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Freelancers are civilian contractors employed by many divisions on an as needed basis in the Imperial Military and Intelligence Services for a multitude of tasks that varies from professional expertise, bounty hunting, or even privateering. The benefit to this class is they have greater flexibility in character actions than most army/navy/pilot personnel when it comes to mission times so long as they follow applicable NIF laws and don't interfere with any formal authority's actions in any way that would endanger the objectives of said missions. They are still bound by the applicable NIF laws regarding civil liberties found in the Official Rules.

Note that transgressions in any form may result in the demotion or loss of contractor status, or in the case of serious infraction, prosecution.

Details on becoming a Freelancer in the Member Manual.

The NIF Bureau of Civilian Contracting and Procurement will assign certain internal status ranks to you depending on how your service to the NIF is percieved. Such status ranks can give you a monetary bonus on rewards, grant you licences of which some may be impossible to buy, and give you access to equipment you otherwise could not legally obtain.

Licenses and Permits

A starting Freelancer is eligible to take on bounty hunting or privateering, but you don't actually have any permissions to carry weapons or have them on your ship. You can try to hide this fact for as long as possible, but eventually you will be called on the fact. You can buy some licenses before they are granted to you. The licences and permits you start out with are marked below in italics. Those that require a clean criminal record with the NIF (served or unprosecuted) are marked in cyan. Forgeries are undertaken at your own risk. NIF Citizenship is granted for free to those born on NIF full member worlds.
  • Captain's Accredited License.
  • Ship's Operating License.
  • Letter of Marque.
  • NIF Docking Permit.
  • NIF Work and Trade Permit.
  • NIF Passport.
  • Small Arms License costs 500 Credits.
  • NIF Citizenship (includes Docking and Work and Trade Permit) costs 1000 Credits.
  • Ship Light Weaponry License costs 2000 Credits.
  • Ship Heavy Weapons License (missiles, torpedoes, heavy beam weapons) costs 4000 Credits.
  • Capital Ship License (grade 1) costs 10,000 Credits and is valid for 1 capital ship for 1 year deemed spaceworthy by the Space Ministry.
Status RankCredit BonusAccess Given
Contractor 30% Access to buy Imperial military restricted subcapital ships, including fighters and bombers. Granted license to own and operate such vessels.
Entrepreneur 25% Access to buy Imperial military equipment with higher restrictions, such as stealth systems, gravity wells, and shieldbusters. Granted license to own and operate such equipment.
Consultant 20% Access to buy Imperial Ship Ordnance and Heavy Weapons. Eligible for three-year loans with the Inter-Galactic Bank at a flat 10% rate with monthly or annual mortgage, amount limited to collateral security presented and the bank's discretion.
Privateer 15% Access to buy Imperial military shipboard equipment (excluding heavy weapons) such as deflector shields, computers, ECM, sensors and hyperdrive. License to own and operate such equipment. Granted general use friendly IFF code.
Mercenary 10% Access to buy Imperial Armoury heavy arms. Granted Heavy Weapons License. Granted Ship Heavy Weapons License. Permit to dock with NIF military vessels and bases at the discretion of its commanding officer. Civilian Navigational Chart updates for free.
Adventurer 5% Granted Small Arms License. Granted Ship Light Weaponry License. Access to buy Imperial Armoury small arms.
Freelancer 0% Issued Letter of Marque. Permit to dock and trade at NIF ports (military ship docking requires permission from the captain who can also grant a time limited docking permit for their ship (s) plus permission from docking control). Permit to traverse unrestricted NIF space. Access to ship upgrade and repair services. All federal and local laws apply, all licenses must be acquired.