Imperial Space Force

As you step into the Hangar Bay, you look up to see many TIEs docked on the ceiling. On the opposite side of the room is a small computer console. You plug your datapad into it and are granted with information about the different ships in service of the NIF.
Fighter Pilots can take part in space battles, or enter the atmosphere of a planet to execute ground strikes. Choose your fighter wisely, as it will determine your task in missions. (RU is hull strength, SBD is shield strength, DPF is manoeuverability and MGLT is a measurement of speed. Kph or km/h is for atmospheric speed. These numerical values are of little importance in the RPG and are for your information only.) Most of these craft are available to fly for Imperial naval pilots. Imperial fighters can generally be fitted with the MBC, Modular Beam Compartment that can carry either a Jammer, a Decoy Beam, or a Tractor Beam. Beam weapons are effective within a range of 1.5 km. As a rule of thumb, all fighters are equipped with ejection seats with the notable exception of the A-9.

Template field descriptions for your character profile:

In-Character Information
Name: The name of the character you will play. This is to be made up, not your real name. Do not use the names of known Star Wars characters. Your account username should be the same as your character name, or your character may be rejected.
Rank: Your rank, to be updated as necessary. Starting rank is Flight Officer.
Gender: The sex of your character. Male, Female or Other.
Physical Description: Include hair color, eye color, height, distinguishable marks/features.
Fighter: The fighter you will pilot as standard.
Upgrades: List of modifications fitted on your craft, see below for list.
Weapon of Choice: Your personal weapon.
Location: The ship or planet you are stationed on. For more information see the IRM.
Bio: Put a comprehensive biography of your character here. Create a background for your character, say what has happened to the character throughout their life. Say how they came to join the NIF.

Out of Character Information
E-mail Address: Your E-mail address. This is required.
Contact Info: More contact information, optional. Include Instant Messenger names, etc.
How you find out about us? Ad on another RPG board? Search Engine? Friend from RL (state friend's character name)? In a chat room?

Star Fighters and Star Bombers are listed under the Intelligence section in the Imperial Database. You are eligible to fly the following craft when your pilot reaches the indicated rank level. Normally, one must be one rank level above the requisite rank in order to command a squadron of any given type of fighter, two ranks above the requisite rank level in order to command a wing of the given fighters, and three rank levels above the requisite rank level in order to command a division of the given fighters. For example, you would have to be RL-9 in order to command a division of TIE Defenders, while RL-2 is enough to command a squadron of Howlrunners.

RL-1 (Training Vessels)

TIE Training System
TIE Line Fighter Mk II
I-7 Howlrunner
Death Star Defender
TIE Bomber T/B Mk II


TIE Interceptor T/I Mk III
TIE Heavy Interceptor
I-7 Howlrunner
TIE Vanguard
TIE Drone (via remote control)
Scimitar Assault Bomber Mk I


TIE Lone Scout-B
TIE Fire Control
TIE Electronic Warfare
TIE Torpedo Bomber


TIE Hunter
A-9 Vigilance Interceptor
MRX-BR Pacifier
TIE Heavy Bomber
TIE Advanced x1-7


XG-1 Star Wing Assault Gunboat
V-38 Sentinel
TIE Experimental 1-5
TIE Raptor
TIE Advanced Mk I


TIE Aggressor
TIE Advanced Mk II
Scimitar Assault Bomber Mk II


TIE Advanced Mk III
TIE Oppressor
GAT-12m Skipray Blastboat
TIE Interdictor T/INT


TIE Defender T/DE
XM-1 Nova Wing Missile Boat Mk II
V-38 Heavy Assault Fighter (TIE Phantom)
Shadow Droid (Note: This process is not reversible)
T-120 C-Wing (This ship is not currently in commission)

Furthermore, pilots have the option to modify their craft beyond the standard vessels. The following is a breakdown of available modifications. You may select a number of modifications equal to your rank level, starting with 1 and a maximum of 14.

Systems marked with * can only be fitted once, however you can select it twice for a backup unit if applicable. Modifications which you can select more than once are addressed as I, II, III etc for each step. For example, Afterburner II, Improved Engines III. You can add, change, or remove a maximum of two modifications per mission. Should you lose your fighter in combat, you have to start over with a standard fighter of your choice, but you retain the right to install as many mods on it as your rank level. If you temporarily switch out your usual fighter for another, the new craft will be a standard fighter - however you can still add one mod to it before you fly it, or two if you have a rank level of at least 2. You should list your current mods in your character profile, and it is highly recommended to roleplay out fitting and trying out your new mods. These mods are available for all pilots, including Army Pilots.