment suitable for field agents. New Imperial Federation - Imperial Database